Friday, August 31, 2012

Will You Be Attending the ProfitHub Boot Camp?

Secret Millionaire and online marketing success Jeff Usner is ending summer with a bang by holding a boot camp for his Profit Hub educational platform. With ProfitHub, Usner has created one of the most comprehensive ongoing training platforms available on the Internet. Through weekly programs broadcast on ProfitHub TV, users keep abreast of which techniques are working for online businesses and receive sneak peeks of what is to come. The ProfitHub Boot camp is a weekend of intense exposure to this revolutionary program and much more.

This live training event will take place on September 1 and 2 in Dallas, Texas. Marketers from all over the country, and possibly some from outside the U.S., will converge to increase their knowledge and acquire skills that will benefit their business. The tips and techniques will take online operations to the next level in the blink of an eye. If you are an entrepreneur, you should be attending to learn more about the revolutionary Jeff Usner Internet Marketing system.

The information conveyed during this weekend event represents the latest advancements in online marketing. Attendees will learn how to grow their business faster and identify where there is more money to be made. This boot camp and the ProfitHub program are designed for everyone from those exploring entrepreneurship for the first time to those with well-established online businesses who want to increase sales.

The boot camp covers the complete process of running a business online. Attendees will receive an A to Z overview of the ProfitHub system that Usner has used successfully within his own business and is now sharing with other entrepreneurs. One aspect that is expected to be very popular is SEO training. This will cover search engine optimization techniques, how to generate both free and paid traffic, and what to do with it once you get it.

Usner has established several goals for this event. He wants to see existing businesses reach higher levels and prospective entrepreneurs engage themselves and develop useable business ideas. Most of all, he wants attendees to take action and begin making money. This self-made millionaire is looking forward to hearing other success stories just like his. He plans to give attendees much more than they expect and in return, he hopes they will strive for the best results in their businesses.

The boot camp includes 12 sessions featuring content that Usner and his team have never revealed to anyone. Day one focuses on developing a “killer” offer and a discussion of online traffic and market share. On Day two, attendees will learn about conversions, increasing profits through existing efforts, funnels, and how to deliver an offer and create lists that automatically grow.

Though most of the content is considered intermediate to advanced, attendees can get the basics through pre-event information. Usner will be the main speaker at this event so entrepreneurs can learn from the man who created the ProfitHub program. Everyone should be prepared to work throughout the weekend so get your rest before hopping on the plane!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dani Johnson Continues To Show Others How To Create & Accumulate Lifelong Wealth

Most of us would be lying if we said we had enough money. Even if our income provides enough cash to live comfortably, we probably want more for the future. The approach we take to achieving this level of wealth can determine our success or failure. Self-made millionaire Dani Johnson is one entrepreneur who continues to help others accumulate wealth so it will last for a lifetime. After hearing and reading what she has to say, people are ready to dive head-first into this endeavor.

A vineyard is one example Dani uses when explaining how to create and accumulate wealth. She says that when some people decide their vineyard is not producing enough grapes or growing fast enough, they uproot the vines and replant them in another location, thinking the results will be better. Logic tells us that without some additional attention, the outcome will be the same. Unfortunately, some people take this replanting approach when it comes to their careers, their businesses, and their lives.

Through Dani Johnson training, her Money Night Strategy Calls, and her book First Steps To Wealth, people learn important financial lessons that can be applied to the vineyard example and to life. They discover how to make themselves valuable in their current career or business without uprooting themselves. They learn how to identify opportunities to create additional wealth and receive insider tips on how to produce results that are bigger than they ever imagined. This enables them to create personal and professional success that lasts a lifetime.

It is never too late to learn something new and Dani conveys important lessons to people in all stages of life. Those just beginning their professional lives learn how to position their careers for success. People who are stuck in the middle rungs of the career ladder identify opportunities to elevate themselves. Individuals who do not work due to family care or retirement learn how to enrich their personal lives. For them, wealth is about spiritual or emotional fulfillment, not money.

