Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Business Lesson and a Life Lesson,

Are you keeping everything focused and balanced in your life? What is the one key to create more results for you? Renae Heikkila, Shared this with me. Very very powerful message that will definitely help you get to six figures a year. Bottom line keep your eye on the ball.

If that video touched you and you believe in that type of focus, then you are qualified to work with us.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Million Dollar Lesson

A Million Dollar Lesson
by Petey Parker

A cab driver taught me a million dollar lesson in customer satisfaction and expectation. Motivational speakers charge thousands of dollars to impart his kind of training to corporate executives and staff. It cost me a $12 taxi ride.

I had flown into Dallas for the sole purpose of calling on a client. Time was of the essence and my plan included a quick turnaround trip from and back to the airport. A spotless cab pulled up. The driver rushed to open the passenger door for me and made sure I was comfortably seated before he closed the door. As he got in the driver's seat, he mentioned that the neatly folded Wall Street Journal next to me was for my use. He then showed me several tapes and asked me what type of music I would enjoy. Well! I looked around for a "Candid Camera!" Wouldn't you? I could not believe the service I was receiving! I took the opportunity to say, "Obviously you take great pride in your work. You must have a story to tell."

"You bet," he replied, "I used to be in Corporate America. But I got tired of thinking my best would never be good enough. I decided to find my niche in life where I could feel proud of being the best I could be. I knew I would never be a rocket scientist, but I love driving cars, being of service and feeling like I have done a full day's work and done it well. I evaluate my personal assets and... wham! I became a cab driver. One thing I know for sure, to be good in my business I could simply just meet the expectations of my passengers. But, to be GREAT in my business, I have to EXCEED the customer's expectations! I like both the sound and the return of being 'great' better than just getting by on 'average'"

Did I tip him big time? You bet! Corporate America's loss is the travelling folk's friend!

Good or to be Great.... Our Choice,
Stacy O'Quinn

Success, Do you have the Desire?

It amazes me how people always want more, dream bigger, and but lack the desire for the effort it takes to take the first step. I recently did a small case study. I placed some forms on line about working from home and witnessed the responses people gave.

The forms where about businesses working from home. Two questions where on the form. How much money do you want to make monthly? How much money are you willing to invest? Both options where from 1,000 dollars up to 10,000 for each question. Over half of the 200 correspondents answered they wanted to make 10,000 dollars a month and spend less then 1,000 dollars to do it?

Call me baffled or dumb founded? Who expects to make 10,000 a month and spend so little? Is it possible, sure. But on the other hand if you had a proven track to run on that others have proven over and over again. Why the heck would you not spend what it took to make 10,000 a month?

Here are some examples of a proven track record, regarding Dani Johnson's training.

"Since tapping into Dani Johnson, my business has soared. In the last 4 months I’ve paid off over $10,000 in debt. I also teach college and I’ve taken some of the information I’ve learned from Dani and used it with my college students. I learned how to talk to different personalities,how to answer questions, and how to motivate them to be successful. It’s not just for business people – It’s for your life!"~ Pam Root

"Prior to First Steps to Success for the first time I had achieved a 6 figure income but I was absolutely miserable. I had no time or freedom, I didn’t see my children and was losing control of my life which was the opposite of what I was trying to do. After coming to First Steps, I’ve learned so many skills to gain manageability of my own life and business and it’s improved my marriage. I went from a 6 figure income to a multiple 6 figure income – paid off over $100,000 worth of debt. My life absolutely does not look the same. I would recommend anybody who really wants to take their business to the next level, who are really serious about taking this all the way, you have to get to First Steps and you definitely have to get to Creating A Dynasty. I haven’t seen one person who hasn’t been phenomenally affected by the training, equipping, and the personal growth that occurs in one weekend."~ Renae Heikkila

"Prior to getting in business for myself and getting started with Dani Johnson, I was $116,000 in debt, I was working 50-60 hours a week, our household income was $25,000/year and I was the sole income provider for our family. I got started in business, didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have the training I needed to succeed and I had made no money. When I came to my very first First Steps To Success, I made $13,000 my very first month, and so far this year, I quite my full-time job, my business is my full-time job, and I’ve actually made a little over $135,000 in less tan a year!" ~ Stacy O’Quinn

"Prior to First Steps, I was originally filing for a divorce, and I was working major amount of hours in a previous business making a minimum amount of money. Since plugging into Dani my marriage was saved, something I did not expect to happen. My business has exploded. I increased my income in the first month by double and cut my hours in half. Not only did I explode my business coming out of there, but my company named my Rising Star of the Year and I was the 2nd top recruiter in the entire company. Dani, I love you, thank you so much!"~ Susan Arriens

