Sunday, June 30, 2013

Focusing On Gain, Not Loss Can Turn Your Life Around

By now, you should have heard of Dani Johnson, the woman who managed to turn her life around by selling a weight loss product and who is now a business, financial, and relationship consultant to thousands of people across the world. Some of you may have purchased one of her training programs, hoping that a Dani Johnson script book would open the door to unimaginable success. If that success has not come, a single mistake may be to blame.

According to Dani, this mistake costs people clients, money, business partners, and relationships. It can cause people to lose everything they have worked to achieve. This mistake is actually a simple one and may be made unconsciously. What is it? Being afraid of losing something. Whether we fear losing our job, business, money, or relationships, we are focusing on the wrong thing. We direct our energy to avoid losing what we have rather than channeling it into getting something even more valuable.

How does Dani know about this mistake and its effects? She made it early in her career and experienced the detrimental consequences. To prevent the rest of us from going through this pain and having to claw our way back to the top as she did, Dani suggests that we concentrate on three things to keep ourselves moving in the correct direction.

Focus is the first thing we must master because we get more of whatever we focus on in life. This is because we get good at the things that we focus on, increasing the likelihood of success. If we spend time focusing on money that we fear we will not make or customers or a job that we are afraid to lose, we are neglecting the money that we are making, the customers we have, and the job at which we should be performing our best.

It is not possible to focus on the negative and the positive at the same time. Therefore, we must stop focusing on what is wrong or what we could be doing better and begin focusing on what is going right and on the results we are creating. Focus on that one prospect who said yes not the handful of others who said no. Celebrate successes and use them as motivation to achieve even more.

When we concentrate on what we are doing, it is easy to become mired in data, processes, and the day-to-day obligations. This prevents us from concentrating on creating results. Being organized, working day and night, and setting hundreds of appointments mean nothing if we are not producing concrete results.

The last thing Dani recommends is to have faith. We must believe in what we are doing, the money we are investing in our careers, the time we are spending with clients, and the effort we are putting into relationships. We need to trust that these will produce results. When we do this, we begin carrying ourselves in a manner that illustrates our beliefs. This is what creates success. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Budgeting Is The Key To Financial Independence

The word “budget” is not a friendly term to some people and is unfamiliar to others. When we think of a budgeted lifestyle, we tend to picture living on beans and rice. Some people think that budgeting will not work for them so they live from one paycheck to the next hoping for the best. Budgeting is the ticket to financial independence so if your personal budget is gathering dust or is non-existent it is time to give it some attention.

Putting off budget development and implementation only worsens financial problems. Take an aggressive approach to debt through personal budgeting. Begin by gathering the most recent bank statement and receipts for expenditures over the past month. Create a categorized list of expenses by organizing bills, food, entertainment, and miscellaneous purchases into different groups. Total each category to identify how money was spent over the past month. The results may surprise you and they provide insight into where reductions can be made.

After reviewing how we spend our money, excuses or justifications are natural. We defend our spending habits to illustrate what is important to us. However, we must separate the true necessities from the luxury items and work hard to keep those luxuries to a minimum. Identifying when the ego comes into play reveals where expenses can be slashed. Spending huge amounts of money on dining out or purchasing the latest gadgets feeds our egos not our bank accounts.

Budgeting may not be easy but it can be uncomplicated. Sticking to a budget can get someone out of debt, a situation that is well worth the effort. Parents should use budgeting to teach their children how to be financially responsible. Adults set the example so how they spend money can influence the future lifestyles of their children. There are many tools and resources available to teach children how to save and spend wisely.

Adults can also use proven programs to improve their financial situation. War On Debt from Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire star helps people repay their debts without the need to make any more money. Thousands of people have used this program to uncover excess spending and repay millions of dollars in debt. Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Program is another self-study product from Dani that has helped many people change the way they spend money.

Once debt is eliminated and there is excess money to spend, life has a completely new meaning. No longer is every day about working just to pay the bills. There are opportunities to achieve personal and professional fulfillment from an existing career or start a new business that provides this satisfaction. Every day is filled with possibilities now that the burden of debt has been removed.

Take this advice and begin developing a budget today. By tomorrow, you could be on your way to becoming debt-free and enjoying a new lifestyle. There is never a bad time to begin the journey toward financial independence. Let the experts show you how and pass along lessons in financial responsibility to the next generation.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Become a Winning Salesperson

Are you struggling to make a home business successful or afraid to become an entrepreneur due to fear of selling? What many people do not realize is that we are all in sales. Whether we are teachers, doctors, employees, parents, or others who are not salespeople or entrepreneurs by title, we are  selling something every moment of each day. This means that every moment people are deciding whether they will listen, follow, or do business with us.

We sell to our spouses, children, colleagues, and customers. Every time we speak verbally or in written form or enter a situation where others are present, people make decisions about engaging with us. Sales is an art form and there is a secret to doing it right. We can either be amateurs or step up to the big leagues and become professionals. By equipping ourselves with the proper skills we increase the chance that others will listen to what we say, follow our recommendations, and develop relationships with us.

The sooner we realize that we are all in sales, the sooner we can begin improving our sales skills. No one wants to deal with an amateur and anyone can be a professional so there is no excuse not to. Do not be like 98 percent of the population who rest on their laurels rather than equipping themselves with the necessary skills. Make yourself more valuable by learning what it takes to become a professional.