Generational wealth requires thinking of future generations. This aspect of financial planning focuses on providing future generations with significant, stable financial resources. It requires a much broader and less selfish earnings perspective than many people typically take. The goal is to comfortably support future generations with current wealth.

Dani reveals generational wealth secrets that have been well-kept until now. Anyone can learn how to develop wealth that will allow future generations to live an enviable life. Dani guides the way, allowing people to enjoy their wealth while ensuring that some is available for their descendents. Wealth management encompasses every aspect of personal finances and understanding it can pay off for generations.

Many people are able to achieve six-figure incomes during their lifetimes. Far fewer reach millionaire status and very few accumulate enough wealth to last their entire lives. Through her training, strategy calls, and books, Dani provides tools, tips, and techniques that the average person can use to create wealth that lasts for his or her lifetime and passes on to future generations.  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jeff Usner Appears On 700 Club

Last week was a busy one for millionaire entrepreneur Jeff Usner. He continued to promote his latest book Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed, prepared for his upcoming Profit Hub Bootcamp in Dallas, Texas, and managed to squeeze in a television appearance on the 700 Club. This online marketing guru has been moving in high gear ever since his appearance on the ABC television show Secret Millionaire last month.

Those of you who did not catch Jeff on either of his television appearances really missed something. You can watch the Secret Millionaire episode on the ABC program Web page. Jeff was moved to tears by his work on Secret Millionaire, which allowed him to donate a portion of his hard-earned fortune to worthy causes in his hometown of San Antonio. The full August 21 episode of the 700 Club is available on the show Web page on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) website.

The 700 Club is a live daily television program broadcast from CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach. It airs before a studio audience, allowing crowds to see inspirational guests like Usner in person. This show has been on the air since 1966, making it one of the longest-running programs in television history. Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson, Kristi Watts, and Terry Meeuwsen host the show and Lee Webb serves as news anchor. In addition to news, the format includes commentary, feature stories, interviews, and Christian ministry.

Usner definitely increased his exposure by appearing on the 700 Club. This show is watched by approximately one million people each day and CBN International programs are broadcast in 138 countries. Viewers and the studio audience witnessed Usner explaining the difficult road from tragedy to triumph with online entrepreneurial ventures, books, and training programs. This was the perfect venue for the millionaire because viewers want to learn how to improve their lives while being guided by the faith that helped Usner handle his most difficult times.

Usner said that he was raised Lutheran but did not personally know the Lord until 2001. He appeared to be successful but his business was accumulating debt, he was working long hours, and his family life was suffering. Then, his unborn son died in vitro and four months later, Usner suffered a stroke. He asked several coworkers to pray for him and a miracle occurred. Additional tests revealed no sign of a stroke.

What followed was a complete life redesign. Usner downsized his business so he could operate it from home. He spent less time working and more time with his family. In just eight months, he eliminated the huge debt he had amassed. Within 18 months, he created a million dollar business online and he has never looked back.

Usner has realized the benefits of growing companies, making substantial money, and becoming an influence on others. However, he said that giving back offers the best feeling of all. His time on Secret Millionaire reinforced that belief and his faith continues to guide him to help others while maintaining a successful life.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dani Johnson Happenings In Mid-August

Our favorite Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson has not been taking things easy this summer. In the past couple of weeks alone, she has granted several interviews and has hosted some powerful guest stars on her syndicated radio show, The Dani Johnson Show. Here is a recap of what you have missed if you have not been able to keep up with this author, trainer, speaker, and business mogul. Don’t blink or you might miss her doing something else impressive!

During the week of August 13, an interview regarding the 2012 kids in 2012 project was conducted by NTS Media Online: The Weekly Digest of Talk Media. Food For Orphans and King’s Ransom Foundation, two non-profit organizations in which Dani is heavily involved, are helping to spearhead this project, which established a goal of feeding 2,012 orphans in 2012. This goal was attained in May and the project continues to receive donations, support, and attention.