"I was in a full commission job. I woke up every month with a big fat 0, working 60-80 hours a week, just totally burnt out, hated my job, hated getting out of bed. Applying Dani Johnson’s principals, her skills sets, the things that she teaches, we were able to make a $241,000 income in less than a year. I would highly recommend anybody, if you wanna be a success, you can apply the principals that she teaches to anything you do to become a success at it. If you are thinking about coming to First Steps to Success you can’t afford NOT to come. The life changing skills and principals that she teaches will absolutely change your life."~ Kelly Parker

If you want to have similar results and you want to join us at an event soon. Then complete the following form NOW!

We wish you the best!
Stacy O'Quinn

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I recommend Dani Johnson to everyone I know!

It is simple. If you are looking to increase your income, or have more time at home with your family or just do more of what you love.... Then plug in to Dani's Johnson's training not matter what. In "Decide Freedom International" we recommend her training exclusively. Below you will see some of the results from Dani's training.

"When I first started in business I had a lot of desire and I really wanted to be successful and I stayed at a plateau. I couldn't get over the plateau that I was stuck on so I came to Dani and its only been 6 months but within the first 45 days I was able to make $42,000 more than I would have."~ Stephanie Johnson

"Prior to getting started in business I was actively raising my 11 children. Working about 10 hours a week I have been able to make $60,000 keeping my priorities as a mom." ~ Monica Tubbs
“Before I met Dani I had spent a small fortune on courses, and a host of different motivational speakers with little or nothing to show for it. I got started with Dani’s system and my income increased by $26,000 within twelve months. In addition to that Dani also gave me a strategy to get rid of $24,000 in debt that very same year. No fluff, no hype, just solid proven strategy that anyone can apply.”~ Simeon Cryer

"Prior to getting started in business I was a 19 year old full time college student working part time as a waitress making $8000/year and just getting deeper and deeper into debt. I possessed absolutely no skills as to how to run a professional business, so I got plugged into Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success seminars right away. Using the skills that Dani has taught me, I was able to make $9,000 in one week! If you’re thinking about coming, you need to book our ticket now, today. Don’t think about it, you can’t afford to miss it."~ Kari Sakrin

"My first First Steps To Success I went to, I went in not having any idea what was gonna happen. Came out of there, made $30,000 the month after. This is my fifth seminar so far, and every time I am blown away. No amount of money can replace the internal changes that happens." ~ Geneva Compton

"Prior to getting started with Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success, I was overcomplicating my business for two years with absolutely no results. I plugged into Dani and within the first year was making a 6-figure income. In 4 months from the last 3 Day Advanced Training, Creating A Dynasty, I made $50,000. I do not even recognize my life right now as it was a year ago. It’s blown my mind the things I’ve been able to accomplish."~Jodi Stott

I have to say that when I attended the Boston, First Steps to Success Seminar, I went from having three people in my downline in three months to having about (33) in 1 and a half months. Thank you so much!!!!~Dianne Maydak

"Prior to coming to Dani, I was broke, homeless, living on somebody's couch with a $500/week drug habit. Within the first year of plugging into Dani I completely turned my life around. I went from a 9th grade education to making over a 6-figure income. I went from not getting any results in my business to now having an 80% closing ratio. I didn't think I would ever be successful in my life from being homeless with a drug addiction to making over $100,000. I don't know what your decision is, but I know what mine was and it worked for me." ~ Shane Wiltse
"Prior to my first First Steps to Success I was an angry, stressed out mom. Although I was successful in my business, I wanted to walk away from it because it was not worth it. I have increased my income 54% since plugging into Dani's training and I am for the first time ever a 6-figure income earner. If you want to enjoy freedom in every area of your life, physical, personal, and financial, you will get yourself to the next live event. Do you want to achieve your dreams? If so, register right now."~ Shari Snyder

"I was married, raising four children and my family was seriously affected by an 11 year struggle with leukemia with my young son, Wade. It forced us into bankruptcy, and then I lost Wade, I lost my job, I lost my life, totally out of control. I encountered Dani Johnson and started taking advantage of her advanced training and things changed. Within 45 days of coming out of First Steps to Success, I made $23,610 and was literally on my way to a 6-figure income. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to follow some steps and get it going. Get here and experience it and you’ll be on your way to a big change in your life."~ Alan Botteon

"I was in the military, proud to serve my country, not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more. First Steps To Success had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 working part time probably 15 hours a week in 6 months. Every single time I come to Dani Johnson, the week after I get back from her I’ve made at least $4,000."~ Stephen Smith

