Friday, October 26, 2012

Stop Doubting And Start Succeeding

When you start a new business, adrenaline takes over but within a few months, the situation can change drastically and may be characterized by feelings of doubt. Many new entrepreneurs begin questioning their decisions, wondering if they will ever recoup their investments and questioning whether they have what it takes to succeed. They could save themselves all this fretting if they simply perfected their prospecting and closing skills.

Prospecting and closing go hand-in-hand because one focuses on bringing in customers while the other is about closing the deals. For a business to be successful, both skills must be mastered. There are plenty of books, guides, and training programs available on these topics, making it difficult to filter out the most effective information. The best approach is to select a program that has proven results, because the proof is in the pudding.

One of the best prospecting and closing training tools comes from Dani Johnson, a self-made millionaire who has successfully established several businesses. The Dani Johnson script book for prospecting and closing includes the techniques that Dani used to create her own businesses. It also features helpful tips that arose from trial and error on Dani’s part over the years. She has been in business for decades so she knows what works and what does not.

Every entrepreneur is not a natural-born salesperson and there is no shame in that. Realizing your shortcomings and taking steps to address them by purchasing a script book like this is a smart move. Ignoring your weaknesses is what will cause your business to fail. Unfortunately, there will be no one to blame but the person in the mirror and this can be difficult to live with, especially when the business concept was life-changing.

Networking is at the heart of prospecting and closing and it is something that everyone can do if properly equipped. Dani shows entrepreneurs how to become more confident in their prospecting efforts and improve their closing ratios within just one week. She includes her personal scripts, making it easy for anyone to follow in her footsteps. When these scripts are combined with the personal training provided on the bonus CDs, entrepreneurs have the tools to immediately begin growing their businesses.

To prove that she is not all talk, Dani guarantees that her script book will double existing recruiting results. If it does not, you do not pay a thing for the book. The latest version of this product includes new scripts and new content, making it an even more valuable addition to the business toolbox. Entrepreneurs will find themselves prepared for every prospecting situation and ready to close deals on the spot.

The script book and two bonus CDs cost less than $40 total so there is no reason not to try them. Entrepreneurs in every industry and will benefit from the information. As proof, all they need to do is read the many testimonials on Dani’s website regarding this product. Other business owners have reaped the financial rewards of improving their prospecting and closing skills and so should you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Don’t Miss This Chance To Attend A FREE Dani Johnson Event!

If you have not heard of Dani Johnson by now, where have you been? This woman is a business powerhouse and financial management expert who puts faith and family first. She has been featured on top television shows like The View and Oprah, interviewed in respected print news and lifestyle publications, and even appeared on a 2011 episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television. She and her husband/business partner Hans donate thousands of dollars to charity each year, with the goal of giving away a million dollars a month.

Dani travels throughout the country, offering seminars that help average people transform their lives. Whether they want to become more successful professionally, remove the burden of debt, or learn how to live more spiritually, Dani shows them how to do it. She promotes techniques that she used to go from being homeless and broke to living as a multimillionaire. Testimonials regarding the power of her methods range from housewives who have created wealth with a home business to fellow Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner, Internet marketing guru.

A one-on-one consulting session with Dani costs thousands of dollars. Even tickets to her seminars and workshops sell for hundreds. However, there is currently an opportunity to see Dani at no charge. Yes, FREE! On November 10, she is taking her Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace event to the Marriott Warner Center Woodland Hills hotel in Woodland Hills, California. Registration instructions are currently posted on her website.

Spiritual Equipping is a training session that incorporates faith and spirituality into techniques designed to change lives. Whether you are worried about finances, feel like your life is going nowhere, or concerned about future generations, you will benefit from attending. Dani will reveal how to make the desired changes without a large investment of time, effort, or money.