Fellow talk show host Kevin McCullough and superstar actor Stephen Baldwin are collaborating with Dani on this project and have gained the support of several food-manufacturing companies. Each meal costs just 25 cents, equating to an annual cost of only $92 to feed one child for an entire year. McCullough told the NTS Media Online audience how he brought the group together and what a difference the project has made in the lives of orphans.

McCullough, along with actor Kirk Cameron and businessperson and philanthropist Hans Johnson appeared on a recent segment of The Dani Johnson Show. The recording of this broadcast is currently available on Dani’s website. The decline of America was the discussion topic. America was once the greatest nation in the world but today, it leads the planet in personal and government debt, production of pornography, and divorce. The group discussed what it will take to make America a truly great nation again.

On August 16, Dani was interviewed on ABC’s Capitol Insider, which offers a look behind the scenes of business politics and the business sector. Host Morris Jones had some difficult questions for Dani and she handled them like the pro that she is. This show deals with weighty topics and gets to the heart of what makes American business tick. Dani knows a lot about this as she has managed to create six figure income with her own businesses.

By the end of the week, Dani was off to Washington, D.C. Over the weekend, she held her First Steps to Success and Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace seminars and Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop. Tens of thousands of people turned out to learn how to become more spiritually driven, develop successful home businesses, and achieve goals they never thought were attainable.

Dani continues to host her Monday night Strategy Calls, broadcasts The Dani Johnson Show on Wednesdays and Sundays, and holds Spiritual Equipping broadcasts on Wednesdays. This leaves us wondering how she has time to bond with her family and get some sleep. Somehow, Dani manages to do it all and those whose lives she touches are the better for it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dani Johnson Appears on Visibly Fit

Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Dani Johnson has been keeping busy this summer. On August 17, she appeared on Visibly Fit, a show designed to transform the mind, body, and spirit. Host Wendie Pett sat down with Dani to discuss faith, finances, and life. A replay of the interview is currently available for viewing on Dani’s website. Check it out because Dani shared lessons that helped her achieve six figure income and live the life of her dreams.

Through Visibly Fit and her other ventures, Wendie Pett assists people in their wellness journeys so they can fulfill their purposes in life. She shares a perspective with Dani that choices we make influence the quality of our lives. Both women are filled with faith and focus on giving people the tools they need to achieve success. Both have helped thousands of people transform their lives in different ways, adding purpose that drives them further down the road to success.

Dani was not shy about sharing her rags to riches story with Wendie and her audience. The tale seems unbelievable but Dani is living proof that it is true. How she went from having just over two dollars in her pocket to being a multimillionaire is amazing. Today, Dani is an author, speaker, trainer, and source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people.

Money is a central theme in this interview and the two women focus on the lies we are told about it throughout our lives. When we are little, we believe that money grows on trees and we have little understanding of its value. Later, we are told that money is the root of all evil and we shy away from amassing it because we feel guilty. Eventually, we wait for a divine sign that we were meant to have money. 
This waiting game may prevent us from getting out of debt or starting a fulfilling business.

Dani explains that money is an area of insecurity for many people. Due to her upbringing, she made many bad choices, including financial ones, which took her life down an undesirable path. After being judged by people of faith, she walked away from God. It took a long time for her to redevelop trust and get her life moving in a positive direction.

In this interview, Dani reveals that she did not become an entrepreneur because she believed she would succeed. She did it because she knew she could fail but even if she made just ten percent of what a millionaire did, she would still be in a better financial position. After being introduced to people who were growing and improving their lives, her own life changed.

Dani explains that God was responsible for helping her straighten out her life. She attributes her faith with getting her through the most difficult times. After watching this interview, you will be moved to reaffirm your faith and begin making positive changes in your life. Dani offers many tools to help anyone succeed in all aspects of life. Let her inspire you!