"A year ago our income was $1800/month and $1600 of that was going out to child support, so we had no money. We ended up homeless living with friends and relatives but we kept coming back and invested in the tools. Our income about a year and a half later is over $18,000/month, so get here, keep coming back, you will not regret it."~ Tyler Adkins

"I was working as a registered nurse full-time, had only made a little bit of money in my business. Came out of my very first First Steps To Success, ended up making over $10,000 that very first 30 days outside of First Steps. I put my head down, got to work in my business. A year later, I’ve been able to leave my job as a nurse, I work full time from home now, averaging about 20 hours a week. I’m already over $100,000 and it just keeps getting better and better and I’m here to stay."~ Jackie O’Quinn

If you want to have similar results and you want to join us at an event soon. Then complete the following form NOW!

We wish you the best!
Stacy O'Quinn

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Wise Woman!

Author Unknown--

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation.

The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime.

But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. "I've been thinking," he said. "I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone."

Sometimes it's not the wealth you have but what's inside you that others need.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, November 19, 2007

Many are "Called" few are "Chosen"

You may have heard this phrase before. The first time I ever heard it, it was at a Dani Johnson's First Steps to Success event. She was sharing this probably on a Saturday night when she goes into some of her spiritual equipping sessions, which totally ROCK!

Think about it for one second. What does it really mean. "Many are called few are Chosen". I've heard this phrase several times now and it currently rings one thing very vividly into my mind. What does it mean few are chosen? This is a new realization that hit me personally very deep and it impacts all areas of life, family or business.

God calls many, but few are listening!

Are you listening?

Have a Blessed Day!
Stacy O'Quinn

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Technorati Rush, from

Do your part! I got this from So do your part! What do you have to lose other then generated traffic?

The idea, is to generate links, both for your site and others. Copy and paste the list (select “View Source” to effectively copy the links), add a few of your favorite sites, hit “publish,” and sit back and enjoy the Technorati rush.

So, if you’re on the list, why not do the same? Pick a site that sounds good, read an article, and if you like a particular post or blog, give it a Stumble, a Digg, or even just a comment.

And don’t be a jerk and ask for anything in return.


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Jackie O'Quinn

Renae Heikkila

Bottom line! What goes around comes around. Sorta like reaping and sowing :) Making money from home definately follows that biblical principal.

Rock On!

Stacy O'Quinn

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

As we make this much money.... Prepare for Retirement!

By Arindam Chattopadhyaya

As per, half of future retirees have saved less than $60,000, which may not be enough to last for years of your retired life. If you are interested to work in retired life, you need to do financial planning for retirement.

What are the 7 steps you need to follow?

1. Consult a financial planner and tax consultant. Maintain your monthly asset and liability. Plan to reduce expense with proper tax planning. I would suggest not taking any free consultancy. Ignorance is your worst enemy for investment. Spend money to educate yourself to invest wisely and smartly.

2. You need to know how much you'll need to retire and start investment as early as possible. Time is the best advantage for wealth creation.

3. Ignorance is your worst enemy for investment. Spend money to educate yourself to invest wisely and smartly.

4. You might be contributing to pension fund like 401K throughout your life. Before retirement, try to take the entire invested fund and invest the same with maximum return. You need to consult wealth planner to execute the same.

5. Check your current debts and plan to move to low interest debt. While doing this, you need to consider your requirement for car, car maintenance, property tax etc. If you have a plan to travel, make a budget for that.

6. Check your insurance requirements. You might not require all those insurance. You should have proper medical insurance only.

7. Your retirement may last for 20 to 40 years so make the best of it. So, you should learn about new investment opportunities, plan to start a small business, which is most tax efficient. Always enjoy your retirement.

It's your life so ask questions to your financial advisers, speak with a retirement planning specialist, visit retirement planning websites. Get the help you need for the last season of your life. It is your time - form a personal financial plan, follow it and tune it for further improvement. If you are below 27, allocate 10% of your fund in high risk high return type of investment like day trading. Author of this article is financial planner for high net worth individual. You can read his blog on stock market investment.

Let's Roll,
Stacy O'Quinn

Repair your credit in 3 months

Jackie O'Quinn who is an amazing member and leader of the 6 Figure Income Club wrote this article and I share it with you here.

Have you been turned down for a home or car loan? Are you frustrated and confused by the information you have found online? Do you want to know how to repair your credit report quickly and easily?

