Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What could happen to a Platinum Director in DFI

Power as a Platinum Director in DFI and Coastal Vacations
-9,705 profit

The goal of any of our businesses it to be at the highest possible level to retain the largest amount of profit immediately!!! The power of platinum sales is simply stated in conservative terms!

The numbers below are based off of conservative assumptions. All numbers will be based off of a part-time effort and do not take into account any one who joins the business at level 1 or 2, or anyone who qualifies out at those levels or anyone who upgrades to level 3. All assumptions are only based off of profit made by people who join at the Platinum Level.

Working only 30 hours a week, Stacy O'Quinn 10 level 3’s in his first year in business. For the desire to keep this example conservative we will assume that you only make 5 level 3 transactions and it takes an entire year for each of them to qualify out.
(ie. 2) Just to be conservative!!!

1st Year - you make 5 Platinum sales = 5 x 9,705= 48,525 much less than most people want to make in their first year.

2nd Year - 5 will bring you 2 training sales each. Keeping it conservative, let’s say it takes a whole year for each of them to qualify. 10 Platinum’s + you don’t get any better and only bring in 5. 15 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 145,575

3rd Year - 15 will bring you 30 in training sales assuming it takes an ENTIRE year plus your 5. 35 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 339,675

4th Year - To keep it conservative let’s assume you don’t even prospect.
35 will bring you 70 training sales 70 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 679,350

5th Year – 70 will bring you 140 Platinum training sales
140 Platinum’s x 9,705 = 1,358,700 annual income 5th year.

AS you can see it pays to position yourself to make the most money Possible!
To become a Platinum Director,

Achieve more!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. The above is an example based off of my experiance to what is possible!

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