Sunday, June 30, 2013

Focusing On Gain, Not Loss Can Turn Your Life Around

By now, you should have heard of Dani Johnson, the woman who managed to turn her life around by selling a weight loss product and who is now a business, financial, and relationship consultant to thousands of people across the world. Some of you may have purchased one of her training programs, hoping that a Dani Johnson script book would open the door to unimaginable success. If that success has not come, a single mistake may be to blame.

According to Dani, this mistake costs people clients, money, business partners, and relationships. It can cause people to lose everything they have worked to achieve. This mistake is actually a simple one and may be made unconsciously. What is it? Being afraid of losing something. Whether we fear losing our job, business, money, or relationships, we are focusing on the wrong thing. We direct our energy to avoid losing what we have rather than channeling it into getting something even more valuable.

How does Dani know about this mistake and its effects? She made it early in her career and experienced the detrimental consequences. To prevent the rest of us from going through this pain and having to claw our way back to the top as she did, Dani suggests that we concentrate on three things to keep ourselves moving in the correct direction.

Focus is the first thing we must master because we get more of whatever we focus on in life. This is because we get good at the things that we focus on, increasing the likelihood of success. If we spend time focusing on money that we fear we will not make or customers or a job that we are afraid to lose, we are neglecting the money that we are making, the customers we have, and the job at which we should be performing our best.

It is not possible to focus on the negative and the positive at the same time. Therefore, we must stop focusing on what is wrong or what we could be doing better and begin focusing on what is going right and on the results we are creating. Focus on that one prospect who said yes not the handful of others who said no. Celebrate successes and use them as motivation to achieve even more.

When we concentrate on what we are doing, it is easy to become mired in data, processes, and the day-to-day obligations. This prevents us from concentrating on creating results. Being organized, working day and night, and setting hundreds of appointments mean nothing if we are not producing concrete results.

The last thing Dani recommends is to have faith. We must believe in what we are doing, the money we are investing in our careers, the time we are spending with clients, and the effort we are putting into relationships. We need to trust that these will produce results. When we do this, we begin carrying ourselves in a manner that illustrates our beliefs. This is what creates success. 

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