Friday, June 20, 2008

Change, Is not a choice

Do you want to change? Do you want your life to be radically different? Here are the facts...

1. Your life in ten years will look totally different then it does now, even if you do nothing.

2. You WILL BE 10 years older if you are on this earth.

3. Your money today will be valued less tomorrow, much less in 10 years.

4. If you are comfortable with where you are at and you do nothing in 10 years you will blame someone else for your struggle.

5. Many of you have already quit reading because you "think" you know what the next 10 years are like but, today is radically different then you thought it would be 10 years ago.

6. Most of us are risk adverse, meaning we don't take risk because we are afraid of what the change maybe.

Here's the truth. You can control the change if you first embrace that it will happen. As Dani Johnson puts it "don't live by default, live by design". Your creator designed you for something great but, greatness does not just happen! Usually there is only one degree of difference between the future we want and what becomes our reality.


Today is just another day and we get to make that choice. Here is a short movie that explains it another way.

Let's Choose Wisely
Stacy O'Quinn

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