Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Has Been Fruitful Even In A Recession

Have you heard the news? We are in a recession and this economy is horrible! I get so tired of hearing this that I used to be a complete news buff and have almost completely stopped watching the news.

Everyday I talk to people who are looking to work from home. Thanks to DFI Premium Leads that Cutting Edge Media produces for our business. That being said it is apparent if you speak to anyone who has a job you can tell that our economy is sputtering. What are any of these talking heads on TV doing about it? They have no problem getting these analyst to tell us how bad it is, but no one seems to know how to turn it around or give us a solution?

Once in a while someone rises up and says enough is enough. I'm tired of where I'm at and I want to be in a different and better place. For me that happened in 2005. I have been inspired by several people this month because of their determination and motivation. They are not listening to how bad it is, they already knew that. They made a decision to do something about it.

They are the reason, I'm grateful to work from home! They are doing their part to inspire others and they don't even know it yet.

Special thanks goes out to 6 people that I am fortunate to be able to work with on a daily. Each of them Joined our team this month. During the holiday season. They have serious intentions and I'm fortunate to work with each of you.

So thanks to

Kevin Steed
Jamia Jones
Michael DuMaine
Holly Cruickshank
Toni Thomas and Melvin <-- newest member to our team getting her basic package tonight!
Katyya Moses <--already has her First Steps and DFI Ticket! GREAT JOB!

The truth is each of you would have made a decision to improve things regardless. Whether it's Katyya's desire to not have to teach next year. Or Toni's drive to own her own business. Or Jamia who is an incredibly bright young woman and at 19 has determined she will live a life with purpose. Each of you would have found your own way with or without me.

I Thank God for letting our paths' cross. I thank you for giving us the chance to work together! Let's ROCK 2009
Stacy O'Quinn

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Business Tip of the Year

What is your most valueable asset? Do you know?

It's your database! What I mean is it is every single person that has requested more information about you, your company or your products. You should have some way of maintaining and communicationg with your database regularly.

In DFI our entire team uses the same marketing system and you can see who is opening and reading what emails. Pretty nifty really, it helps you see who is still interested in what you have to say.

So you may be thinking how do I use that database? I recommend communicating with them regularly, weekly or bi monthly at least. Sometimes the emails can be personal, like what you did over the Christmas holidays. Or it can be tips about working from home. Anything that would appeal to them and compell them to keep reading what you have to say. Keep building that connection.

I read a statistic once that 70% of people who request info about joining a home business joins one some where. If they requested information from you, you want to make sure that if they did not join but decide to later that the person they contact is you and not anyone else. If done properly you will always grow your income and momentum if you untilize your database consistantly

The end of the year offers a unique opportunity to educate and give a call to action at the same time. Below is an example of an email I just sent to my database this morning. 114 people have already read it with several replying.

Today is Monday, December 29, 2008. Counting today, you have exactly 3 days left.

Are you ready? You had asked me for information on starting a business for yourself. You wanted to create a different and better lifestyle for you and your family. Have you done that yet?

You are about to set another list of New Year's resolutions...
do you intend to keep them this year? What if... in 2008.....

...you could achieve true success and wealth
...you could fire your boss ...you could triple your family's income
...you could take the family vacations you've only dreamed of
...you could spend more time with those you love
...you could finally check all the goals off your list by the end of the year

What would that mean for your family? In 2005 I set a list of goals for my family that included all of the above. I had set many of those goals for years before that, but had never achieved them. Finally, in 2006, I met or exceeded everything on my list, thanks to a business mentor who led me by the hand and showed me what it would take to finally do it.

I would like to extend that same gift to you. As you consider what 2009 will bring for you and your family, I would encourage you to view the following video about what others on my team have achieved for themselves and their families. -->
www.moretimegreatmoney.com <--

30,000 people will start a business next month. How many of those people will you be positioned to help? How many of them will choose to do business with you? That all depends on if you are in business for yourself yet, and if you are positioned to benefit from helping those people achieve success.

Oh.. and one more thing... the best time to start a business is before January 1st. You could literally get an additional $3-4K back on your tax refund weeks from now by investing in a business before the 1st. That extra capital can really help you get your business up and running fast. I can show you how. There's a special website link I will send you that will give you instant access on everything you need to make sure you get more money back in February. All you need to do to get that info is go watch the movie at www.moretimegreatmoney.com

Counting today, you have 3 days left. Are you ready?

God Bless and Happy New Year

Special thanks to Stephanie Johnson for giving me the idea for this particular letter! Stephanie is a 6 Figure Income Earner and leader within Coastal Travel. Anyone working with her one on one is absolutely blessed!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hope you had a Merry Christmas

Many of you who follow this blog will notice the unusual absence over the last couple of weeks. Well it has every thing to do with being a home based business owner and Christmas. I love this time of year.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays due to the reason for the season and I'm not talking Santa here. I absolutely enjoy the time we spend around our friends and family as well. I made a last minute decision to travel for two and a half weeks this year for the holidays.

Thank Goodness working from home I have the best Boss ever!

