Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Conducting a Personal Value Assessment

The most successful businesses find out what their customers value and align products or services with this. Each of us should take the same approach with our lives. Giving thanks is a major priority this month and what we are thankful for stems from what we value. Think deeper than the first thing that comes to mind such as money or a nice home. Consider things that do not come with a price tag. Family, friends, and faith may be included in this list but what about bigger things like freedom and integrity?

Real value is priceless and certain things are commonly-held values. We may take our freedom for granted but without it, our lives would be much different. Think about this when determining what holds most value in your life. These are things that nothing and no one can take away. Skills, knowledge, a sense of ethics, and our spirit cannot be wiped away by a career or personal setback.

Money is nice and it can help people get and accomplish many things. But, it can be gone in an instant due to poor financial management, an accident, or other unexpected event. Many people have no money when they embark on their careers. What they do have is knowledge, some skills, and a drive to succeed. This is what helps them rise to the top and create six figure income from nothing. This is what they fall back on during a setback.

We should appreciate what is truly valuable in our lives and strive to create additional value for others and ourselves. Many people are less fortunate and can benefit from our assistance. As we ascend to success, we can take them with us. Allowing others to share in the joys along the way creates a bond that is difficult to break. These folks will also be there when things do not go as planned, helping us through difficult times.

Dani Johnson is one lifestyle expert who believes in constantly adding value. Her work involves helping others overcome difficulties and change their mindsets. She developed an entire training program around this initiative. Called Conditioning for Success, it helps us shake off beliefs that limit our potential and makes us willing to take risks and face challenges that once were intimidating.

Conditioning for Success helps us understand that we all deserve to be successful. We learn to believe that we can succeed and after achieving success, we can build upon it and share it with those within our networks. In the process, we can eliminate risk of losing what we work to create, allowing us to sustain this success for a lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of burdening thoughts and build upon what you truly value? You can and all it takes is some training from an expert. Success involves building upon what you have and acquiring new skills to make this even better. After conducting your personal value assessment, learn more about Dani’s Conditioning for Success program by visiting her website.

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