Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time for a Mid-Year Assessment

We have officially passed the halfway mark for 2013 so it is time to assess our progress. Goal setting is an essential tool for achieving success. Have you made progress toward your career, personal, and financial goals? Is a promotion in sight, are relationships developing, and is debt dwindling away? If not, it is not too late to get back on track. Use this mid-year checkup as the inspiration to reinforce commitment to a better life. 

Life is hectic, making it easy to put goals by the wayside while focusing on getting through the day. Getting back on the path to goal achievement is important because life will not improve without some effort. There may not be enough time to complete everything on the to-do list but there should be time to achieve the most important goals. These will elevate our lives and make us feel fulfilled.

Dust off the list of resolutions and goals that was prepared in January, list progress made, and determine what is left to be done. Take a moment to celebrate accomplishments even if the goals have not been achieved. This motivates action toward the ultimate objective and inspires you to tackle additional goals. Prioritize the list, putting goals that must be accomplished this year at the top. If there are too many unachieved objectives, devote attention to those that are most important so 2013 will end on a successful note. 

Dig in and tackle those goals by taking the required action. A well-formulated objective combined with old-fashioned hard work should result in success. Anyone who needs help should check out the Dani Johnson training programs sold online. Thousands of people have used these self-study packages to get themselves out of debt, enrich their relationships, and build their businesses into profit-wielding enterprises
Dani offers an array of programs tailored to the most common life objectives, each simple enough for the average person to follow. When not mastering the skills taught in Conditioning for Success, War on Debt, or Magnetic Influence, tune in to the syndicated Dani Johnson Radio Show. It airs every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central Time and on Wednesday afternoons at 12 PM Eastern/11 AM Central. 

While working toward objectives during the remainder of this year, do not become so mired in details that vision is lost. Our vision is what pushes us toward where we want to be. If we forget why we are making all of this effort, the achievements will not be very meaningful. When motivation wanes, focusing on our vision will keep us going. Daily reminders encourage us to keep plugging away. 

There are less than six months left to achieve what we planned to this year. Make them count. When the holidays roll around, each of us should be able to say, “Look what I accomplished this year!” To be in this enviable position, we must get out there and take action. Share this message with everyone who has resolved to make 2013 the year they transform their lives.

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