The first thing that I will tell you about repairing your credit is do not pay some agency that promises to repair your credit report and all you have to do is send them $199 or some such sum of money. These agencies are one of the most common scams on the net. You can repair your own credit and it can be done in under 3 months. You can do this without paying some high priced credit repair agency.

Repairing your credit report is easy, it's just a matter of going through the process and taking the most appropriate steps. When repairing your credit you will first have to request copies of your credit report of any of the 3 major credit reporting agencies.

Then you will have to write individual letters to each credit reporting agency disputing any inaccuracies in your credit. You will have to also write letters to each company or entity that you have a disputed claim with. Many credit repair specialist even encourage you to write letters to every company or entity that are responsible for any negative marks on your credit.

The rationale for this is that all of those companies that may have reported negative things to credit reporting agencies have to provide proof to you if you ask for it. If they can not provide proof to you then they by law have to drop their remarks on you credit report, this will improve your credit report.

A good credit repair specialist can give you very specific advice on what steps to take. This process can be done in under 3 months. Also when repairing your credit report, credit repair specialist can even give you exact templates to use when sending letters to dispute claims on your credit.

Contact a good credit repair specialist and start repairing your credit report today. Three months from now you will be well on your way to buying that car or buying that home. Most importantly you will have a repaired credit report.

Jackie O'Quinn, is an entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching people to make more money, save more money, and to get out of debt. Do you want to learn more about making money and manage the money you have? Visit Jackie's blog at and sign up for free weekly easy money tips delivered to your email. Just enter your name and email to the pop up on his blog.

Stacy O'Quinn

News Release, 6 Figure Income Club Announced!

Stacy O'Quinn being a struggling Military dad and husband felt like he had to find a better way. Stacy soon learned about Dani Johnson's training and First Steps to Success plus support provided by Decide Freedom International. Decide Freedom's support and Dani Johnson's training made it possible so a military dad with zero home business experience could succeed. Pay off 58,000 dollars in debt became a 6 Figure Income Earner and launched the "6 Figure Income Club" at

Plaquemine, LA (PRWEB) November 15, 2007 -- Have you ever searched for a way to improve your financial situation just so you didn't have to worry any longer about the bills month to month? Does it bother you at Christmas when you can't give your kids all they deserve? What if you made a decision to become your own boss and work on your own schedule?

Stacy, finally found the way to improve his financial situation, spend more time with family and actually get out of debt in July of 2005. "My brother Jackie OQuinn called me and had told me he was walking away from his job as a registered nurse because of some success he was having in his home business". "The OQuinn household was quite skeptical" Stacy laughed. In a heated conversation due to Stacy's fear of seeing his twin brother Jackie fail at another MLM, Pyramid scheme, Network marketing or home business he actually told Jackie he was an "idiot" and a "moron" to believe any of those businesses worked. That is when Jackie confided he was making 2,000 dollars a month.

"I was ready to listen then" Stacy admitted. Decide Freedom International sometimes called DFI for short was Jackie's answer. DFI provided 16 support calls for new members, 3 marketing websites to present the information to your clients, partnered with two advertising agencies that provide an endless stream of clients and aligned themselves with Dani Johnson's training to encourage going to First Steps to Success for all new Directors. Stacy recalled, "When I found that type of support and training I knew that anyone could do this even if you had zero experience like me"

Stacy joined DFI July 27th 2005 came out of First Steps in September and during the next thirty days in his new career with Decide Freedom International he made 13,000 dollars working part time. "I was shocked, excited and hated my boss that much more." Stacy said. After his first year working from home most of it while still in the military he was able to make 104,000 dollars. January of 2006 it was official the O'Quinn family's sole income was generated from home. Stacy has made almost 250,000 dollars and now created the "6 Figure Income Club" at to show others how he succeeded and to learn from others on how to get to the next step.

The 6 Figure Income Club, has been launched to create an environment of shared experiences. It is a community of Mom's and Dad's who want their life back with their children. It is a meeting place for husbands and wives who want to have the time to fall in love again or anyone who wants to no longer struggle over finances.

Stacy and Dawn are no longer stressed out or worried about paying the next bill. They are both stay at home parents. Dawn smiled and said, "Stacy does the business and I do the kids." Life is definitely improved now! Stacy spends about 25 hours a week working his business with Decide Freedom International "DFI". What made it possible for Stacy and his family? Dani Johnson had the training and DFI had the support system and nothing had to be figured out on his end except the desire and Lord knows 116,000 dollars in debt he had that already!"

