Friday, April 16, 2010

Internet Marketing is Dead in 2010 for the Little Guy

Internet Marketing is Dead in 2010 for the Little Guy

The old way of creating a website and driving traffic to it or creating leads off of a website is absolutely dead. If you were doing it in the 90’s you probably found it as an extremely lucrative way to make money from home. But it today’s world of SEO, Google Ad words and now Social Media you literally can spend 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars just learning about the continued changing of the Internet Marketing dynamics. That’s fine if you are a millionaire but not if you are striving to become a millionaire or less. Let’s look at 2 aspects of Internet Marketing and why it doesn’t work for the little guy, first SEO then Social Media.

First SEO, Search Engine Optimization in 2010 is becoming extremely competitive and the only way to really start to break in is to spend 10’s of 1,000’s and in some cases even 100’s of thousands of dollars. If you are a large corporation trying to get your message to an Internet audience then that makes sense but once you get “optimized” showing up in the search engines. Google will change again and you will have to start over almost. That doesn’t mean if you are a little guy you should ignore the Internet or SEO it just means it should be a compliment to your business. If you rely on SEO to create your customers then you are putting the control of your income in the hands of the search engines.

Social Media, We’ve all heard it Linkin, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and etc. that is where a huge amount of marketing efforts on the net are going too. Only one problem with this and that is it’s even more fluid and changes more rapidly than SEO. Staying on top of the changes to attempt to get the maximum impact out of it and chase that dream you are looking for will become expensive over time.

One Internet Marketer I met recently shared that he had made 1.4 million dollars in one year but he spent about 1.2 million dollars to make it. Now 200,000 in annual income is not bad, but are you willing to invest 1.2 million to see if you can profit 200,000? Finally a reality check look at your top Internet Marketers on the Internet, figure out what some of their key words are and then start looking at how much money they spend in Google Ad words? If it all the things they sale from Social Media to how to rank in the Search Engine worked why spend 10’s of 1,000’s in paid Google ads? BTW, why would they ever show you exactly what they do? How many people can be in the top 10 on Google for a given key word?

The Internet can be a compliment to what you do but it can’t be all you do. Most of my existing clients or pending clients find me down on the net. Don’t abandon what you may know already entirely. Because the Internet is a powerful place to brand yourself, but don’t let that be the primary way you grow your income if you are a “little guy”.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn