Thursday, May 31, 2012

James Malinchak, Star Of Secret Millionaire, Season Two

Many people are familiar with James Malinchak because this millionaire has helped them in some way. Some have been clients of his business, which coaches, trains, consults, and offers seminars to professionals. Others have been on the receiving end of his large donations to charitable causes. Malinchak also has the attention of the media, as his business was a recent feature story in the Millionaire Blueprints business publication. In addition to being a top U.S. marketing consultant, Malinchak is a popular author and star of the big screen.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Malinchak worked as a financial advisor. He was good at his job, so good that others asked him to provide speeches regarding motivation and growing a business to their audiences. Malinchak began working as a speaker, talking about motivation and business-related topics. He is now included among the best, having delivered 2,000-plus presentations to companies, business groups, institutions of higher education, and associations throughout the world and working with celebrities and even professional athletes.

As Malinchak became more popular as a speaker, others in his profession began asking him for tips. He saw this as an opportunity to create a business that provides marketing coaching. His program is called “The #1 Big Money Speaker Training” and it has made him one of the most well-paid and highly requested marketing consultants in this country.

Malinchak beat 50 marketing experts to become the GKIC 2008-2009 Marketer of the Year. He was a member of the exclusive list of contemporary leaders featured in the 2007 movie entitled Pass It On, which revealed their steps to success. Throughout his career, Malinchak has served as author for 16 books and written products. His accomplishments earned him an opportunity to star on a season two episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television.

When he was initially asked to appear on the show, Malinchak hesitated because he worried that the series would not portray those in need in the best light. Producers met with him to clarify the show’s purpose and he was then eager to participate. He headed to Gary, Indiana, where he posed as a member of a documentary film crew. After being exposed to several charitable causes, he donated $105,000 of his own money to assist them.

This millionaire is no stranger to charitable giving. He participated in raising more than $350,000 for several charitable groups in just eight months and contributed $160,000 of his fortune. His drive and giving nature are motivated by his sister Vicki, a victim of a brain tumor. Her fighting spirit caused him to realize the true meaning of being a hero.

Malinchak said that he was greatly impacted by his participation on Secret Millionaire and he hopes the real-life heroes he met continue their beneficial work. He believes that helping others is the best gift possible, whether it is done with work, money, or time. Malinchak did not just make an impression on others through his involvement in the television show. He also learned a valuable lesson: being rich is not just about money.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Secret Millionaire Season Two Stars Gary and Diane Heavin

If you missed last season of the hit ABC television show Secret Millionaire, you missed an opportunity to learn more about Gary and Diane Heavin. On the show, this married couple lived on just $6.50 each day while residing in a one-bedroom apartment in the poverty-stricken Third Ward in Houston. This was very different from the lavish surroundings these self-made millionaires were used to but it was worth it.

The couple was in Houston to identify local community organizations in need of funding and boy did they. After revealing who they were at the end of the show, the Heavins found three worthy organizations, donating a total of $410,000 of their personal money. An organization for children of incarcerated parents called No More Victims, the wellness-focused Lazarus House, and an autistic children’s residence called the Sean Ashley House were the lucky recipients.

Such a generous donation leads people to wonder how this couple got so wealthy. Ever heard of Curves, the female workout facility? Well, the Heavins are the brains behind this global franchise. They opened their first Curves club back in 1992 in the small Texas town of Harlingen. To their delight, it was a success so they tried their hand at running a second club. It too proved successful and the Heavins decided they must be on to something.

The problem was that there were millions of women looking for a comfortable and inspiring place to exercise. The Heavins knew they could not help everyone in their target audience without assistance. Therefore, they decided to get help in the form of franchise owners. In 1995, the Texas city of Paris became the site of the first Curves under independent ownership and operation. The idea took off like wildfire and franchisors were soon opening Curves throughout the nation.

Curves was soon the fastest growing franchise style business in history. After writing a New York Times bestselling book regarding the development of their company, the Heavins surprised everyone by taking Curves international. Today, the nearly 10,000 clubs are spread over 70-plus countries. The company is now the largest global fitness franchise and the Heavins have assumed a permanent spot in history as express fitness innovators. The couple has achieved more than they ever dreamed of but they have not forgotten their humble beginnings.

The Heavins remember what it was like to struggle financially as new entrepreneurs. They also understand the importance of giving. They are regarded as huge philanthropists, providing money for adoption services, family abuse prevention efforts, health awareness and healthcare for females, and more. Each year, Curves holds a food drive that provides millions of pounds of food to families in need.

This couple wants each Curves franchise owner to be as giving as they are. The Charity Match program established by Curves International encourages franchise owners to give back locally. In the meantime, the Heavins continue their efforts with activities like building homes through Habitat for Humanity and flying doctors and supplies to the natural disaster-ravaged country of Haiti.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Scott and Alexa Jacobs on Season Premier of Secret Millionaire

Scott and Alexa Jacobs will soon be members of an exclusive club that includes Dani Johnson and other self-made millionaires. The father-daughter team will appear on the new season of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire, a show that places millionaires into impoverished areas, where they work undercover with volunteers to find causes worthy of receiving a portion of their fortunes. This show illustrates that the spirit of giving is still alive.

