Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is Coastal Travel a Scam? Dani Johnson will be on The View with Barbara Walters

Is Coastal Travel a Scam?  Coastal Travel's exclusive Trainer is Millionaire Dani Johnson.  Dani will be featured on The View with Barbara Walters on March 4.  She will also be on Good Morning America on March 3rd.  Coastal Travel has been around for 16 years and has benefitted by working exclusively with Dani Johnson for the last 5+ years.

Can a company be around for that amount of time and have that kind of a track record?  Is Coastal Travel a Scam?  I can honestly say that Dani Johnson and the vendors within the travel package would not be working with a company with such an incredible track record if that track record was not legitimate.  One of the biggest tell alls about a legitimate company is it's track record.  Thanks to Coastal Travel and Dani Johnson I've learned to create a 6 figure income every year over the last 5 years.  I went from struggling paycheck to paycheck, 6 figures in debt and scared to death to invest the money into a busness (It was a lot of money for me and it was a huge risk)

I made 13,000 dollars out of my first Dani Johnson Training event. 104,000 my very first year.  Today thanks to Coastal Travel and Dani Johnson's training, my wife is an incredible Domestic Engineer I'm a stay at home dad and just this last month we've generated 23,405 dollars in profit and the best part is.  The 100's of people along the way that we've been able to teach how we've applied Dani's Training.

If Coastal Travel is a Scam, please scam me again!
To Your Success no matter what,
Stacy O'Quinn