Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What the Heck is DFI doing?


OK I should call Jackie and ask what the skinny is.

Here's the email reprinted.

What is one thing that must happen for you to work from home and do it successfully? Do you want to increase your income from home? Part-time or Full-time? For the first time ever we have a completely unique experience being sponsored by DFI and it is open to everyone in the home based business world. We will have a very special, unique and open to the public training call this Thursday Night 10pm EST 712-338-8100 Pin 1989#

Invite your team if you want them to succeed. Invite your prospects if you want them to join you in DFI and invite the rest of the people you know who have a desire to become more. Who's going to be on this call? Every single Six Figure Income earner in DFI and many industry wide, oh and our special guest as well. He has volunteered his time out of a busy career to share with each of us what he learned working from home in the Travel Industry that allowed him to start a brand new career in the financial services industry and bring in 8 million dollars in assets under management in less than 2 months.

He also created a 6 Figure income his first year in his home business and has every year he worked from home in the Travel Industry. Learn the details that made him successful and learn how to apply it to your business, job and life!

Thursday Night 10pm EST 712-338-8100 Pin 1989

This will be a history making night come be part of something bigger than us. By the END of the call we have been assured that this will be talked about all over not just our team but the .net.

Let's rock our industry together!!!
MyDFILive Support Team

Yours Truly,

P.S. Guess I should listen in, might be interesting

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bible Teaches Us How to Work From Home

What does the bible say about working from home? What does the bible say about owning your own business? While at church this morning I read something that made a light bulb go off. It's a principle we've all heard but never thought it applied to working from home.

A Translation from the Message:

A Lesson from the Ant

6 -11 You lazy fool, look at an ant. Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two. Nobody has to tell it what to do. All summer it stores up food; at harvest it stockpiles provisions. So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing?

How long before you get out of bed? A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there, sit back, take it easy—do you know what comes next? Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent house guest!

It amazes me with the freedom you can live owning your own business or even working from home how so many of us seem to allow our flesh to let us skip basic success principals.

Yes! There is tons of freedom working for yourself. The King James Version of the above scripture says the aunt works with out a ruler or overseer. IE NO BOSS Why do we attempt to work from home to gain wealth and freedom and many times we start to assume that we don't really need to work?

What is interesting also is look what kind of work the ant is doing? Storing up food and stockpiling provisions... that's only productive work. We have to be careful that we are productive and not just busy, checking email or office stuff.

Now I'm not a fan of "working" none of us are. But it's way better to work for our selves and have that freedom vs work for someone else. Working from home you have ultimate freedom. I don't know how many times when I worked from home I heard people say things like,

"I don't need to work 40 hours a week" (do what it takes but remember you can work diligently for yourself or someone else, if there's a job available when you need it.)

"I control my own schedule!" (I agree 100% so dictate when you do work versus choosing not to work at all)

"I need to spend more time with my family!"(we should all spend more time with our family, that's why we make a living but let's not use our family as an excuse, they don't want us to be poor either)

Don't make excuses not to work diligently most of the people I knew who made the above statements are no longer working without a ruler or overseer. ie BOSS

You can make an incredible income from home with amazing freedom but so many times we believe in making money with out doing nothing. When I worked with DFI marketing the Coastal Travel package from home it was the easiest money I ever made in my life but I had to work for it. It was not 40 hours a week but it was constant diligent work maybe 6 hours a day as our only source of income and we made 20-30,000 a month many months.

Look today as you think about your own business choose to pursue your goals and dreams and work like the ant. Surround your self with as many ants as you can... pass this on to many of your friends and colleagues.

Yours Truly,
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dani Johnson is a Scam?

If you have ever wandered than check this out. Heck, it's a very inexpensive way to find out if her training is truth or lies.

This is a letter I got about her training,

I just found out about something HUGE from Dani Johnson that everybody who’s working a home business needs to get in on before it sells out.


Dani Johnson is doing a 2 part Home Business Mastery Teleseminar on September 30th and October 7th. She’s only charging $47 for 4 hours of training that she’s promising will double your business by the end of the year. AND, Dani Johnson is offering a double your money back guarantee!

In case you haven’t heard, Dani Johnson’s clients are out producing everyone else in the home business industry. People have been flying to Dani Johnson live events from all over the world, paying thousands of dollars to be trained by her. This may be sold out by the time you read this.

I’m serious,

Dani Johnson has never offered so much for so little. I hope you can still get in. I’m excited for all of us who are fortunate enough to get in this training because our business is going to explode!

