Monday, June 30, 2008

What is your Biggest Reason?

Why do you work from home? What motivates you to do what you do? If your life is everything you want it to be, then why is that? If it is not then what do you need to make it what you want it to be?

This week being 4th of July week and one of my favorite holidays ever, created an interesting conversation between Dawn and I. We could not figure out what day we wanted to leave town on? And then it hit me, I stopped talking and my brain started racing this is it. This is one of those moments why I'm so excited to be me. This is why we are blessed, fortunate and lucky!

We actually have the FREEDOM to choose when WE want to leave home. WE are not dependant on a boss or a job or finances. Nothing is holding us back except our own wishes and desires. It was just crazy and a really fun problem to have. True FREEDOM to simply come and go from home as we please. WE can and will go out of town and come home exactly when we feel like it.

I guess it's this simple we are either excited about life or not based off of what motivates us and if we have obtained it. For us it's FREEDOM! It's is great to work from home!

God Bless,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, June 23, 2008

Who is Dani Johnson? Is Dani Johnson a scam? What's her real story?

Dani Johnson is a Trainer on Business Development and Acquisition. I personally made no money in my own business until I plugged into her training. After my first month back from a training event based off of what I learned there I made $13,000 dollars profit. In DFI we model Dani Johnson and her training in all of our training and our entire team culture. We recommend her for anyone in Coastal Travel or anyone who is looking to succeed in business. PERIOD! On occasions people ask us who is she and why do you recommend Dani so much? Don't look at the fact that the people who work with us and have made 6 figure incomes also have plugged into her training.

Take a moment and look at the video I found on line. It should answer some of your questions. It will give you more of Dani's background and you can determine for yourself if her training is real or if it's a SCAM!

Dani Johnson Highly Recommended by DFI and Coastal Travel.

Homeless to Millions

Discover How a Young Broke Cocktail Waitress Went From Living Out of Her Car with $2.03 to Her Name to Earning Her First Million in 2 Short Years!

What is Dani's secret to success? And more importantly can YOU discover this secret and use it too?

Dani Johnson’s reputation as a gifted speaker, trainer, mentor, and spirit-driven success coach is spreading throughout the business community. Her training seminars are likewise reaching out to a growing number of people seeking financial growth, emotional restoration, and spiritual transformation. Drawing upon life-lessons learned from personal trials and tribulations, Dani coaches her clients using candid examples, unique advice, and compelling stories about her past. She openly teaches how she was seduced into a worldly culture of misguided practices, hollow beliefs, materialism, false success and empty promises. In her straight-from- the-heart style, Dani reveals to her listeners what brought her back to truths she encountered in her childhood Bible studies and what led her to answer a calling to boldly demonstrate the power of God’s promises in today’s marketplace.

Abused as a Child
Dani’s achievements are even more remarkable when considering the experiences she endured in her early years. In addition to being raised by parents who were addicted to drugs, Dani’s childhood was scarred by the emotional turmoil that comes from being assaulted verbally, physically, and sexually, by a stepfather with an extremely violent temper. As a teen, the seeds of God’s word were planted at an early age through her Bible studies. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and refuge. This foundation would see her through the difficult times in years to come.

Driven from the Church
At 17, Dani became pregnant by a deacon’s son, had the baby out of wedlock and gave her baby up for adoption. At this very emotional time in her life when she sought forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, she ...

To Your Success!
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, June 20, 2008

Change, Is not a choice

Do you want to change? Do you want your life to be radically different? Here are the facts...

1. Your life in ten years will look totally different then it does now, even if you do nothing.

2. You WILL BE 10 years older if you are on this earth.

3. Your money today will be valued less tomorrow, much less in 10 years.

4. If you are comfortable with where you are at and you do nothing in 10 years you will blame someone else for your struggle.

5. Many of you have already quit reading because you "think" you know what the next 10 years are like but, today is radically different then you thought it would be 10 years ago.

6. Most of us are risk adverse, meaning we don't take risk because we are afraid of what the change maybe.

Here's the truth. You can control the change if you first embrace that it will happen. As Dani Johnson puts it "don't live by default, live by design". Your creator designed you for something great but, greatness does not just happen! Usually there is only one degree of difference between the future we want and what becomes our reality.


Today is just another day and we get to make that choice. Here is a short movie that explains it another way.

Let's Choose Wisely
Stacy O'Quinn

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Jackie O'Quinn, DFI and Dani Johnson

Jackie OQuinn is being featured in a home business publication do to his success in DFI and Coastal Travel while utilizing Dani Johnson and her training. Jackie is an internationally known leader in DFI and a trainer for all of Coastal Travel. Those that work with him are certainly blessed. When we are at events people line up to pick his brain.

Jackie can be reached on his Toll Free number at 1-800-620-3019

A Healthy Home Business
By Brian Bianca

Jackie O’Quinn traded in his nurse’s scrubs for a travel-based opportunity that’s given him a lifestyle beyond his wildest dreams.

