Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tired of Interviewing? Become Your Own Boss!

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Job interviews can be intimidating, scary, and even overwhelming. Many people feel uncomfortable even thinking about the prospect of interviewing. If you are one of the millions of people out of work in this country, interviewing has become a way of life but that does not make it more pleasant. Anyone who has had it with suits, resumes, and trying to prove him or herself to an interviewer should consider taking control by starting a business.

After telling countless interviewers what you can do, it is time to prove it. Explore work from home opportunities and select some that align with your skills, experience, and interests. Review each opportunity carefully to ensure that it is legitimate. Though we are warned not to pay to work at home the truth is that every home-based business opportunity requires some money out of pocket. Explore the three options for working from home and decide which is most appealing.

Working at home for an established company is the least expensive of the three choices. Few companies allow employees to work at home because it requires an increased level of oversight in terms of productivity checks. Some companies allow telecommuting for certain positions but may decrease pay or benefits or increase workload in exchange. The employee may be required to provide the computer equipment, Internet connection, and telephone service needed to perform the job. This arrangement is often unsuccessful when an individual is trying to increase the level of freedom and earn more money.

Becoming an independent contractor or a distributor is an alternative. Real estate or insurance agents, some outside sales representatives, and network marketing consultants fall into these categories. Freedom is an inherent benefit of these careers but the work usually requires traveling to appointments and fees for professional licenses or registrations.

These individuals are typically expected to meet sales or productivity quotas and compensation may be tied to this. Being an independent contractor has many tax implications and eliminates perks such as paid time off, employer-provided health insurance, and other paid benefits. In essence, this individual pays a company a fee for the ability to work at home but is still subject to oversight that may affect income.

The final alternative is to become self-employed and this is the most attractive option. By selling a desirable product or service, income potential is almost unlimited and so is the level of freedom. While there are costs involved with product development or becoming a product wholesaler these are mainly incurred up front. The ability to promote offerings online keeps advertising expenses in check and training is also affordable.

Self-employed individuals receive payment directly from their customers or clients, allowing them to retain more profit. They have the freedom to create their own schedules so work can be scheduled around family commitments, vacations, and other obligations without any penalty. If the venture is successful, the individual can bring on others who value freedom and want to increase their earning potential, creating a business of like-minded individuals ready to succeed.

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