When asked after he's accomplished so much, does he have any more personal goals Stacy as usual smiles and says, "You can never stop learning. I will always be learning! I want to do what ever I can to be a great Dad and the best possible Husband!" To see what Stacy has learned so far got to

Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nice Overview of Coastal Vacations

I found this write up of Coastal Vacations done by Matt and Catherine Willis, fellow Coastal Directors. Good basic jist of the membership packages.

Coastal Vacations is an association of business owners that market travel packages at wholesale prices and sell them for retail or a business opportunity. There are three different Coastal Vacations travel packages ranging anywhere from $1295 to $11,000. Of course, the higher the price, the more the travel benefits.

The Coastal Vacations packages generally promise an up to 75% on its vacations and cruises compared to regular retail prices if bought directly from a travel agency or the hotel or cruise line.

Coastal Vacations includes in its travel packages over 22 membership cards with discounts in hotels, cruises, golfing, RVing, camping, dining, condo stays, gas, groceries, car rental, and more. Pretty much all things travel and entertainment are covered in the Coastal Vacations package.

Hotels like the Wyndham and cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean as well as Celebrity Cruises have partnered with vendors included in the Coastal Vacations packages to offer the Coastal Vacations travel members free hotel stays and cruises where only taxes and fees are required by the traveler.

The Coastal Vacations travel packages includes many vacations, and all of them are transferable, so they can be given as gifts, at fundraisers, as business incentives, and to anyone you want, but they cannot be sold individually.

The Coastal Vacations members are never required to attend a timeshare presentation or any other travel plan out there. Coastal Vacations has managed to put together a pretty thorough quality package for a very affordable price.

The Coastal Vacation, despite what is being said out there, in my opinion are not pricey at all. This is because the average American family of 4 spends at least $2800 every single year on vacation. That means that in a 10-year period, the average American family spends $28000 on vacation, and the highest priced Coastal Vacations package costs only $11,000 and includes a lifetime of unlimited all-inclusive hotel stays and cruises, and that means it is for life.

So, in my general opinion, Coastal Vacations offers both the travel and the smart business entrepreneur great opportunities to both make money and really travel for pennies on the dollar.

Now that's a basic Overview!
Stacy O'Quinn

How to Create First Impression with a Handshake!

I ran into an article recently that sorta threw me off on how to give a good hand shake. It was amusing at first then understanding the power of the first impression I started remembering handshakes I've had recently when I met people. In my life I guess my dad taught me what made a good handshake. Not everyone had the benefit of my dad so thanks to Kevin Eikenberry I'll share his tips here.

1. Start with eye contact and a smile. A great handshake isn't just about a physical gesture, it is about connecting with the other person. It is a physical greeting and you want to convey your pleasure in greeting the other person. The best way to do that is with your face and your eyes.

2. Go for the thumb. Keep your hand open and make sure your handshake will be a hand shake, not a finger or palm shake. This means getting the joint of your thumb (the lower joint - the tissue between your thumb to your forefinger) nestled into the joint of their thumb. This allows you to truly have a full handshake.

3. Firm, not strong. A good handshake is firm but not overpowering. It isn't the precursor to a wrestling match, and it doesn’t feel like a dead fish. Do you wanted to be handed or greeted with a dead fish? I doubt it! Always make your grip firm, but make adjustments based on the firmness of the other person's grip.

4. Up and down, not back and forth. A good handshake has a nice up and down motion, not a back and forth one, as if you were jointly trying to saw some wood. Again, adjust the motion to what seems natural and comfortable to the other person.

5. Adjust duration. Some people prefer a long handshake, others prefer them much shorter. Observe the other person and adjust the duration to the situation, how well you know the person, and what seems comfortable to them.

6. Consider your left hand. While it may not be appropriate in some cultures, I often use my other hand to grasp the other side of the person's hand or to touch their arm. This gesture makes the handshake warmer and more personal. When I am trying to convey those feelings I include my left hand as well. You might consider doing that too.

7. Close with eye contact and a smile. If the smile and eye contact hasn't continued throughout the handshake, finish it out that way.

After re-reading and thinking about these secrets several times, I realized that the deeper key to handshakes (as with many things in life) is intention. Keep your focus on the other person, and you will naturally do many of the things on the list. You will make the handshake a natural part of your connection process. You will make eye contact. You will smile. You will connect. You naturally adjust your grip, etc. You will focus on the other person.

Increase your first impression! If you want to get more tips then subcribe here NOW!

More Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hans Johnson's Promo for First Steps to Success

We wanted YOU to be one of the first to know that we have announced the location of our January 2008 event. Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar is scheduled for January 19 & 20 in Atlanta, Georgia. We are anxious to come back to Atlanta and kick off the New Year with you!

And….. We want to give you $100 off your registration!

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Stacy O'Quinn
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My Story in the Beginning, Stacy O'Quinn

My Story

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January 21st became my last day in the military. Dani’s training applied to our business has revolutionized our lives in a huge way. Our first seven months we made 40,000 dollars working part-time. Our first year we made 104,000 dollars and our first 16 months we made 151,000 dollars today I work entirely from home. Our business and Dani Johnson’s training has given our kids their parents back. We where grateful to have been chosen and we will lead you on the same course that could pay you six figures in your first year.

By following the example that Stacy has lead by -And plugging into the Dani Johnson training system, our income has literally exploded! We have become 6-figure income earners within our company in only 9-months. Stacy is a phenomenal leader who leads by example and Dani is the BEST trainer in the industry! It's the PERFECT 1-2 Combo for REAL Results!!
Shawn & Jamie Schepple, WI

Thank You God! I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids and my husband previously worked for UPS. We where basically living paycheck to paycheck with our debts mounting. We couldn't keep our head above water. That's when I found out I could own my own business. I was trying to supplement my husband's income so we could at least make our payments. WOW! It's so much more! With Dani Johnson's training I was able to complete an 11,000 dollar transaction in 5 days. I made 25,000 in my first 3 months. Now I'm having consistent 5 figure months and it blows my mind! Stacy's guidance and Dani Johnson's training has shown me the way and has made it possible for my husband to retire at the age of 35, get our debts completely paid off, and our income is at at least doubled and we're heading for more! We have received time and financial freedom! My dream has definitely become a reality!
Jennifer Murphy, MT

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Let's Rock,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, November 12, 2007

What you can learn from First Steps to Success and Dani Johnson

Well, the weekend is over and another amazing First Steps to Success just went by us. Where you there? What did you learn? If you missed it what did you miss out on? After 20+ events this was certainly one of Dani Johnson's best. Or maybe I was positioned to hear more this time. Either way there where some critical things that got picked up. I will mention a few of them here. AS a disclaimer these are not things that Dani taught directly, these are things I caught. As Dani says, "Some things are caught and some things are taught".

First, Birds of a feather flock together. Now you've probably heard that before but something really solid hit me this weekend. If you want to achieve more and accomplish more make sure you are in a "flock" that is achieving more and making things happen. If you are in a business or some type of management and you want a particular group to achieve more then make sure you expose them to a flock that will allow them to move in that direction. Dani said something this weekend that is huge. Chances are most of the people you hang out with make generally the same amount of money you do. So if you want to increase that, don't leave your current friends but find a group of people that you can plug into that has your same desire and passion.

Second, It's lonely on the top. Not to mention it's harder to go farther alone. If you build a business, team or influence on your own then what is really happening is you are feeding your self image off of what "you" can do. Loyalty is difficult to maintain. You can not fend off the challenges of success to continue to grow with out help? How do you turn it around? Be truthful with yourself and work for the team FIRST. Don't think about what you get if you do X. X will come if you just shut your brain off and act on someone else's behalf. I recently heard a leader say I want you guys to do X, so that you are successful and make me money. That leader does not realize what he really said. That's because it's a challenge to move our self totally out of the way. I've been there too.

Third, People only follow your example. It does not matter what you say or how you say it. Your sphere of influence will only follow what you lead them by. That is they want to achieve your level of success so they are looking at your actions. Why are we so stupid as leaders sometimes and get cocky where we are and act differently or do differently then we did originally that made us successful? I know leaders in different work at home businesses and Coastal Vacations. They tell a testimony and then tell there team to do X so they can be successful and one day they don't have to work? That's a lie and those same leaders either start to disappear, go get a different job and/or start totally fabricating their testimony.

We should always follow success. As a leader we should be leaving successful examples if we want our own success and sphere of influence to grow!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O'Quinn

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Seperate Account

I found this article by Nola Redd in affliction with http://www.Facsimile.Com/

It is some of the best advice that many of us just starting out in Coastal Vacations or in home business miss out on. I discovered this the hard way.

Many people who start their own business do not consider the importance of a second banking account expressly for their company. They would be surprised to find that the extra work of toting in two bank statements from the mailbox is quickly recovered by the decrease in the amount of hassle and stress created.

When you mix the money from your business with the money from your household, the result is something of a mess. Even in a stellar year, you never know which end is up. The money that you had earmarked for expansion, your spouse had earmarked for school clothes. And you both spend it. Oops! Or your spouse looks at the business and calls you a tightwad because you tell them you can't spend all of that money; they don't have a correct understanding of the expenses required of your company. And then there is the federal government. If everything is all mixed up together, tax time becomes even more dreaded, and that money you are supposed to send them seems to have disappeared...

