Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What could happen to a Platinum Director in DFI

Power as a Platinum Director in DFI and Coastal Vacations
-9,705 profit

The goal of any of our businesses it to be at the highest possible level to retain the largest amount of profit immediately!!! The power of platinum sales is simply stated in conservative terms!

The numbers below are based off of conservative assumptions. All numbers will be based off of a part-time effort and do not take into account any one who joins the business at level 1 or 2, or anyone who qualifies out at those levels or anyone who upgrades to level 3. All assumptions are only based off of profit made by people who join at the Platinum Level.

Working only 30 hours a week, Stacy O'Quinn 10 level 3’s in his first year in business. For the desire to keep this example conservative we will assume that you only make 5 level 3 transactions and it takes an entire year for each of them to qualify out.
(ie. 2) Just to be conservative!!!

1st Year - you make 5 Platinum sales = 5 x 9,705= 48,525 much less than most people want to make in their first year.

2nd Year - 5 will bring you 2 training sales each. Keeping it conservative, let’s say it takes a whole year for each of them to qualify. 10 Platinum’s + you don’t get any better and only bring in 5. 15 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 145,575

3rd Year - 15 will bring you 30 in training sales assuming it takes an ENTIRE year plus your 5. 35 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 339,675

4th Year - To keep it conservative let’s assume you don’t even prospect.
35 will bring you 70 training sales 70 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 679,350

5th Year – 70 will bring you 140 Platinum training sales
140 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 1,358,700 annual income 5th year.

AS you can see it pays to position yourself to make the most money Possible!
To become a Platinum Director,

Achieve more!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. The above is an example based off of my experiance to what is possible!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Technorati, what is it?

That is a really good question? What exactly is Technorati? I did some research to be be honest all I know is that it's an intergal part of the blogosphere. If you create a blog or have a blog to ensure that you are noticed on the site they want you to place a code on that page similar to this...

Technorati Profile

What exactly does that do? I'm not sure but what I do know is hopefully anyone who has a desire to succeed can find their way to the 6 Figure Income Club. If that is you definately enter your email in the subscribe box to the right. If you know what technorati really means comment here and let us know!

Prosper ON!
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, October 29, 2007

Simple Automated Marketing, Can you do it?

People who know that I work from home and make a 6 figure income are always asking me, "What do you do?". Can anyone do it? Can anyone really work from home and make good money? Is it possible?

The answer is simply a YES! If you can follow a simple automated marketing system? In DFI, we all build our businesses the exact same way. Our product is the same. How we all find out clients are the exact same. We all get the same training. Here's how it works.

First, we all market the same amazing vacation travel memberships!

Our Basic membership, we make 1,000 dollars profit.

Our Premier membership we make 3,200 dollars profit.

Our Platinum membership we make 9,705 dollars profit.

We each market our packages with simply automated marketing. We work with 2 primary advertising partners We tell them based on our goals and the amount of time we want to work, how many clients we want weekly or monthly. They deliver those clients to our marketing system in real time as they request info.

At that point it's as simply as giving those clients a call as they respond to advertising and are calling and emailing you. Once you connect with them you will guide them to your website. We all have the same websites. Once they've reviewed the website in about 15 minutes you will call that client back and have a brief conversation and guide them to a business overview call. It's that simple. All we do is follow up and direct to information, the website and conference calls does all the presenting. We are not the end all be all. We don't have to be a super motivator, salesperson or trainer. Using just our websites and conference calls you can make 10,000 dollars on each transaction.

When we share our simple automated marketing system with people they usually say, "I can do that." or they say, "It can't be that easy". The second response makes sense if you did not really know what was going on behind the scenes. It cost our core leaders literally 10's of 1,000's of dollars to produce our awesome websites. Then the conference calls that are always there no matter what. There is always some one there to help your business on those calls and they are always taking place and we don't have to do anything to make it happen on our part. Zero effort.

Can you follow a simply automated marketing system?

God Bless,
Stacy O'Quinn

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Victim by Choice, are you?