To get a glimpse of Spiritual Equipping in action, tune into Dani’s live radio broadcasts on Wednesday nights at 8 PM Eastern Time/7 PM Central Time. Even people who do not consider themselves spiritual have taken away valuable information from these broadcasts. There is no charge to listen so this is the perfect opportunity to determine whether the in-person event is suitable for you.

The most recent Spiritual Equipping broadcast is posted on the Dani Johnson website. It is part four of a series focused on financial success. Dani has been going through her step-by-step plan that shows people exactly where they stand financially and what they should do to improve their financial lifestyles. The information is presented as simple checklist that identifies what is preventing someone from making more money and how the situation can be corrected.

You will probably be hooked after hearing this broadcast. Register as an Insider to hear parts one through three and then plan to listen tonight, October 24, at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central to hear part five. The way Dani weaves Biblical principles into methods for achieving financial success is amazing. Begin getting spiritually equipped right now and plan to attend the free event in California!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Are Your Business Efforts Supporting Your Corporate Goals?

Entrepreneurs place high value on productivity and performance. Working twelve hours a day is pointless if business results do not reflect this effort. Goal setting is an important part of business strategy but it is only half of the story. Business owners should ensure that their efforts align with the corporate goals they have established. A hectic daily pace makes it easy for entrepreneurs to spend time on things that do not support corporate objectives.

Business owners should stop and think about whether their time is being used effectively. Creating a written account of how each day is spent reveals whether daily activities match business goals. Entrepreneurs who spend their time putting out figurative fires and doing the jobs of others are not helping their companies achieve greatness. Work that contributes to achieving corporate goals should be high on the daily to-do list. This list can be divided into short, medium, and long-range timeframes.

Goals should be ranked based on the planned direction for the business and skills of the entrepreneur. Those that correspond with the strengths of the business owner should be ranked higher than those that do not. Large goals can be broken into smaller chunks in order to track progress. The task list for each day or week should include several action steps for each large goal. By creating smaller targets for each objective, entrepreneurs can assess the progress they make toward goal achievement. 

Entrepreneurs should review the top three organizational objectives and determine metrics for evaluating performance in these areas. They should also think about what changes could help them accomplish these major goals. In some cases, it may involve hiring additional talent or spending more time communicating with customers. The sooner these changes are made, the better.

Action steps for goals can generally be categorized as those that enable goal achievement and those that are part of daily operations. These steps should be ranked from low to high. By quickly addressing many of the low-priority tasks, entrepreneurs free themselves to focus on the higher-priority action steps that contribute to goal achievement. For example, if developing a new product is a goal for the upcoming year, increasing production staff will prepare the business to handle the task and give the entrepreneur time to focus on the creative aspects of product development.

After action steps and goals have been listed and ranked, entrepreneurs should review their daily schedules to determine whether these align with goals.  Identifying the three major activities that consume most of the entrepreneur’s time may reveal the answer. Realizing that the majority of time is spent on low-priority action steps and goals can be a shock for entrepreneurs who previously considered themselves productive.

The most effective way to create a successful business and earn a six figure income is to align work efforts with corporate targets and goals. Entrepreneurs who spend more than half of each day working on low-priority activities should make an immediate change. Addressing important goals on a regular basis keeps the company progressing toward greatness.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Is The Real Story Behind Dani Johnson?

You may have seen her on Secret Millionaire on ABC television or read about her in the Chicago Sun Times but who is Dani Johnson, other than an entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars helping others? Dani’s story is a complex and very emotional one. Through hard work and persistence, she turned her life around from going nowhere to headed straight for success. This is simplifying things quite a bit so let’s start at the beginning.

Dani was raised in a home that was infested with drugs. Her parents were abusive in every way imaginable, creating a very uncomfortable home life for young Dani and her siblings. At 17, Dani became pregnant and by the time she was 21, she was a homeless single mother. We have all heard similar stories but what we do not often hear is what happened next.