Go here and check it out for yourself
Yours Truly,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hans Johnson announced it, Dani Johnson is doing it!!!

I saw this letter on Dani Johnson's website. This is the kind of training I used while in DFI Coastal Travel to create the success I had.

This is a limited one time only offer - it has NEVER been offered before - And once it’s sold out, it will never be offered again…

A chance to work with Dani for pennies on the dollar. You’re ROI is guaranteed 200% or we’ll eat our words. If you don’t get results, we’ll give you your money back X 2! That’s right, keep reading.

Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About How To Build A Successful Long-Term Home Based MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or Internet Marketing Business…

Listen up. This is going to be quick. If you miss it, it’s gone. You’ll be left out, dazed and confused

- wondering what could have happened if you only took advantage of this insane offer - an opportunity I would have dreamed to have when I was in your shoes.

The problem is simple.

It’s TIME.

And it’s what you don’t have enough of. You need to make MONEY. Lots of it. And you need to do it NOW.

But there’s a learning curve. There’s no escaping it. Everyone pays their dues. If only there was a short cut, an easier way.

Well there is.

You could spend years, learning how to build your business the right way. Or you could spend just a few hours mastering what some have spent a lifetime trying to figure out and still just don’t get.

Dani Johnson is doing something she’s never done before.

She’s decided to do an exclusive Home Business Mastery Teleseminar, where she is going to give you every single secret she’s discovered and taught her clients (some have paid thousands for) in just a couple hours time. Literally, a complete "brain dump" of million dollar home business success secrets, knowledge and expertise.

When you’re done with these 2 calls with Dani Johnson…

You’ll Know What 99% of Everyone Else Getting Started In a Home-Based Business Doesn’t Know

In fact, you’ll know more than most seasoned "experts" know. And you’ll be able to immediately apply it for results you can take to the bank.

You’ll know what you need to know to avoid the biggest, most common mistakes most people are making that is not only killing their chances of success…

It’s doing something much worse.

Not knowing these time tested home business secrets is literally causing you to send an invisible broadcast signal, telling people to avoid you like the H1N1 Swine Flu virus - it’s causing people to run away from you and your business.

You may not realize it, but you are very likely making mistakes that are causing people to avoid you, tune you out, avoid your calls, question your credibility and integrity and ask you questions and objections that aren’t relevant.

It’s like a disease. A form of social leprosy. The only problem is, you don’t know it. But everyone else does. You can’t see it - but they can. But they don’t tell you about it (sorta like having a booger in your nose that everyone else can see, but you can’t). It’s pretty bad.

Just 2 Calls With Dani And You’ll Never Have To Deal With This Embarrassing Problem Again
Attraction Marketing? Dani wrote the book on it. She’s been a master of attraction marketing for years, and she can teach it to you too, even if you have the personality of a rock.

Social Networking? - You’ll get that too, it’s not as hard as you think it is.
Lead Generation? - You’ll learn the biggest mistakes to avoid.
Body Language? - Are you saying and doing things, giving non verbal signals that are telling your prospects to avoid you? Is your non verbal communication telling your prospects and team that you’re a desperate amateur instead of a seasoned professional? Once you see what Dani sees, you’ll never do this again.

You Are Literally Just Seconds Away From Discovering How To AVOID The Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Building Their Business And Getting On The Path To Making SERIOUS INCOME From Home!

The Dani Johnson Home Business Mastery Teleseminar

Dani Johnson is offering this CRAZY all inclusive 2 part training at a ridiculously low price. On September 30th and October 7th at 6PM PST, history will be made. Will you be a part of it?

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn;

Simple prospecting strategies that cause people to go out of their way to impress you instead of running away from you!

Closing techniques that work 90% of the time because you’ll discover the real reason why every prospect moves forward in a home business!

Keys to finding prospects on the internet, how to attract them AND how to keep them in for the long haul!

Biggest mistakes people make when advertising their home based business - know this and you’ll save thousands!

How Facebook and other social networking websites supply you with an endless stream of quality prospects IF you know this strategy!

Learn effective training systems, what works and what is a waste of time!

Presentation systems that always get the desired result!

Working with an expert - the key to getting professional quality people to join your program!
Discover the secret language of a home business professional… most networkers don’t have a clue!

Dani’s proven method to successfully make your new person money within 48 to 72 hours!

Building other peoples paychecks without you doing all the work! (when you do this, your paycheck grows exponentially!)

Leveraging other people’s time and talent to create momentum!