A separate business account can ease much of this stress. The mechanics are simple. You deposit all monies from your company into this account. You take out all expenses. What is left is your profit. You might think you clear all of it, but think again. Uncle Sam will be hovering over you if you don't have the money when taxes are due.

Now comes the fun part. Well, mostly fun. However often you decide to take money home (monthly, biweekly, whatever), you get to write yourself a check. I say 'mostly fun' because, to keep Uncle Sam from taking your firstborn child, you really need to write two checks. One comes home. One goes into a special, don't touch me, tax savings account. You should be taking out approximately 25% of your profit for taxes, so if you were going to take home $1000, then you write yourself a check for $750 and your tax savings account a check for $250.

When you sit down with your accountant, you'll find that your paperwork got a little bit simpler. Print out your account statement. If you use a program like Quickbooks to organize your money, and if you've itemized individual transactions, then you can print a report to give you an idea of where the money is going.

So what happens when you open a second account? Your spouse gets to interact with the profit (though they should, of course, have a general idea of the business going ons). The house payment and business expenses all get paid. The federal government gets paid. The accountant is happy you made his life a little easier. And you get to stay in business for another year.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. If you have your own tip about organizing your home business leave a comment.

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Best Home Based Business

By Aubury Richardson of

Now days most people are looking for ways to work from home. Establishing the best home based business for you is important and comes with a great deal of research. No one should rush into a business without first reviewing their options, as there are many different business models that will allow you to set up the best home based business plan for you.

It comes without saying that you will most likely become more successful by selecting a business you are truly passionate about and one you desire to work. It’s that “passion” that will carry you through when the times get tough and you begin to have second thoughts of “why” you started the business. Although passion alone won’t be enough, you’ll need to make sure you’ve done your homework and be prepared to work hard in order to have the best home business for you.

A good home based business is one that you care about and has a profitable outcome. Not just in monetary values but also in the area of self-satisfaction and in knowing you’ve contributed to the greater good. Whether you’re selling products or providing services (most likely both), it’s a good thing to know you’re having a positive impact on others and helping them in the process.

Most every business will have some level of customer service needs that will need to be addressed. Shying away from supporting a customer will ultimately hurt your business and will not be in the best interest for creating the best home based business. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, we have no one to service or sell our products too. I’ve learned it’s important to build relationships with customers. Fact is, people buy from whom they know, not strangers.
The best home business is one that not only supports your needs but also supports the needs of others. This will in turn create a win-win platform and have your customers returning to you, time and time again.

In your first weeks, months and early years of business, you can expect some challenges. Having a mentor or guide can be a great asset to your success. A person that you’ve come to know and trust, that has preferred experience in your field can be a huge advantage to avoiding “pot holes” and sling-shot you to the front of the line much faster! It’s a good thing to consider “imitating” success rather that hunting for it.

To work from home with a real mentor,

To your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Network Marketing, is it a serious business?

By: Benn Brown

To truly know what network marketing really is you must know exactly was it isn’t first. Actually there is nothing illegal or dishonest about network marketing and it is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid is a program that has people invest large sums of money in the hope that others will too and the money will somehow get back to them and they will get rich. This is just a game played with money that has no real sales value. The products that are so-called being invested in are just the tools to hide the money game. A pyramid scheme is based on taking advantage of people and is very much illegal. For one person to actually make money in this scheme someone else has to lose it. The whole premise is built on a lie and in no way going to make one rich.

Network marketing on the other hand is very much legal and has great potential for those who work hard at it. There are real products or real value to be used to make money. The prices are not in the thousands either. Products are bought based on need and desire, not necessity. There are many people who make really good money in network marketing but it takes a lot of effort and work. One must build an entire organization from scratch based on the legitimate products offered. You will be encouraged to help others succeed so you too can win. It is a form of retailing where you either sell the products from your company to others or sponsor other people who will be using the products for their own use or selling them. In no way are you taking advantage of others in network marketing. Everyone can make money with enough effort. You will not make it rich over night no matter what anyone promises you. But you can live well with enough effort. You will need to follow a specific business dynamic to accomplish this.