We took off for NC to visit family and we got in such a hurry that a cop stopped us. I was going 79 in a 70 mph zone. He was in the Christmas Spirit and I was thankful. He just asked me to slow down a little and of course I did and he wished me a Merry Christmas. In NC, we started looking at houses and land because we will be moving there soon enough. "That's my wife's desires once we sell our home on the river in LA." My request was I just need a computer and Internet connection.

Keeping your wife happy I have learned makes life a lot easier. Thank goodness my wife is pretty easy to make happy. Of course she is completely amazing as well. Not to mention HOT, Beautiful and Sexy <--- This is for brownie points she reads my blog. She's also my biggest cheerleader.

So as I write this we have stopped in Biloxi MS to visit more family as we make our way back home. And we are stoked. According to most people 2008 was a rough year on the economy. It may have been, but for us we have been blessed working in DFI we have not noticed much change. Our biggest day was 19,410 dollars in profit this year. Angela Lasher just made 52,000 dollars in 6 weeks. We are completely blessed in our company.

Life doesn't have to be easy, it just has to be worth it! Thank God it is!

Let's Rock 2009
Join us HERE
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you ever been on a Cruise?

Tomorrow we will be posting tips about cruising. Right now anyone in Coastal Travel can win a trip on the Carnival Destiny and recently DFI released a new video sharing the details.

Here it is...

Good Luck to who ever wins!
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, December 12, 2008

Angela Lasher disproves down economy, DFI, Coastal Travel and Cutting Edge Media Equals Success

NEWS FLASH, we are kicking butt and Angela Lasher is one dang good example of what's possible!

Are you in debt and looking to get out quick? Are you concerned about the current economy? Do you want to spend more time with your kids or grandkids? What if I told you how you could put yourself in position to pay off ALL that debt, not be stressed about the economy and spend more time with your kids or grandkids in about 6 weeks?

We are so excited in DFI. While the rest of the world is panicking about the economy, we are creating CRAZY momentum in DFI.

We have an amazing advertising partner in Cutting Edge Media. These contests have been running for our team since September and have created AMAZING momentum in DFI and has put us in position to improve HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of lives.

The results coming out of these contests are undeniable. Plus, it's never been more fun to work your business!

Angela from PA, single stay at home mom, when she first came to DFI she had one child and now she's a proud mom of 3. She was just looking for a career where she could have more time with her children and pay the bills.

She worked her tail off in October, participating in the DFI contest to win $1,000 in Cutting Edge Media Premium Advertising. She won the contest that month, bringing in 16 new clients and edging Cadie Kalmes out of the running by just one or two people. As a result, she took home that prize!

But she didn't stop there!

She got to work in November as well, working her advertising campaign like it was going out of style. Following the system, taking guests to calls, getting new members established in training and then keeping them working. As a result, Angela has made $53,025.00 in the last 6 weeks!

You totally read that right, $53,025.00!!! Can you imagine?!

What if you were able to make even HALF of that before Christmas? What would that do for you? What would that do for your family?

It's an amazing thought to think you can invest $1,000 into your business, and reap $53,025.00 in profit!!

We talked to Angela and asked her what caused such HUGE success so quickly for her. Angela stated, "Without the momentum created in my business by the contests in DFI, I wouldn't be where I am at today. I am sitting here reflecting on just 6 months ago and the mounting debt in my life. I can't believe I am in the position I am in today. I am grateful to DFI and Cutting Edge Media for these contests and I will ALWAYS participate in future contests. I was able to pay off ALL my credit card debt, over $14,000 in credit card debt completely gone now! I am so glad I made the decision to join Coastal Travel, my life will never be the same!"

If we showed you the exact steps Angela followed would you like to see? Would you follow those same steps if you were able?

1. First she would send her new clients to a website like this: My Website

2. She would then guide them to a training call just for our team and brand new associates.

If you want to know what happened on that call that allowed Angela to make 53,025 in 6 weeks you only have one chance to check it out. This has never been available to the public before.

You can not tell ANYONE about this call, we don't have room for everyone.

Saturday at 1pm EST: 712-338-8100 pin 1989# Dial in early and have a pen and paper handy to take notes!

There are only about 40 slots left.

So, what are you waiting for?
You know a better way to do what Angela did? Don't MISS THIS!

Stacy O'Quinn

PS. If you already own a Business from Home and got this invite please delete it. You could be our competition and this call is CONFIDENTIAL

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Economy is Slipping What Should You Do?

The Economy is slipping what should you do about it? First we have to understand what is causing this and how will it affect us. One of the biggest issues at hand is the looming potential collapse of the US Dollar.

Why will this happen according to Kirk Elliot who has a PhD in economics and has studied our economy for over 25 years is that we have printed more money than most of the major events of our time cost in today's dollars. We have printed 4.2 trillion dollars in 6 months.

In today's dollars when you figure in inflation Kirk stated, "That's more than the US Government spent on the New Deal, Korean War, First Gulf War, War on Terrorism, what it took to put a man on the moon and NASA's entire budget combined that's only 3.1 Trillion Dollars in today's money.

