Monday, January 28, 2013

Relationship-Saving Advice from Dani Johnson

Most people have heard of or seen Hans Johnson, the husband of millionaire Dani Johnson and father to five of her children. When he was just eight years old, Hans established his first business selling flower leis to tourists visiting his hometown of Kona, Hawaii. The money he earned helped him buy school clothes and groceries and led him to start additional businesses. At age 23, this home business entrepreneur was earning a six figure income and featured in Success Magazine.

Hans went on to grow other online and offline businesses into million-dollar enterprises. During this time, he met Dani Johnson, a like-minded home business entrepreneur making her own financial mark. Dani and Hans fell in love, married and started a family, and established the personal development company Call To Freedom International. With Hans by her side, Dani has become a woman to watch in industry and the couple serve as role models through their charitable efforts.

Hans and Dani may seem to live a perfect life but it was not always this way. Dani admits to spending years worrying about Hans as a father. This was mainly due to her lack of understanding regarding the actions of fathers based on her own absentee father. Dani did not hesitate to express her anxiety and worry to Hans, which had a negative result. Hans felt as if Dani did not trust him or his sense of judgment. By telling him what to do, Dani was treating Hans like a boy.

Dani eventually realized that like all fathers, Hans needed the freedom to live an adventurous life with their children. That adventure is what initially drew Dani to Hans but for some reason, she tried to squash it once they were married by taking on a mothering role with him. No one likes to be told what to do, especially a significant other. People like to be asked questions and requested to supply their opinions. They do not appreciate someone barking orders to them.

By realizing that anxiety and worry would not improve their relationship and learning to celebrate the adventurous nature of Hans, Dani empowered him as a man, husband, and father. Dani considers this powerful advice for every man and woman. It applies to personal, educational, and professional relationships and has long-lasting results.

Too much worry and anxiety can ruin a relationship. People leave their significant others when they believe their judgment or their nature is being questioned or they are being told what to do all the time. No one wants to work for a boss who is constantly questioning his or her decisions and issuing commands. Students dislike teachers who hover and tell them what to.

By truly understanding others around us and encouraging them to be their best, we can help them improve themselves. At the same time, we will improve our relationships with them. Hans and Dani have managed to generate millions of dollars through their business endeavors and their home lives are even more fulfilling. 

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