Jackie O’Quinn assumed he would be a nurse his entire life. It’s what he went to school for. It was a career he enjoyed, and one he was good at. There were some drawbacks—he only brought home about $2,000 a month after taxes, his hours rotated constantly and resulted in many long shifts—but for three years he took the good with the bad because he treasured being able to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

Eventually, though, salary became a sticking point as Jackie started to slip into debt. He had trouble finding ways to supplement his income due to his fluctuating hours. He certainly didn’t want to give up nursing for good, but he needed to find a way to earn some extra cash to keep his bank account in the black.

“I thought I would always do this part time,” Jackie remembers. “I was in debt and I wanted to find a way to make some extra money to pay it off. I wanted to have more freedom—the idea of having to work bad shifts, no consistency, and no control over my time was terrible. I figured that if I got lucky and found something that worked, I’d always do nursing part time.”

Since his schedule made working a second traditional job was out of the question, Jackie narrowed his search to home-based businesses, something he could build from home on his downtime. One opportunity in particular, Coastal Vacations, stood out to him because of their large upfront commissions and steep discounts on travel, hotels, and airfare. He had experimented with a few direct sales companies in the past with little success but knew right off the bat that this was something special.

“Coastal has a product that you can’t go to Wal-Mart and purchase, and I felt that a customer can easily see the value in the product,” Jackie explains. “I wanted the product. Plus, the profit margin is significant. The customer gets a massive discount and I knew that would be evident.”

Another big plus was the training offered by Decide Freedom International (DFI), the marketing and support arm of Coastal. “With DFI, we have advertising firms that consistently bring clients to us. We have the industry’s best training with Dani Johnson. We have an automated marketing system to
help the newest person manage a profitable business, and most importantly we have people that genuinely care about our success,” he says.

As excited as he was, Jackie was well aware of his past failures and waded in slowly, working his business eight to 12 hours a week around his nursing schedule. If he was on the evening shift, he’d work the phones in the morning.

When it was time to switch back over to day shift, Jackie would come home and dedicate part of his night to Coastal. The complete flexibility of the business allowed him to continue his nursing work and not miss a beat at home.

His sales grew slowly but steadily over the first few months, providing him with enough extra income to live comfortably. Jackie didn’t even consider making Coastal his full-time career until attending a training seminar with Dani Johnson that opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.
“I went to that training event and 30 days after I returned I had made $14,995 dollars. That’s when I pretty much knew this was something I could pursue,” Jackie says. “My take-home pay as a nurse was only around $2,000 a month. I’m at work talking to patients and thinking that I could be at home making phone calls and building my business.”

Twelve months after starting his home business part time, Jackie was earning $70,000 annually—more than double what he took home from his nursing gig. “I was beginning to feel like I was losing money being at work,” he says. So after some thought, Jackie decided to trim down his hospital hours and concentrate on Coastal fulltime. He committed to four shifts a month, but found that he was so busy traveling and enjoying his business that even those small amount of hours was becoming too much to handle.

Finally Debbie, Jackie’s nurse manager, approached him on the eve of a three-week vacation and informed him that he would need to honor his obligation or resign his position at the hospital. Jackie hopped on a plane and never went back to the hospital.

Today, he spends about 20 or 25 hours a week on his home business, allotting the rest of his time to his passions—luxury travel, cigars, family, charity work, and the occasional long nap. He and his girlfriend, Carmen, recently returned from a nine-day vacation to Bora Bora, where they saved $10,200 using their Coastal membership. Jackie has also enjoyed several exotic cruises and three-day mini-vacations since joining Coastal Vacations.

He gets a chuckle out of waking up in the winter and seeing his neighbors shovel out their driveways in the dark so they can make it to the office on time. “I just go back to sleep because there’s nowhere I need to be,” he says simply. “I typically start work around 9 am, and it’s completely built around my schedule. There are no meetings and parties to go to —everything is from home. If something comes up with my family, I don’t have to ask permission to take time off. I just go. When it comes to medical stuff, I’m the nurse in the family—I just hop in the car and drive or hop on a plane. You can do this business from anywhere.”

Jackie knows this better than most: he recently left Goldsboro, North Carolina and moved to Saginaw, Michigan to be with his girlfriend. All he needed to do to relocate his business was unplug his laptop and take it with him.

Coastal Vacations has given Jackie a new career, an improved personal life, and all the freedom he could ask for. The only thing left to do is to help more people get started.

“When I was a nurse I helped people every day—this is no different,’ Jackie says. “It’s the same rewarding feeling.”
a healthyhome business

To connect with Jackie directly call him 1-800-620-3019

Thanks for all you do for our team Jackie,
Stacy O'Quinn

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Letter from Hans Johnson

I just got this letter from Hans Johnson the CEO of This is a big deal because some people got shocked last time around. Going to a First Steps event with Dani Johnson is unbelievably cheap if you get your ticket EARLY! If you want to develop a solid business that last be there! If you want to increase your current business 50 to 100% or more get there!