We have created 1.1 Trillion Dollars out of thin air. What will happen according to Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute? He says, "It is a matter of time before the US Dollar becomes worthless due to hyper-inflation." They only way to turn this around is massive interest rate hikes up too 20-30% and stop printing money. Neither of which is going to happen. For obvious reasons. Mr. Celente, predicts that best case scenario America will be using a new currency by 2010 and the dollar will reset against that new currency.

That will create an environment where most Americans will lose at least 25-50% of their wealth and many more will lose everything based off of where they are vested financially.

So what should you do about it?

First of all don't sit around with your head in the sand pretending that nothing is happening. Second find a way to liquidate any investment you have in Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds (the bond market will collapse soon according to Mr. Celente) and any other intangible asset. Make as much liquid money as you possible can and leverage your buying power (while you still have it) into something that will always have value even if the dollar goes down to nothing.

Take your money and put it into something tangible, like raw land or prescious metals gold and sliver.

The good news for each of us in DFI is the huge profit margin we have a massive cushion. When you make up to 9,705 dollars on each transaction and that's more than most people make in a week. You get an opportunity to prepare yourself. Pay off debt or get out of a tight situation and start preparing yourself fast. When hyper inflation starts people will be flocking to us, right now we are ahead of the curve. Don't sit around and waste time, be diligent prepare yourself for this rocky economy and let's ROLL!

Blessing to you and your family,
Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Boost Your Income Now!

What is one thing that has the ability to boost your income right now?

Jackie O'Quinn followed this one tip and made 15,000 dollars

Lorraine Rodman, who had been laid off from Rolls Royce did this and made 2,000 dollars right away

Jon from PA, after closing the doors to his construction firm did this and earned 9,600 dollars in one month

Angela Lasher doing this just last month as a single mom with three kids made over 19,400 dollars.

What is this one tip?

It's the leadership of our team in Coastal Travel doing what has been working for them for over 3 and a half years. That's applying Dani Johnson's training event called First Steps to Success to our DFI training. It's that model that allowed our team to grow 23% last month during November. During a recession, during a war and during the holidays.

NOW Something Incredible is about to happen. It's actually open to all of DFI, Coastal and the Public at Large.

Our Leadership will be doing specific training just on our business model and how it relates to DFI at the next First Steps event in St. Louis in January.

Go here to get the ticket info. The price is going up soon so get your ticket NOW!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Compound Activity a Secret to Your Business

Never Underestimate The Power of Compounded Activity

Exercise the simple success habits on a CONSISTENT basis and they will compound like the interest in your bank account. As Albert Einstein said "Compounded interest is the strongest force in the universe." However , simple errors in judgement will also compound just as easily and thus, harm your business.

Everything we will ask you to do, is EASY. Keep in mind that what is "easy to do" is just as easy " not to do". What is harmful is that by not doing it, it won't destroy you ...today." This is called is a simple error in judgement. The compounded effect of that error, over time can be devastating to you and your business.

As you go thru this business, you will either be making the simple errors in judgements or practicing the simple success disciplines repeated over time. The simple disciplines may mean nothing when you are doing them, but compounded over time, they mean everything to your business. The cumulative effect of your daily activity will either promote you or expose you.

This is called the slight edge philosophy. You are always 'on' it.

You are either going up or you are going down. Example. We all know that we are not supposed to eat foods laden with fat. Why then do we choose to eat these types of foods? It's because when we eat them we know they will not destroy us today. This is called a simple error in judgement. What would we feel like, look like, if we ate a McDonalds hamburger each day? Never underestimate the power of compounded activity. When you do the right things over and over again, repeated over time, you will develop the MOMENTUM needed to take your business to the next level. Think of an airplane taking off at the end of the runway......

Focus on Activity and the Results Will Follow. To become profitable and successful, you will first need to build a solid foundation to your business. It is imperative that you stick to your Gameplan of being ACTIVITY ORIENTED as opposed to being result oriented, especially during your first 90 days. Stick to the basics over and over, day after day, and they will soon become engrained. First you develop the habit of thought and then ultimately, it becomes the habit of action. Learn to "let go of the outcome" and you will begin to experience wonderful results in your business. You will feel liberated because you made a conscious effort to apply yourself in the right place. If you are working on your Coastal business or any business 10 hours or more a week the activity you want to focus on is exposing people to your busines.

You want to talk to 20 people a week reading the first script to them, directing them to your website, and scheduling a follow up appointment in as soon as 15 minutes or no later than 24 hours. Basically you want to make sure each week in your business you are taking no less than 20 people through the first step of the "4 Step Success System". This is also referred to as putting them in your "Pipeline". You can find this 20 people from advertising firms, your list of resources, or even what Dani Johnson calls "Lukewarm" market.

Take the pressure off yourself. Just focus on consistent activity, and you will begin to attract many people to you and success to your business!

To Your Success!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. Imagine that... and we make 1,000 to 9,705 dollars a transaction. Start compounding your efforts NOW!