The title is harsh. But it is a serious question. Are you a victim? I had this thought as I was working and connecting with prospects today. The way some people are where they are at in their life because they choose not to move and walk in a different direction. Once I heard a statement and it was this, "Don't think act". Thinking is a choice not to act.

Don't confuse the message here. People always talk about missed opportunities. If they know they missed an opportunity then they must have thought about it before they missed it. To miss an opportunity is to not act on a thought. Now you could be thinking well this one time I did X but I was just too late. My guess would be that you did not act when you heard about it the first time!

Have you missed any opportunities lately? Have you put off anything today for tomorrow? Why did you put it off? What where you thinking about? What opportunity will you miss because you will be catching up on what you should have done today. It's amazing how our brain gets us in so much trouble.

Next time opportunity to be diligent or to act comes your way. If you feel hesitation just remember, hesitation is a sign of thinking.

Don't hesitate just ACT

Talk Soon,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sowing and Reaping, and Coastal Vacations

Have you ever heard of the term "Sowing and Reaping"? Have you? It's a pretty basic principal right? It's been around for a couple of years right? I read this one book it was written like thousands of years ago. What was it called? One second I'll remember. Oh yeah! THE BIBLE!

Now that being said it's a Christian book and if you are not a Christian that is OK. It's a LIFE principal. Just because you may or may not be a Christian does not mean you can't learn successful principals. I heard Dani Johnson say once that the Bible was the first success book ever written. I believe it!!!

So I have a quick question for you. If you are sowing what are you actually sowing? Are you sowing seed? Really what are seed in your business? Seed are the resources you need to create an income. Our goal is a 6 figure income right? So how do you maintain enough seed to always continue to grow your business? How do you ensure you have enough seed to make it through a famine in your life?

Below is a 6 Figure Income Call that was designed for you, if you are Serious about Success

How do you find seed?

How do you find enough seed or resources to grow your business?

Do you want a strategy to have a Blast traveling seeing the world and KNOW that you are prepared for any storms that may come?

Imagine a step by step approach to measured growth? Do you want that? Listen NOW!

Apply this, so you can help many other people ASAP!

Let's Roll,
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. Leave a comment share your feedback and experience with us.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

FOCUS a Single Path, is it for you?

Recently, I was in a conversation with Hans Johnson from Call to Freedom International and he made a point that has stuck with me. What he said was profound. What if I shared with you right now this one secret that Hans shared with several of us would guarentee that you can make 100,000 dollars in the next year? Would you listen and take his multi-million dollar advice? Is it something that you would apply to your life, right now. Would you act today?

What he said was this. The path to becoming a six figure income earner has already been created. It takes zero guessing. It takes zero wandering and trying to figure out how. All that has been done for us. Now you may be asking, "What do you mean?" It's simple really. There are so many paths to making a six figure income that are proven, because there are truly a fairly large numbers of people make 100 thousand a year. So his advice was find a simple path that is proven and just follow it. Don't change it. Why is it, that we have to always fix something else or try to improve it?

Seriously, why does it appear to be human nature that we finally find someone who will guide us on exactly what they are doing to have success. What exactly they do to help others become successful and we have to second guess or attempt to take a proven model and adjust it? I did this to start with when I first started using the script book in my normal prospecting. I thought if I "made it my own" it would match my personality better. WRONG, It did not work that way. My results suffered. Why do you think that is? What would be your guess?

It's because I walked away from a proven model, almost with out knowing it. I attempted to create a model on my own, of course it was based off of the same decisions that had created my need to make money. There was only one result proven there and it was more debt.

Always remember, it does not matter if you are in Coastal Vacations, Decide Freedom International "DFI", First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson or even the 6 Figure Income Club. If you find a "system" or path that is proven to create results stay on that path and follow it! To stay on the path that is working or find a path that does work. Enter your email and become a member of the 6 Figure Income Club NOW!