Here's the Letter Hans Johnson sent me.

Hi Stacy,
We are excited to bring Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success to Pittsburgh, PA for the very first time. We are also blown away by the intense desire and hunger of clients to increase their skill set at a time when most folks are in vacation mode.

Here’s a quick heads up…
You have until Sunday at 12:00pm PDT to take $1,200 off the regular price of First Steps to Success in Pittsburgh.

So many of you are waking up to the fact that there are some disturbing occurrences happening worldwide with the economy and this is no time to take the foot off of the gas pedal.
First Steps to Success is the premiere launching pad for those who are serious about succeeding, even in the toughest of times. This is not the time to sit around and wait for something good to come along that will make life better.

"Coming out of First Steps to Success, I did over $500 of product in the first 3 days. Before this, I was lucky if I was doing $100 in a month! My entire posture has changed. I have been saying the same things for the past 3 years, but now they are listening. It's amazing! …now I can see straight through their excuses!" ~ Catherine G. – Victoria, Australia

This is your chance to cash in on the ONLY investment that, when properly applied, has a guaranteed return. Nobody can take away what you gain from investing in yourself and your skill set. This is why wise people are seeking out the knowledge they need to position themselves to prosper while record numbers of people are struggling with little relief in sight.
Are ready to take that step? Then we will see you in Pittsburgh!

May God bless and prosper you and your family!
Hans JohnsonCEO

P.S. First Steps to Success in London is THIS WEEKEND! Register now because the price goes up today at 8:00pm London Time (12:00pm PDT).

P.P.S. If for some crazy reason you will not be attending First Steps to Success in London or Pittsburgh, pick up the most powerful prospecting and closing tool in the entire industry, Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions 7 CD audio program. You will hear examples of Dani role playing live, showing exactly how to succeed in just about every situation you will come across in working your business. Listen to Dani show you the best way to overcome objections on the way to enrolling new people with ease!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Arm twisted picture's taken HBC Magazine happy

Have you ever had one of those chores on your things "Todo" list but just put it off? I've been doing that for the last couple of weeks. It's a good thing that DFI will be featured in HBC magazine for Coastal Travel. It's a good thing that Coastal Travel and DFI are being put in to the Home Business Connection magazine due to the success of our directors but man I hate adding things to the "Todo" list.

Dawn and I will not be featured until Sept., but you know how print ads go. The picture deadline is June 16th. HELLO? That's a little early for sure. Either way we had a blast we went down to the Marina in Biloxi and walked along the beach and played. Alexis and Edgar had a good time and it created excuse to hang out as a family, which of course an excuse was not needed.

The crazy thing about the pictures is they wanted something to signify our lifestyle. Well we thought and thought and thought about what the setting and background should be. I have a question for you. Our purpose for working from home became a debt free and stress free lifestyle.

How do you take a picture of that? Leave your comments and suggestions.

Have a Blessed DAY!
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, June 6, 2008

How can you Maximize the DFI Event for Coastal Travel?

Dani Johnson has talked extensively in some of her training about always promoting the next event. Have you ever wandered what she meant by that or maybe why it would matter? Did you think that was her selling her event somehow? Did you block out the strategy she was sharing because you assumed it was about her making money instead of you?

Don't worry 98% of the room probably did the same thing!

You know if you work any type of Home Based Business that there are several things that come into play if your business and paycheck are going to grow over time. First and foremost there has to be a purpose and a vision. Some people are much better at planting purpose and vision then others. Vision is important because it creates a need and a desire! It gives people a reason to move forward. What did that big book say? You know that one book! The Bible, a man without a vision will parish.

Promoting an event creates natural vision not to mention the results you and your team will get from the training.

DFI is sponsering an event for all of Coastal Travel. If you want to get the most out of your business then promote the event!!! What would it look like if you had 5 or 10 people there with you. Or what if you only had one? How would that affect your business for the rest of the year?

Amanda Butler created an amazing montage for our team to use to promote the event. Talk about several hours of volunteering just to help us out as a team! Where else can you find that? We love you Amanda, Thank YOU!

What are you waiting for? Go to now before the price goes up to $197.

See you in PA!

Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DFI Training Event w/ First Steps to Success in PA

Have you ever wanted to get more hands on training for your Coastal business? Would you like to get more in depth personal training for our travel package? Do you want to learn step by step approachs on how to get your new clients started in business successfully?

If I told you there was a way to get specific hands on training that has had huge results for others would you actually go? Would you make the commitment and sacrifice to actually be there? If you could rub shoulders with at least 100 other Coastal leaders would you?

In Coastal we are grateful no one else has the ability to make such high commissions up to 9,705 dollars per transaction. No one else has stood the test of time with a product that just continues to get better!

Listen to this 40 minute training Right NOW! for more details.

If you are not part of the DFI TEAM and you still want to be part of this training then complete this reservation request form and I will call you.

See you in PA!
Stacy O'Quinn