Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Top Online Business Growth Secret From Jeff Usner

Jeff Usner is one Internet marketing genius who is willing to share his secrets with the world. His online entrepreneurship success story is remarkable because he was once tens of thousands of dollars in debt but managed to pick himself up and become a millionaire. This did not happen by chance, it required a lot of work. However, Jeff is making things easier for the rest of us by sharing his secrets for success.

Every business owner should consider developing an online presence because millions of people visit the Internet each day. Jeff has made millions with his online companies and now others can learn the Jeff Usner millionaire secret for online business growth. By implementing the concepts shared in his new video and his book Internet Millionaire—Your Blue Print to Succeed, online entrepreneurs can grow their businesses by five or even ten times.

What does Jeff tell us? Self-competition is the key to dominating a niche market online. That’s right…a business owner can become the big kid on the block simply by competing against him or herself once the business is making money within a particular niche. A little competition is healthy and competing against yourself is the most comfortable way to engage in it. By creating another website that offers the same product or service, entrepreneurs will see their companies grow within a short time.

Jeff has done this himself and with clients and with his latest video, he is equipping other business owners to do it. This millionaire has some very wealthy people in his client base. One of his “students” owns a $100 million company, a very impressive accomplishment. With help from Jeff, this entrepreneur was able to quickly grow this to a $556 million business. The correct way to grow a business is to do more of what is working. Most online entrepreneurs do not follow this rule so their businesses never realize maximum potential.

Jeff advises people to view the Internet as real estate. “Owning the block” involves occupying the majority of the top search result rankings for a designated keyword or keyword phrase. Duplicating the success of one website by creating additional websites that appear different to online customers but offer the same products or services is the approach Jeff recommends. The entrepreneur competes with him or herself on the search engines but each site is part of the overall brand.

Power and profits are associated with owning the block online. These are two things that every online entrepreneur should strive to achieve. Size, location, and even type of business do not present obstacles when using this approach. By driving massive amounts of traffic to their companies, entrepreneurs establish their brands.

Watch and listen to this new video from Jeff because it is an eye-opener. Get additional tips by reading his book. Then, use the information to grow your online business to unexpected levels through self-competition. Those who own the online block in their market niches will tell you that there is nothing like seeing your company websites fill the first page of search results lists!

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