Talk Soon,
Stacy O'Quinn

6 Figures, Coastal Vacations, DFI, Stacy O'Quinn and YOU???

ARE you, here and wandering the purpose of the 6 Figure Income Club? Is it possible for you to be a member of the 6 Figure Income club? How does the the relationship between DFI, Coastal Vacations and the 6 Figure income club connect? If you are not in DFI or Coastal Vacations do you fit in and can you be a member?

The answer is simple! What would a 6 figure income do for you? If it would help you accomplish what ever it is that you want out of life. If it would help you reach your goals, regardless of how big or small. If you already make a 6 figure income do you want to retain it? If you answered yes that you have a desire to create and or maintain a 6 figure income then you qualify to be a member. Join the 6 figure income club now. Just enter your email.

How does Coastal Vacations, Decide Freedom International, Stacy O'Quinn and Dani Johnson all connect. Does any of it eliminate you from being a member. The short answer is NO it does not. If you still have the desire for success. Stacy, first created the idea of the 6 figure income club when he proclaimed he would "Make 6 FIGURES IN '06." He did just that! It was his first year that he created a 6 figure income.

One of the first things that Stacy realized then which is a pretty common belief among smart people is that. You become who you hang out with. Hence, a Six Figure INCOME Club call was started. A community where birds of a feather could flock together. This call has adjusted and been shaped over the years. TODAY it still exist. Today Stacy does these calls for his personal team. If you are a member of Stacy's Coastal Vacations team then you will have access to these intimate 6 Figure Income Club calls in real time. You will be able to interact on those calls live. Stacy is a dedicated member of Decide Freedom International which is a support and marketing arm of Coastal Vacations. He also follows Dani Johnson's coaching, teaching and business advice. One of the first things, that he as well as other successful business owners learned is you have to follow a simply path to succeed.

So what if I'm not a member of Coastal Vacations or DFI can I still be part of the 6 Figure Income Club? Yes you can. That is the purpose of this blog. To increase the size of the flock. Remember birds of a feather ______ together. Stacy will post some of the 6 Figure Income Calls here for all to listen to. On this blog you will hear about Coastal Vacations, Decide Freedom International and Dani Johnson. This is not the only path to success. It is currently the path that Stacy is running on and the one that gave him the confidence to create this community. You are invited to Join us. Regardless of your background. Our desire is the only thing that determines if we are equal here. Be a member of our community on this blog. Post your comments as you have them. Leave your tips, advice that works and testimonies here.

It does not matter what company you are in! When you hear DFI, or Coastal Vacations let it simply be an example for what ever path you are running on. Your experience can benefit all of us no matter your background. As long as we are all running in the same direction. This is not a forum that is meant for recruiting you into a particular business. If your path is working do not change it! It will only slow your progress, attempting to "learn" the specific details of another path.

Join the 6 Figure Income Club today. Together our experience is a valuable resource, with it we can bless each other. With a vision like this who can stand in our way? Together we can overcome. Together we can achieve more. Together success is in our grasp. Join us by entering your email and be part of our team and community. Leave a comment and let us know who you are!

To Reach Stacy O'Quinn,

Friday, October 19, 2007

DFI, Coastal Vacations, Dani Johnson and the 6 Figure Income Club

You will succeed.... IF you do not give up. You can make a six figure income in Coastal Vacations. You add our marketing system Decide Freedom International add Dani Johnson's training with a little bit of effort and desire, it is possible to literally stumble upon a 6 figure income. We are a team within DFI, with laser beam focus. Founded by Stacy O'Quinn he understood what it took to be ultra successful.

First, you have to have a clear simple path to follow. Then you have to surround yourself with other people that have the same drive for success. Put in that situation and environment it is very difficult to fail!

We have a couple of questions for you...

1. Are you 100% completely satisfied with where you are right now?

2. If you could not fail, what would you do?

3. Would a 100,000 dollars help you accomplish that?

4. Are you willing to work for it?

If YOU, answered... YES... Join us NOW!

Talk soon,
Stacy O'Quinn