Dani started a business from the trunk of her car, selling weight loss products over the telephone. Her persuasive skills landed some customers and she realized that by helping others, she was helping herself. As the business put some money in her pocket, she began dreaming of bigger ways to help others. Over the next 20 years, she worked long and hard to create the success she had always wanted, establishing businesses based on the idea of helping people.

Dani and her husband Hans currently run seven businesses including her own brand, which includes the popular seminars “Creating a Dynasty” and “First Steps to Success.” These events are designed to help average people realize their potential and are often referred to as life-changing. Dani shares her business profits with multiple charities including Kings Ransom Foundation, which passes along every dollar of donations to help people in desperate situations.

This self-made mogul appeared on the first episode of Secret Millionaire in 2011 and quickly became a viewer favorite. Just eight hours after her episode aired, Dani’s website became a number one Google search. Media appearances on The View, Good Morning America, and Oprah followed. Dani was soon a household name throughout America. Her website continues to capture a huge number of hits and her syndicated radio talk show, The Dani Johnson Show, and Spiritual Equipping radio broadcast are extremely popular.

Frequently categorized as a success coach, Dani refers to herself as an “ambassador for hope, truth, and opportunity.” Her energy and passion are enough to get anyone up off the couch and her fiery nature will not let excuses go unaddressed. Through books, workshops, and training programs, she mobilizes people to make big changes to achieve their goals. She practices what she preaches, setting the lofty goal of giving away one million dollars each month.

Dani and her support team want to help all people improve their relationships, achieve career success, and expertly manage their finances. She possesses the characteristics necessary to empower each one of us and equip us to make the transformational changes necessary to permanently change our lives. The changes, Dani says, are simple. It is the results that are dramatic.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Most Lucrative Home Business Ideas

Are you tired of traveling to the worksite each day? Do you enjoy working but want to change your environment? Whether old or young, creative or technical, you may find yourself wanting to work at home. A home business offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be found in an office environment. “Latent” entrepreneurs are making the leap into the home business world and loving it. But, what are the best home based opportunities for people who need to put food on the table?

Though there may be some tradeoffs to working from home, pay should not be one of them. The home based work sector is currently following the trends of the traditional workforce, making health care jobs top draws. Home-based radiologists and physicians are in demand and companies pay six figures for their services. Telehealth support workers such as medical transcriptionists are earning $30,000 to $50,000 annually and home-based registered nurses provide telephone support in exchange for a salary of nearly $55,000 per year.

Information technology jobs have long been suitable for people interested in working at home. IT companies keep overhead low and expand their talent network by hiring computer software engineers who work at home, paying them a median of $85,000 a year. Systems administrators, computer programmers, and computer scientists each earn approximately $63,000 annually.

Creative folk like graphic designers, public relations specialists, and writers can find their bliss and a decent paycheck working at home. Some colleges and universities have begun offering online educational programs, increasing the demand for adjunct professors who work at home. If these educators make a full-time job of it, they can earn six figures. Though the financial and legal sectors have been slower to embrace home-based work, limited positions in financial management are available, commanding a median annual salary of approximately $64,000.

Tax season is just around the corner and if you enjoy crunching numbers, why not do it for a living? Many tax preparation companies are looking for tax preparers to work from their homes. They offer a median salary of about $55,000 per year, not bad for doing something that each of us must do anyway. Tax preparers may even be able to land work with a major company that offers long-term job security.

The best home based business is in the eye of the beholder. Find something that you enjoy doing and search for a company that will pay you to do it from home. Research reveals that people who work from home are willing to reduce their previous salary by as much as 30 percent. With lucrative jobs available in diverse sectors, you may not need to. Employers pay handsomely for the increase in productivity that home-based workers provide.

Fall and winter are the seasons to take stock and make major life decisions in preparation for the new year. Evaluate your career and determine whether home-based work might be for you. Explore the many home-based job opportunities and you just might find one that opens the door to a new world. Financial freedom and workplace flexibility are waiting!