Thursday, January 31, 2013

Even Home Businesses Should Have Marketing Plans

A business is a business, regardless of its size or location. Even someone with a work at home business and no employees should view the organization as a professional undertaking. This requires the development and implementation of goals, strategies, and plans. A marketing plan is one of the most important plans a business owner will develop. It ensures that marketing dollars are spent wisely on beneficial activities that generate corporate profits.

Everything from identifying and understanding the target audience and competitive position of the business to tactics designed to reach that audience and differentiate the business from its competitors can be included in a marketing plan. This plan provides the business owner with a path and schedule to follow on the road to success. It also serves as the foundation for a marketing budget that details the costs involved in achieving marketing goals.

For the smallest businesses, retaining a marketing firm or consultant or bringing a marketing professional onboard may not be feasible from a financial perspective. Fortunately, plenty of resources are available for writing marketing plans and developing marketing budgets and many of these are free. For example, the U.S Small Business Administration provides access to a downloadable guide for marketing plan development. Business owners can even review sample marketing plans to see what is involved.

The process of developing a marketing plan and supporting budget is not a one-time thing, nor is it set in stone. As situations and needs dictate, entrepreneurs can add, delete, and refine marketing goals, strategies, and tactics. In terms of budget, business owners should verify whether it helps them achieve their marketing goals and provide a return on investment or requires some tweaking. This can only be done by measuring spending on a periodic basis such as each quarter.

Business owners should give as much attention to marketing initiatives that were successful as they should to those that were not. An ineffective marketing technique should not automatically be discarded. It should be assessed to determine whether it could be more effective in a different situation or requires more time to yield desired results. Developing measurements for some marketing initiatives can be difficult but good advice is available through chambers of commerce, professional networking groups, and in online entrepreneurial forums.

A marketing plan should cover activities for an entire year and should be revisited on an annual basis to determine whether changes are needed. If the business launches a new service or product, the marketing plan and budget should be altered to accommodate this. In some situations, it may be easier to develop a separate plan specifically for the new marketing campaign, making this an addendum to the business marketing plan.

Though developing, refining, and redeveloping a marketing plan and its supporting budget requires time and effort, both are well-spent. At the end of the day, the marketing plan dictates how a business connects with its customers. Without these customers, the business would not exist so there is no better incentive for making this investment.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Relationship-Saving Advice from Dani Johnson

Most people have heard of or seen Hans Johnson, the husband of millionaire Dani Johnson and father to five of her children. When he was just eight years old, Hans established his first business selling flower leis to tourists visiting his hometown of Kona, Hawaii. The money he earned helped him buy school clothes and groceries and led him to start additional businesses. At age 23, this home business entrepreneur was earning a six figure income and featured in Success Magazine.

Hans went on to grow other online and offline businesses into million-dollar enterprises. During this time, he met Dani Johnson, a like-minded home business entrepreneur making her own financial mark. Dani and Hans fell in love, married and started a family, and established the personal development company Call To Freedom International. With Hans by her side, Dani has become a woman to watch in industry and the couple serve as role models through their charitable efforts.

Hans and Dani may seem to live a perfect life but it was not always this way. Dani admits to spending years worrying about Hans as a father. This was mainly due to her lack of understanding regarding the actions of fathers based on her own absentee father. Dani did not hesitate to express her anxiety and worry to Hans, which had a negative result. Hans felt as if Dani did not trust him or his sense of judgment. By telling him what to do, Dani was treating Hans like a boy.

Dani eventually realized that like all fathers, Hans needed the freedom to live an adventurous life with their children. That adventure is what initially drew Dani to Hans but for some reason, she tried to squash it once they were married by taking on a mothering role with him. No one likes to be told what to do, especially a significant other. People like to be asked questions and requested to supply their opinions. They do not appreciate someone barking orders to them.

By realizing that anxiety and worry would not improve their relationship and learning to celebrate the adventurous nature of Hans, Dani empowered him as a man, husband, and father. Dani considers this powerful advice for every man and woman. It applies to personal, educational, and professional relationships and has long-lasting results.

Too much worry and anxiety can ruin a relationship. People leave their significant others when they believe their judgment or their nature is being questioned or they are being told what to do all the time. No one wants to work for a boss who is constantly questioning his or her decisions and issuing commands. Students dislike teachers who hover and tell them what to.

By truly understanding others around us and encouraging them to be their best, we can help them improve themselves. At the same time, we will improve our relationships with them. Hans and Dani have managed to generate millions of dollars through their business endeavors and their home lives are even more fulfilling. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Top Online Business Growth Secret From Jeff Usner

Jeff Usner is one Internet marketing genius who is willing to share his secrets with the world. His online entrepreneurship success story is remarkable because he was once tens of thousands of dollars in debt but managed to pick himself up and become a millionaire. This did not happen by chance, it required a lot of work. However, Jeff is making things easier for the rest of us by sharing his secrets for success.

Every business owner should consider developing an online presence because millions of people visit the Internet each day. Jeff has made millions with his online companies and now others can learn the Jeff Usner millionaire secret for online business growth. By implementing the concepts shared in his new video and his book Internet Millionaire—Your Blue Print to Succeed, online entrepreneurs can grow their businesses by five or even ten times.

What does Jeff tell us? Self-competition is the key to dominating a niche market online. That’s right…a business owner can become the big kid on the block simply by competing against him or herself once the business is making money within a particular niche. A little competition is healthy and competing against yourself is the most comfortable way to engage in it. By creating another website that offers the same product or service, entrepreneurs will see their companies grow within a short time.