Network marketing is a very serious business for highly determined people. The system has been proven and the design, creation, and expense that the corporate team has laid out are what you will follow like a road map to your own success. The big key in network marketing is that it is all about leverage. You work hard to get other people sponsored so you can make a percent off their work as well as your own. The most successful people who build a network do it in a very organized way. They dedicate themselves to it for a designated amount of hours per week to build it slowly over time. Then they sponsor others and train them on the company’s product and how to sponsor others. By helping your people get their own sponsors you in essence duplicating yourself. This can lead to getting hundreds and even thousands of people into your network over time. You use your time to train others to be successful and earn income from their efforts.

With network marketing you do not need huge capital requirements and no area restrictions geographically. There are no required quotas you have to sell or purchase or specific educational background needed. All you need to have is drive and time. There is no high cost overhead and you can even qualify for many tax breaks for having the home-based business

While there is a lot of Truth to this I would call it opinion! The key to any homebusiness is support and training network marketing or not. Thank goodness we have that in Decide Freedom International.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, November 5, 2007

Top 10 ways to Motivate!

Recently I ran across a list that impelled me to act. I want to share some of the ideas that I found on the list and changed to how it applies to where you are. Are you in a position where you want and need to motivate someone? Does your business rely on someone else other then you? Is it home based? Is it traditional? Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you have friends?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are in a position that you need to motivate! Here are regular conversations you need to have in order of importance to ensure that you motivate and you and your team succeed!


9. “I’m proud of you.”

8. “I knew you could do it.”

7. “I’m thinking about you.”

6. “Talk to me. I’m listening.”

5. “Tell me everything. I want to know exactly how you accomplished that.”

4. “No Problem. I'm here for you.”

3. “Okay, show me.”

2. “Thank you for everything you do.”

1. “I couldn't’t ask for better, Thanks.”

The key to these conversations is if they are to be effective they have to be true and genuine!

Succeed NOW!
Stacy O'Quinn

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Avoid Common Work at Home Scams

I found this artical on the .net by Jill Hart! Great Advice any thing in ( ) is my input.

Avoiding Common Work at Home Scams
by Jill Hart

Working from home is a great way to supply the additional income often needed for one spouse to stay home and raise their children. Sadly, many people are scared away from doing so because of the many scams that are so prevalent today. While it can be hard to tell fact from fiction, it is possible. With so many excellent work-at-home opportunities available today, it's well worth the time to explore so you can be able to start your own business and enjoy the many benefits the business provides.

When researching companies that hire home-based workers, the best place to start is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB will have information on that business if there have been disputes or other problems. You'll want to look for a pattern of "Unresolved" or "Unanswered" disputes, which will be an indication that there is a problem with the company in question. The business does not need to be a member of the BBB to have complaints filed against them.
Next, perform an Internet Search on the company you are researching and see what others are saying about them. If you see a pattern of negative comments, often that's an indication that you may need to explore the company in more detail. (Also keep in mind that business's are encouraged to pay a membership fee to deal with a negative complaint on the BBB, Which may discourage some from responding)

There are also websites such as that will tell you some of the common scams around. One of these scams is the "work-from-home typing" scam. Scammers often lure job seekers with promotions such as the ability to earn $35,000.00 a year, or promising to provide a list of companies that will hire them.

Diana Ennen, author of Virtual Assistant, The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA (Virtual Assistant), has been a home-based word processor for over twenty years. Ennen states, "Working at home as a typist is an excellent opportunity that often only requires excellent secretarial skills. However, be cautious of offers guaranteeing a list of companies that will hire you. The truth of the matter is that most of these companies aren't even aware they are on this list. There's so much information available online today that there is no need to fall for this scam."

It's also important to know the difference between paying for information about working from home and actually investing in a home-based business. Most home-based businesses, such as direct sales companies, are valid ways to make an income. However, because you need to make an initial investment many people are confused and believe these to be scams as well.

Think about home-based businesses in the terms of your local fast-food chain. A fast-food restaurant will pay you if they hire you as an employee. However, in order to start your own franchise of that same restaurant, you would need to make a monetary investment. The same holds true when you begin a home-based business. You must make an investment, but in return you receive the means to begin your own business - generally the paperwork needed, marketing materials and product for display. Still, you must do your research when considering a home-based business. It's important to know things like: the history of the company, their reputation, how many representatives are in your area, and what quotas must be met.

Whether considering a telecommuting position or a home-based business, speak with others who have worked with the company you are contemplating. Ask for references of other employees/business owners in your area.

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home Moms, Jill is a contributing author in The Business Mom Guide Book: More Life, Less Overwhelm for Mom Entrepreneurs and I'll Be Home For Christmas and co-author of the upcoming book, Home Based Blessings. Hart and her husband, Allen of (Christian Work at Home Dads) reside in Nebraska with their two children.

Stacy O'Quinn