Leads, how to find the best ones and how to convert leads others can’t close!

Distinguishing the buying signs that mean “yes” now from those that are far away from a “yes” and how to deal with each one!

How to not buckle when you get objections and proven answers to the most common ones!
What to do after a prospect has seen your 12 minute web video that gets them to take the next step!

Understanding why prospects aren’t on the line after they listen to your 8 minute recorded message and how to turn that around!

how to develop the posture of a seasoned professional and attract high quality people into your team, even if your a beginner and don’t know what you’re doing (hint: there are keys to doing this without looking and smelling like a poser — an amateur trying to be a pro but everyone else knows they aren’t)!

And a whole bunch more…

It’s time to flip the tables on your prospects. It’s time to change the game, completely. It’s time to be in the driver’s seat, and let them beg you to join your opportunity. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again.

With just a little bit of this secret knowledge, and a little bit of "tweaking", you can completely change the results your getting. People will be looking for you, chasing you down to work with you, increasing their production and commitment just to work with you. These really are the secrets only a few big leaders know - but very few ever share. Dani’s going to let it all hang out. NO holds barred, you’ll get it straight.

This literally is your opportunity to rise above the field in less time than it takes to run errands on a Saturday afternoon. Think I’m kidding, pulling your chain, or just trying to "sell you"? Think again. You see - our entire business model is based on a simple concept - CREATING RESULTS. We want to show you how to do the same.

Dani knows how to get results. She knows how to create results - fast. Very fast. She knows how to work smart, instead of hard.

Like I said, Dani’s never done a teleseminar like this before. She’ll likely never do it again. This is your chance.

Special Offer - Save 50% Off The Regular Price Of $94!

For only $47 (no, that’s not a typo) Dani Johnson will spend 4+ hours equipping you to be a Home Business Professional and giving you the biggest secrets of how to avoid the biggest mistakes made by over 99% of others in your industry!

Plus, your satisfaction is 200% GUARANTEED - If this teleseminar is not everything you expect, and more we will refund DOUBLE your money (I told you this was an insane offer).

P.S. We expect this Home Business Mastery Teleseminar to sell out quickly to our clients as we do have very limited capacity and attendance, so don’t delay - get yourself registered ASAP (you have nothing to lose with our 200% money back guarantee) and get your team registered to for huge momentum and growth!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do we Succeed!

A better question is what is it all for? Our struggles, our stress, our worry and our pain? If you want to succeed in your job or even in your own business, traditional or at home what determines if you will succeed?

All I know is successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Successful people don't have a why that is big enough. Unsuccessful people make up reasons (excuses) on why they are happy were they are. Or they are unwilling to do the activities that create success and keep finding reasons to do different activities. Usually this would lead to a post about how to get on track but today I want to focus on what keeps me on track.

Yes we all have kids and they are my why. I don't use them as an excuse,.. I mean reason on why I can't work. I make sure I set the example of what success is for them.

Don't make your success bite size either. Don't say things like, "Money does not matter as long as you have love" we tried that. Money is not important but work ethic to reach your goals to create opportunity in your life is also way more than money. So let me ask you, what kind of example of you set for your kids today?

Yours Truly,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Does DFI Coastal Travel Work?

Today I was speaking to a friend who is a financial advisor and he asked me why did that online coastal travel business I did work so well? It was a simple question and it almost totally stopped me in my tracks for a second. Coastal Travel is an incredible opportunity how/why does it work so well?

I've always said the business was simple but why? I'm going to lay out in bullet points what I explained to him and why I believe Coastal Travel is so simple.

1. The product is in huge demand. Who does not want to take a vacation? With the news and perception that the economy is slow who does not want to make some extra money on top of that? But that alone does not make it simple.

2. The presentations, the telling and selling is already done for you. DFI is a marketing and training system established by Coastal Travel Directors for Coastal Travel Directors. IF you are part of the DFI Marketing/Training and Development system then you don't have to build websites that is already done. Live Conference calls that are live and with real people. Hosted by people who are giving back of their time. Usually 6 Figure Income earners doing the presenting for you and answering questions for you when you are brand new.

3. Advertising and Marketing already figured out. While you can market coastal travel like any other product or service. If you don't have that type of background you can use the same marketing methods that every other leader is using. 95% of the money I ever earned came utilizing our marketing companies that DFI has set up for us. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for success. The successful directors are building their business just like the newest person. That's duplication.

