Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Find the Passion Within You

Raise your hand if you have ever wondered what you should be doing with your life. Many of us spend years searching for fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction accented by meaning but never find it. Forbes reports that less than 20 percent of Americans feel satisfied with their work. This is a scary statistic that influences all aspects of our lives and the overall economy. It is time to approach this situation in a different way.

When job satisfaction suffers so do productivity, innovation, and competitiveness. Older workers become hesitant to share what they know with younger generations, causing the workforce to break down. Of the members of Generation Y, who are individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s, 91 percent expect to remain in their jobs for no more than three years. They want careers that matter and half of them would prefer unemployment to a job they dislike.

These individuals spend a great deal of time searching for a career about which they are passionate. Many of us are cut from the same cloth. Until we realize that a job does not provide satisfaction or even significance, our quest will be unsuccessful. We should spend less time trying to figure ourselves out and determining what we want and more time doing what is in front of us. Working diligently and with excellence is what creates satisfaction.

Self-made entrepreneur Dani Johnson knows something about this approach. When she was homeless, she was not passionate about the weight loss product she was selling out of the trunk of her car. In fact, this product was not even effective for her. However, it was the business opportunity she had and she made the most of it. Had she instead spent time searching for something she was passionate about, she may never have become the millionaire and lifestyle expert she is today.

Many of us feel a calling to do something meaningful with our lives. Though this is commendable, it does not require an intensive search. We can affect the world positively by doing what is in front of us. We get more of what we focus on so we should focus on discovering satisfaction within our work. This means focusing on what we like about our jobs and doing our best each day.

By working diligently and with excellence, we find satisfaction in our work. We become more fulfilled and this spills over to other areas of life. Dani provides free audio and video training to help us get started. She also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show that is broadcast live on Sunday nights at 9 PM Central Time. Segments deal with finding satisfaction in work, personal, and community life without extensive searching.

End the quest to find your passion and turn reality into a passionate endeavor. This will elevate your life to unimagined levels and make every day a step toward an incredible future. By taking this approach, each of us can find the satisfaction we crave and enjoy a life of significance. It is never too late to get started!   

*Photo Courtesy of GabboT via Creative Commons License

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