Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Becoming a Successful New Entrepreneur

These days, more and more young people are deciding to get into business for themselves rather than taking the familiar path of their parents and grandparents. Becoming a new entrepreneur is a challenge but it can certainly lead to great rewards if it is done properly. There are a few things every young person should keep in mind before they set out to become the next big thing.

No matter how smart or charismatic someone is, they need to provide a product or service that people are interested in. New entrepreneurs should think about their personal passions and how they think that they can best contribute to the community. Look for a common need and figure out the best way to meet it. If someone sets out into the business world with a sub par product, they have no chance of being anything but a flash in the pan.

One of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is thinking that they already know the best way to do things. The most successful people are those who have mentors leading the way and helping them find their place in the market. Find a mentor who has been successful in a similar industry and see if they would be willing to lend their expertise to someone who is just starting out. They may be able to offer valuable advice and help a newcomer in avoiding some of the mistakes that they made in the beginning.

It is also a good idea to network within the industry. This means attending trade shows and conferences to make connections with people who may want to do business together down the road. Forming positive relationships is important for success, regardless of what line of work someone wants to go into. These people can also provide valuable information that can be helpful on the road to success for a new business venture.

These days, the best way for a new business to make itself known is to take full advantage of social media. This is especially beneficial because most popular social media sights are available to business owners free of charge. A startup company can reach a wide audience without having to spend a great deal of money on promotion.

The most important thing that a new entrepreneur can do is to have fun with their work. Someone who takes themselves too seriously will run the risk of looking like a joke to other people in the industry as well as to potential clients. When it comes to social media posts and advertising, as well as presentations, keep things upbeat but professional. Someone who enjoys their work will have no problem getting other people excited about it as well.

Becoming a new entrepreneur can be scary because the business world is uncertain, but it can also be very exciting. When starting a new business, it is important to have strong mentors and connections who can help lead the way. Be sure to establish a strong social media presence and to keep a lighthearted tone that will make others want to jump onboard as well.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Improve Your Listening Skills To Achieve Success

Can you remember the last time you listened to someone else? We are not referring to the typical listening that each of us does, which is merely waiting to jump in with the next thought or preoccupying our minds until we can end the conversation. We mean really, truly listening: absorbing what another person is saying so you can receive the true and complete message. Admit it, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Real listening should not be the exception, it should be the rule.

Many people love to talk because it lets them convey their thoughts and feelings. But, talk that falls on deaf ears is not very satisfying. We want the other person to listen attentively without judgment or any motivation to do so. This establishes trust and does great things for self-confidence. It helps us to be more effective on a personal level. It can also help us be more successful in our careers.

Listening may seem simple but many people do not do it correctly. They only listen to a portion of what a speaker is saying, picking out the information that resonates on a personal level. The rest of the details are either not received or are filed into a virtual trash receptacle. This may alter or completely transform the message intended by the speaker, creating less than satisfactory results.

Employers often complain that their employees do not follow basic instructions. This may happen because the employees are not listening. By opening their ears, these employees could avoid having to redo their work and could increase the likelihood of personal recognition such as promotions. Real listening saves time, money, and effort while reducing frustration and stress. Begin practicing it today to experience immediate improvement in the work environment.

Being a good listener is a key to success. It begins with making eye contact, which is a sign of respect. Good listening often requires committing information to memory so if your brain is at maximum capacity, take written notes. These will help to refresh your memory and serve as a record of the conversation. After the other person makes a point, rephrase what was said in order to verify understanding and obtain clarification.

Incorporating these practices into daily workplace interactions can have an immediate effect. People will begin seeking you out for conversations and will value your input because it reflects attentive listening. Others will begin to take notice of your increased involvement in workplace teams and may follow suit by asking for assistance with high-level projects.

Business leaders often go out of their way to promote workers who have valuable skills. Listening may be the difference between a six figure income and a seat in a cubicle until retirement. There is always enough time to listen so stop making excuses. Perfect your listening skills to begin reaping the rewards that these bring. Encourage others to become good listeners and fill your team with these valuable individuals when you become a leader within the organization.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dani Johnson Interviewed On Drenda Show

Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire star and personal lifestyle expert, stopped by the Drenda Show hosted by Drenda Keesee to share her personal story, discuss the importance of faith, and pass along some tips for a balanced life. The Drenda show airs on the UA Network, one of the outlets that airs The Dani Johnson TV Show every Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00 PM Central Time.

On her show, Drenda deals with difficult issues faced by the modern woman. Celebrity guests stop by to chat about their lives and provide inspiration, humor, and advice. Popular topics include health, fitness, faith, love, fashion, motherhood, and relationships. There is something for women of all ages, making this show very popular. Men may not admit it but they often watch alongside their wives in an attempt to learn more about the opposite sex.

Drenda has been married for 27 years and is a mother to five children. She is devoted to ministry and for more than 18 years, she has been speaking at churches, conferences, seminars, and through radio and television. She and her husband founded the Faith Life Now ministry that is devoted to disseminating a message of freedom regarding family, marriage, faith, and finances. Drenda is also an author, sharing her personal experiences and providing women with tips for joyful living through She Gets It: 11 Lies that Hold Women Hostage.

Drenda and Dani have some things in common. Like Dani, Drenda struggled with feelings of inadequacy that led her to the verge of suicide. Both women had an inner drive that helped them overcome this situation to achieve personal success. While Dani found herself in a marriage that ended up fraudulent, Drenda shunned the thought of marriage and children. After periods of internal and external struggle, both women found themselves in healthy, fulfilling relationships that only seem to get better with time.