4. Support and Training is unbelievable. In Coastal Travel you can believe that almost always your director I don't care how long they have been around they will be there to help you. It's genius the way the training pay works. I'd say it definitely ensures that someone is there to help you but, on top of that the DFI Training System is incredible. 18 live support training calls every week were successful directors are volunteering their time to help you build a business and succeed. They are giving back because someone did it for them. OK maybe this is the reason for the business being so simple.

The bottom line is this where else in corporate America does it exist were the most successful people will volunteer hours a week to help guide you and be there to provide feedback for you when ever you need it. If you are like me you maybe wandering what do they get for it? That was my biggest question about 4 years ago as well. The reality is they get absolutely nothing except for a good feeling inside knowing they are helping someone get to where they are.

5. The People, are genuine honest and real. Some of the best people I ever met in my life were in DFI. I'd have to say that DFI makes Coastal Travel what it is. People who care about you from day one. It doesn't matter that they don't know you, in the beginning you just know that they are there to help. It's not till later that you realize behind the scenes on every call there are hundreds of people in the background that are cheering you on and pulling for you. They really do want you to succeed. Over time they start to learn who you are as a person, by your voice over the phone and your personality. How many times have you had someone encourage you to do better over and over. They were never jealous they just wanted to see you succeed!

I guess I'd have to restate the obvious now because of DFI, Coastal Travel is an extremely simple why to work from home. All the hard part of being in your own business is figured out. They have the product, the presentations are figured out for your clients via websites or conference calls, they have the clients already expecting to hear back from you and they have people that are incredibly giving. Over all combined DFI has created the best experience of my life.

Living the Dream,
Stacy O'Quinn

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Work From Home and Succeed

Prior to becoming a financial advisor for Edward Jones I made a great living working from home. It was the most valuable experience of my life. The primary reason is simply because what allowed me to earn a six figure income every year working from home easily translates to creating success in other areas. Below in no paticular order I will talk about what allowed me to succeed from home and how that has helped me achieve the status of being in the top 10% of my peers worldwide in the financial world.

1. First Tip - Never recreate the wheel. Starting anything new is difficult and also a nervous and exciting time. Why increase that nervousness starting out. To succeed from home there is no reason you have to be "groundbreaking". I will admit, to make 7 figures a year you may have too. But not to reach six figures your first year. Find someone who is having success and do what they are doing. Make sure there is an exact system you can follow, sometimes you may have to look for it but almost always one exist.

2. Second Tip - Find what you enjoy and do more of it. I enjoy making money I also enjoy traveling. So when I worked from home I found a business that allowed me the ability to travel the world and make money. You will be most successful when your hobby meets your income needs. Working hard does not feel like work at all.

3. Third Tip - Be extremely confident in your product or service. As a financial advisor you must know that someone is better off working with you than they are on their own. If you market a product or service you have to know that someone is better off with you than with out. Almost like they are up a creek without a paddle without you. When I worked from home I sold an 11,000 dollar product and I was confident there was nothing else out there like it and I also knew that the clients I worked with would always feel really good about us working together. With that level of confidence you will always beable to over come any objection that a new client or customer throws at you.

4. Fourth Tip - Establish a track record or verify one is established for you. To begin with you will not be able to have many satisfied clients or customers regardless if you provide a product or service. If you are new and you are not recreating the wheel so you are following a pattern that someone else has already set out make sure it works. I know that seems like a no brainer but makes sure there are people who talk about that product or that service. Testimonies on a website or marketing material are good but, make sure you can verify them in some way. It is as simple as having several sources of proof saying the same thing. If there are stories on a website for instance then there should be real people that are willing to say the same thing. It does not have to be the exact same people just real live people. The more you can verify the better.
-a negative response is not bad, remember if you have a real service or product someone somewhere will not be happy. You want to make sure if you are doing any kind of marketing that you verify the people who say good or bad things are real people.

--we've all seen testimonies on websites and brochures and that's good but make sure you find real people who are passionate about what they have or are doing as well.

Yours Truly,
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mom are you ready to start a business from HOME?

Are you really ready? Just surfing the Internet I ran across an old website that I used to read when I worked from home with DFI and Coastal Travel. It's interesting how things change over time but basic principles stay the same. Below follows an article that is just common sense but definitely a guide written from a mom that applies to so many more than her.

It has been my experience that looking for a good home business online can be frustrating, challenging and down right discouraging. We hope that these companies will do what they say and say what they do, but time after time and scam after scam we are sorely disappointed. Legitimate companies do exist but how do we find them and what do we look for?