Jeff has done this himself and with clients and with his latest video, he is equipping other business owners to do it. This millionaire has some very wealthy people in his client base. One of his “students” owns a $100 million company, a very impressive accomplishment. With help from Jeff, this entrepreneur was able to quickly grow this to a $556 million business. The correct way to grow a business is to do more of what is working. Most online entrepreneurs do not follow this rule so their businesses never realize maximum potential.

Jeff advises people to view the Internet as real estate. “Owning the block” involves occupying the majority of the top search result rankings for a designated keyword or keyword phrase. Duplicating the success of one website by creating additional websites that appear different to online customers but offer the same products or services is the approach Jeff recommends. The entrepreneur competes with him or herself on the search engines but each site is part of the overall brand.

Power and profits are associated with owning the block online. These are two things that every online entrepreneur should strive to achieve. Size, location, and even type of business do not present obstacles when using this approach. By driving massive amounts of traffic to their companies, entrepreneurs establish their brands.

Watch and listen to this new video from Jeff because it is an eye-opener. Get additional tips by reading his book. Then, use the information to grow your online business to unexpected levels through self-competition. Those who own the online block in their market niches will tell you that there is nothing like seeing your company websites fill the first page of search results lists!

Monday, January 21, 2013

For A New Approach To Leadership Training, Listen To Dani Johnson Tonight

Leadership training arose from the belief that leaders can be made. People enroll in training sessions that mold them into business, community, family, religious, or political leaders. Getting others to look to you for leadership is a notable accomplishment. However, the most impressive successes result not from individual efforts or ideas but from a group of leaders working together. Dani Johnson, a self-made leader who has developed her own leadership team, will explain how to create this synergy tonight.

On Monday nights at 9 PM Eastern time, Dani holds her Strategy Calls. She uses these audio sessions to teach others the many lessons she has learned about business, relationships, and life. Tonight, the discussion will focus on developing a team of powerful leaders. Dani will reveal her proven strategy so others can use it to achieve success. Look for details on her website for listening live by phone or via a webcast. Call in early because access to phone lines is extremely limited.

Participants will learn many things during this strategy call. Primarily, they will discover how to position themselves as leaders, even if they do not currently hold a leadership position. As Dani will explain, leadership need not be a formal designation. Any of us can be viewed as leaders of our families, businesses, or communities. However, this is just the beginning of the work to be done. Once we establish our leadership roles, our focus should turn to developing others.

Pulling the best from team members can be challenging. Many people say they want to earn a six-figure salary. Far fewer are willing to do what it takes to create six figure income. Dani will explain how to change this so team members want to put forth one hundred percent at all times. The result will be a highly successful team that works together like a well-oiled machine. Not only will the workplace be a harmonious environment, the organization will also do better than it ever has.

The tips, techniques, and secrets that Dani will offer are applicable to different environments. Households need leaders just as much as companies do. Without leadership, communities and religious congregations would be disorganized masses. People rely on leaders in every aspect of life so learn how to become one and teach others to do the same.

This concept may seem overwhelming but Dani will reveal how simple it is. People often make things more complex than they need to be. Some of the most valuable lessons are right in front of us waiting to be discovered. Dani simply provides the extra push that many people need to learn the skills and behaviors required of a leader.

Each of us has the potential to be a leader regardless of age, career position, or financial means. Participate in the Strategy Call tonight to learn how and discover ways of taking others along on this journey to success. A small investment of time is all it takes to create a team of very powerful leaders so make this tonight.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dani Johnson Takes Her Show On The Road…Literally

A new year is barely underway but millionaire entrepreneur Dani Johnson is not wasting any time. She is traveling across the country and across the world to spread her wealth-building message. Just yesterday, she broadcast an episode of The Dani Johnson Show live from Israel. This is just the beginning of Dani’s travels in 2013 so find out where she will be and make a point to be there.

On her January 16 radio show broadcast, Dani had the privilege of interviewing members of the Israeli government, military, and media. If you were not able to listen live, look for an audio recording of this broadcast to be posted on Dani’s website in the near future. Tune in every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern and Wednesdays at 12 PM Eastern to receive more valuable insights and lessons from this successful businessperson.

Where else will Dani be this year? The list is long, providing plenty of opportunities to receive her life-changing messages in person! On January 26 and 27, Dani will hold her First Steps to Success seminar in Dallas, Texas. Take this opportunity to attend an event that will transform your life. Online registration is still open and if you are on the fence, check out the demo video on Dani’s website because it will convince you to attend.

Those who have or want to start a legitimate home business should turn this two-day Dallas event into a three-day experience by also attending the Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop Dani will hold on January 28. During this third day, Dani will provide proven money making strategies that any home business entrepreneur can use to create big momentum and even bigger paychecks. Learn the how-tos from someone who went from having just $2.03 in the bank to making millions each year.

After Dallas, Dani will head across the pond to London, where she will offer First Steps to Success on February 22 and 23. We recently gave you a heads up about this event and there is still time to register. Add your name to the long list of success stories and enjoy a European vacation in the process. The registration price has been slashed to just $397 and satisfaction is guaranteed so what is there to lose?

In May, Dani will spend four days in Pittsburgh to offer her Creating A Dynasty event. Anyone interested in becoming a powerful, influential, and magnetic leader within a family, business, or community environment should attend. Whether you work at home or from an office building, leadership skills are essential to successfully compete. This event will provide the high leverage (and high paying) skills necessary to thrive in the future.

Whew, we are tired just thinking about all of Dani’s travels this year! There will undoubtedly be more opportunities to catch her in person during the second half of 2013. Make plans to attend at least one event so you can learn what thousands of others already have…everyone has the potential to succeed and Dani provides the tools to do it.