Life has not been easy for these two women but struggling to make ends meet has taught them what is truly valuable in life. Both now devote their lives to helping other people avoid these struggles through practical advice and tips that everyone can incorporate into their lives. Drenda and Dani credit their faith with getting them through the most difficult times and helping them achieve spiritual fulfillment and financial success.

Many of you already know Dani’s story but for those who do not, it is a remarkable one. Raised in an abusive, drug-filled household, pregnant in her teens, and homeless by 20, Dani once lived in her car and sold a diet product from a pay phone and her vehicle trunk. Just two years later, she was a millionaire and she has since increased her level of success.

Dani has taught thousands of other people how to become millionaires, improve their relationships, and enrich their faith. If you watched her on the Drenda show, you know that her mission continues. If you did not see her, catch up at an upcoming live workshop or purchase one of her books or training programs designed to change your life.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Avoid Becoming a Holiday Marketing Victim

holiday marketing, dani johnson
We are entering dangerous times. Yes, you read that correctly…dangerous. What do we mean by that? Well, the holiday season is upon us and that means a flurry of advertisements designed to get us to part with our hard-earned money. Discounts, specials, and pre-holiday sales are arriving in our real and virtual mailboxes every day. Not only are these time-consuming to sift through, they are tempting. They are also pressure tactics so we should be wary.

Many people are saddled with debt, which does not take a holiday. Despite this, they spend their money on so-called discounted purchases during the holidays rather than saving the money or using it to pay down debt balances. Half-off sales are difficult for even the most frugal consumers to resist. Though the discount is notable, the mere act of marking down prices by 50 percent causes many people to spend money when they normally would not.

Think about it: an online or brick-and-mortar retailer sends you a coupon for 50 percent off. What do you do? Fire up the computer or jump into the car and zip over to make some purchases. Were these items that you actually needed or did you just buy anything simply to take advantage of the discount? In many cases, consumers buy much more than they normally would and few of the items are necessary. Even loyalty rewards programs can be tricky that way.

Holiday sales seem like ways to save money on holiday shopping. Delve deeper to determine whether material items are really necessary. The holidays are about friends and family, not money. Why not spend quality time with the people who mean the most rather than overextending the budget to give them things they may not need? Put natural talents like cooking, sewing, or construction to work, helping others who do not have these special skills. Make each “gift” a personalized one that enhances the life of the recipient.

Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire star and personal financial guru, is just one of the experts who kicks efforts into high gear during the holiday season. Dani has seen thousands of people struggle with money, many of them victims of holiday overspending. She helps people avoid the temptation and continue saving no matter how steep the holiday discounts become.

Helping consumers get back on track financially is the best gift Dani can give. Through her books, training programs, weekly radio broadcasts, and in-person workshops, she helps people become better at saving money and increasing their incomes. These are skills she has mastered and wants to share with the world.

It is so easy to fall into a mentality of consumerism. Do not succumb to this trap. Make conscious effort to keep money in the wallet or use it to repay debts. Focus on thoughts and feelings, not store-bought gifts, this holiday season. Think about what means the most to you and request that of others, helping them to save money as well. Rebel against retail and get back to the real reason for this season.

*Photo Courtesy of Christina Rutz via Creative CommonsLicense

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Conducting a Personal Value Assessment

The most successful businesses find out what their customers value and align products or services with this. Each of us should take the same approach with our lives. Giving thanks is a major priority this month and what we are thankful for stems from what we value. Think deeper than the first thing that comes to mind such as money or a nice home. Consider things that do not come with a price tag. Family, friends, and faith may be included in this list but what about bigger things like freedom and integrity?

Real value is priceless and certain things are commonly-held values. We may take our freedom for granted but without it, our lives would be much different. Think about this when determining what holds most value in your life. These are things that nothing and no one can take away. Skills, knowledge, a sense of ethics, and our spirit cannot be wiped away by a career or personal setback.

Money is nice and it can help people get and accomplish many things. But, it can be gone in an instant due to poor financial management, an accident, or other unexpected event. Many people have no money when they embark on their careers. What they do have is knowledge, some skills, and a drive to succeed. This is what helps them rise to the top and create six figure income from nothing. This is what they fall back on during a setback.

We should appreciate what is truly valuable in our lives and strive to create additional value for others and ourselves. Many people are less fortunate and can benefit from our assistance. As we ascend to success, we can take them with us. Allowing others to share in the joys along the way creates a bond that is difficult to break. These folks will also be there when things do not go as planned, helping us through difficult times.

Dani Johnson is one lifestyle expert who believes in constantly adding value. Her work involves helping others overcome difficulties and change their mindsets. She developed an entire training program around this initiative. Called Conditioning for Success, it helps us shake off beliefs that limit our potential and makes us willing to take risks and face challenges that once were intimidating.

Conditioning for Success helps us understand that we all deserve to be successful. We learn to believe that we can succeed and after achieving success, we can build upon it and share it with those within our networks. In the process, we can eliminate risk of losing what we work to create, allowing us to sustain this success for a lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of burdening thoughts and build upon what you truly value? You can and all it takes is some training from an expert. Success involves building upon what you have and acquiring new skills to make this even better. After conducting your personal value assessment, learn more about Dani’s Conditioning for Success program by visiting her website.