Here are some tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Estimate: How much time, money and effort are you willing to invest into starting an online home business.

2. Evaluate: Find the "niche" business that's right for you. Write down favorite past times, hobbies, and personal interests and evaluate which niche would you enjoy doing as a home business and which one is most profitable and marketable. We all want to make money online but statistics show that more people with an online business succeed doing a business they love, enjoy or have a passion for.

3. Educate: Like any business starting out, education is the key. Familiarize yourself with your particular "niche" online business, and invest in "how-to products, software and learn as much as you can by taking advantage of the many FREE advice columns, online classes, forums, articles and blogs that can help educate you in starting your home business and marketing your business online.

4. Embark: This is just the beginning; as you take the steps and follow the advice given from various resources and put them into practice, you will be well on your way to having a legitimate and profitable home business. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day!

Best Wishes!
Filoiann Wiedenhoff

Filoiann is a Pastor's Wife, Work at Home Mom, Woman's Biblical Counselor and Bible Teacher. Her work can be found on a number of home business and Christian websites and blogs.

Working from home is one of the best experiances of my life. It's a shame that so many people that do look to work from home are not ready to give it the respect it deserves. If you are working from home remember it should not be easy, it should only be worth it!

Yours Truly,
Stacy O'Quinn

The recession is OVER!

I hope you are having an awesome weekend! I want to take a moment to give you, my readers who I appreciate a ton a new fresh look vs what we've heard on the news.

It's easy to blame the economy, lack of luck, missed opportunity or lack of, bad timing or a million other things why we are not where we would like to be right now in life. I for one have gotten in my own pity party in the past.

Let's look at the economy for a moment though. When will this recession end? When will the economy start moving again? Here's what we know for a fact! Recessions always end before they are realized to have ended. Often times it has taken 22+ months before our guru's in the media have been able to tell us that the recession was over.

WE have to remember that bad news is good for ratings. If we understand that and we are wanting things to move our way then maybe we should make that happen before we wait for someone else to tell us that things are great 22 months after they were fine. What I'm saying is let's stop letting the media or others create our excuses for us. I for one think the economy has some weaknesses but overall we are great.

How do you survive a recession? You don't have to if it's over! Let's kill that excuse. Here's what top brokerage firm Edward Jones has to say about it. We Believe it's OVER!

Yours Truly,
Stacy O'Quinn

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you worried...?

What is worry?

Short three letter question but are you confident in how to answer it? Is it fear?

No, fear is what blocks opportunity. I once heard someone smart say the devil only places fear in front of a door that he knows you won't fail at. So fear is an emotion that holds you back or blocks you from going down a path potentially.

I'd also recommend that if you are looking at an opportunity today and you feel fear to ask your self if you knew failure was not an option how would you react? Then do it NOW! You may say, "Well Stacy you don't know my situation." You are right but we can never change the pain of regret in the future.

...So this takes us back to our original question. What is worry? It is my belief that worry is something we often experience as we walk through opportunity before we achieve our destination. It's taking tomorrow's problem or the problem from next week or next year and assuming that it's going to happen today. A problem which may never actually occur. We shoulder that burden usually by saying "What if".

The result often times is that we will choose a new path to walk down and get off our path of opportunity. Today I encourage you to not let fear hold you back or let worry get you off track.

You can do it!
Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is About Dreams or it should be...

What is your dream? Maybe you are struggling right now and not dreaming much? How do you survive in this economy and this world?

You have an internal desire something pushes you. Something drives you... or it did once. If you don't feel that push or that drive seek it out and find it again. That natural drive is a road map. Dani Johnson says that desire reveals design. It is extremely important that you know what your desire is, because as Dani Johnson says your design is revealed.

(As a side note she backs that up biblically, but that's not my point at the moment)

If an eagle was designed to soar than it would be equipped with that desire... Do you believe and eagle was equipped to soar? Think about it, a lion does it have a desire to hunt? How was a lion equipped?

If you have a dream or a goal and it could be big or small. Maybe it is to get out of debt? Travel the world or help the less fortunate? Than you are equipped to do just that.

Now I know you may have doubts and I get that. I believe in you because someone believed in me and this is what I'm asking you to think about today. A dream or a goal is always a vision or shown to us mentally as something that has been accomplished which satisfies us. But it is the end game, today you are in the beginning of that dream or goal. Focus on the first step right now. What can you do NOW!

In the spirit of football season, think about the next down not the end zone. The desire to get to the endzone it what keeps us going. How are you going to cover the next 10 yards today and focus on that alone!