The two percent who can truly call themselves professionals understand that selling is more than just closing a deal, it is about developing relationships that are mutually beneficial. Professionals do not run from problems or expect someone else to solve them. They think in terms of results, which requires them to face problems head-on and develop solutions. A professional looks for opportunities that fill needs and consistently goes the extra mile.

Professionals adhere to a credo of honor, integrity, diligence, and excellence. They think big and are internally motivated. A professional recognizes how important it is to follow through on commitments and follow up after these are fulfilled. Think about each of these attributes and determine how you rate with each one. Most people quickly realize that improvement is possible.

Do not fall into the category of “slimy salesperson.” Learn the skills required to become a professional. A Dani Johnson script book is one of the many tools available. Use it and some of Dani’s training CDs to increase skills to the level of a professional. Magnetic Influence is a great program to start with or go for the triple crown with the Unlimited Success Bundle that includes this program plus Profit Skills and Conditioning for Success.

We are born with unlimited potential and if we believe in ourselves we can achieve professional status in little time. Then, we can pass along what we learned to others and help them do the same. Taking this approach will whittle that 98 percent down to almost zero and create a world that is vastly different from the one we live in today.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Secrets To a Low-Stress Life

Though it is not possible to eliminate stress from our lives, many of us can drastically reduce it. According to an article in The Washington Post, more than half of Americans are concerned about their daily stress levels. Nearly half say that stress affects their personal and professional lives and almost one-third blame stress for their difficulties managing family and work responsibilities. Though stress may seem common, it does not need to rule our lifestyles.

After realizing that stress-related illness is responsible for two in every three doctor visits in this country, everyone should want to take action. Different circumstances in life can cause a person to feel stressed. Job layoffs, insufficient pay, debt, and family disputes are several common culprits. While becoming stressed may seem like an automatic response, it is actually a choice. We decide whether we respond to stress triggers with the expected behavior or learn how to deal with the situation.

Society promotes the belief that only weak people get help for such problems but that is not true. It is far better to seek professional treatment for stress than to mask the feelings by using drugs or alcohol, going on a shopping spree, or becoming a recluse. Using feel-good treatments that allow us to run from stress will not make underlying feelings go away. In fact, when we pretend that we are okay we create more stress for ourselves. Taking action and facing the problem head-on is the only way to eliminate it.

This approach requires identifying the source of our stress and making changes to decrease stress levels. For example, if the household budget is stretched thin we can spend money on expensive electronics and other items that might make us feel good or we can tighten our belts and reduce spending. Those feel-good items will only create additional financial stress.

Making a much smaller investment in a Dani Johnson training program such as Debt Elimination & Financial Independence or War on Debt will provide long-lasting financial results, making this expense more worthwhile. Thousands of people have used these programs to bring themselves back from the edge of financial ruin. They are living debt-free and saving money for the future.

In addition to finances, time management is another major stressor for many people. Approximately 55 percent of Americans claim that their stress results from lack of time to do everything they want to do. Wishing for more time will not prove successful so these folks should try the new Time Secrets system from Dani Johnson. They will learn how to design their lives so they can do what they want, decreasing their stress in the process.

The choice is yours: stay stressed or take action by finding a solution that reduces stress levels. Letting stress control your life will lead to additional negative outcomes. Equipping yourself to design a happy and fulfilling future is not difficult to do using one of Dani’s programs. We should all take steps to stop the epidemic that is stress.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ignore The Haters and Press On Toward Success

Whether you are striving to be a better spouse or parent or attempting to create the best home based business in America, at least one person will be jealous. Many people encounter jealously throughout their lives and unless society receives some drastic reprogramming, this is not likely to change. Whenever someone decides to do something meaningful or just different, someone else will become jealous. People resent others for simply wanting to change the status quo.

Though it is impossible to eliminate jealousy from the world, we can prevent it from controlling what we do with our lives. When people express jealousy toward us, the feeling pertains to them, not us. This can be difficult to see when we are on the receiving end but we must keep it in mind to avoid getting off track.

These folks try to pull us down, to prevent us from striving for a workplace promotion, from making our personal relationships healthy and fulfilling, and from improving our financial situations. They claim to be doing it for our own good to help us see reality. What they are really doing is trying to make us just like them.

Some people will pick on others for nearly anything. Whether we dress differently or eat different foods, they will find a reason to judge, criticize, and be jealous. By simply “going against the grain” we create a situation that confuses some people. Their misunderstanding is often expressed in negative ways such as acting and speaking in a jealous manner. This is their problem, not ours, and we must be careful not to make it our issue.

Though our journey to personal, financial, or career success will cause other people to judge us and be jealous, we must not let this deter us. The results will be worth dealing with these negative feelings. Deciding not to push ourselves to new levels of success will not eliminate jealous reactions of others. Some people will be jealous regardless of the situation. Letting them keep us from our potential will make us as unhappy as they are.

Never let fears of judgment or jealousy cause you to give up. People with these feelings are in our lives for a reason: to push us toward success and strengthen our determination to achieve it. A person working toward success is never alone because there are plenty of other people doing the same thing across town, in other states, and around the world. Developing a supportive network of these individuals can make it easier to deal with the jealousy expressed by others.

When the voices of the jealous and judgmental seem loud, it can be easy to shrink back and become afraid. Never let fear of jealousy or judgment keep you from achieving personal goals. Stop these negative thoughts in their tracks, stand tall, and press on to reach your potential. When doubt creeps in lean on supportive individuals and find ways to cope with the naysayers. If we all take this approach, each of us can make a difference in this world.