Scott Jacobs is a famous photo-realist artist whose mediums include posters, canvas prints, paintings, and giclees. His primary subjects are Harley-Davidson motorcycles, classic automobiles, and fine wines. Scott has been working professionally for more than 20 years and his clients include A-list celebrities. Alexis is his teenage daughter who is used to living a luxurious California lifestyle. Scott takes her on Secret Millionaire to experience another side of life.

For six days, Scott and Alexa will live in Newark, New Jersey, on less than $75. They will volunteer their time with several local charitable groups, not revealing their true identities until the end of the episode. After the big reveal, the pair will provide a portion of Scott’s fortune to the causes they have deemed the most worthy. Scott is no stranger to giving back, as he has donated money or time to charitable organizations for three decades.

Those who are unfamiliar with Scott’s work should learn about him before watching the episode scheduled to air on June 3. The amount of detail in his creations results in a realism that rivals a photograph. After seeing his paintings at a New York art show, Harley-Davidson executives made Scott their first officially licensed artist. This opened the door for other licensed artist appointments including Chevrolet’s Corvette Division and Elvis Presley Enterprises.

In 1998, Scott was honored with the Vargas Award for his Lifetime Achievement in Fine Art. For an artist, this award is the equivalent of an Oscar presented to an actor. Scott has continued to receive recognition for his artistic contributions. He entered a contract with Park West Galleries in 2005 for sale of his artwork on dozens of cruise ships. The Franklin Mint commissioned him to create their first Harley-Davidson licensed plate, which become the Mint’s best-selling plate featuring this motorcycle. 

In the 72-year history of Sturgis motorcycle rallies, Scott is the only licensed artist to be consecutively selected, serving in this role 17 times. In 2004, Scott expanded his expertise to the publishing world when he created Scott Jacobs Studio. His work is currently on display within 83 countries and in the U.S., it is in the Peterson Automotive Museum permanent collection.

Scott began his career as an art gallery owner at just 19 and a gifted paint set from his wife changed his life. He knows how much people can achieve if they are dedicated and have the proper resources. This made him the perfect choice for this season of Secret Millionaire. While he gives back to others, he will be teaching his daughter about the importance of hard work and altruism.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Secret Millionaire Ali Brown

If you missed the second season of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire, you missed a lot! Six millionaires had the opportunity to go undercover in the poorest areas of the country. They worked alongside amazing volunteers who, despite their own troubles, were doing everything they could to improve their communities. At the end of a week undercover, each millionaire was revealed and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to the community.

Ali Brown was one of these millionaires. Many know her by her nickname, “Ezine Queen.” Brown is emerging as the face of entrepreneurialism and the voice for women nationwide. She founded and serves as CEO for Ali International LLC, which empowers female entrepreneurs worldwide. Brown entered the direct marketing sector in 1999, working from her small apartment in New York City. She never looked back, eventually creating an on and offline following of more than 50,000 members.

Brown’s achievements have been highly recognized. Her company landed on the Inc. 500 fastest growing company list in 2009. Just one year later, Ernst & Young included Brown in their Class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women. She was also named the 2010 Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women. This young entrepreneur has also won the Commitment to Philanthropy award from the Step Up Women’s Network and the Stevie® Women Helping Women Award.

Forbes has named Brown one of their Women to Watch and she was dubbed “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily. She has been featured as an expert in the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily. Brown has also appeared on ABC News Now, Fox Business Network, E!, and several morning television talk shows. However, her feature appearance on the Secret Millionaire season one finale provided the ultimate exposure.

When Brown decided to stop working for others and become her own boss in 1998, she opened the door to a new world. The road to becoming a millionaire was not easy because this young woman did not have a mentor. At one point, Brown found herself with a bank account balance of less than $20. She did not let that deter her. In fact, it motivated her to work even harder. She immersed herself in marketing and success books, absorbing information like a sponge.

Brown learned the ins and outs of online marketing and used it to develop her business. She began sending email letters, or e-zines, to her prospects to market the venture. Eventually, she found herself working on projects with Scholastic Books, Dunn & Bradstreet, and other major corporate players. Women took notice and began asking about her business techniques. This led Brown to develop an e-book about achieving business success with e-zines.

The book was well-received, which led Brown in a new direction. She began providing marketing, entrepreneurial, and success strategies to others, eventually developing courses, programs, seminars, and events. After mentoring female business owners for several years, Brown established the membership program Elevate®, which provides education and coaching to entrepreneurs with all levels of experience.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Do Not Miss Dani Johnson’s KLGO Radio Interview Today!

On May 21, self-made millionaire Dani Johnson will be a guest on the Life Matters radio show on KLGO The Word. The show airs from 7:30 to 8:30 PM Central Time on the Austin, Texas-based Christian FM talk radio station. Dani will be speaking about foster care and adoption so tune in or listen to a live stream of the broadcast through the KLGO website.

The Life Matters show is hosted by Mariah Wilde and airs Monday through Friday. Foster care and adoption are the ongoing topics. Every night, Mariah hosts a new special guest that has valuable information to offer so listeners can get an inside look at adoptive and foster care. They also learn more about Family Link, the 
organization that Mariah founded and directs.

Family Link is a non-profit licensed adoption and foster care agency. The organization works with Child Protective Services to find homes for exploited, neglected, and abused children. Mariah herself is a foster and adoptive parent. After seeing how many children needed safe and loving adoptive or foster homes, she decided to do more by establishing Family Link.

The organization provides insurance, reimbursement for foster care, free adoptions, and tuition for state college attendance. The Family Link website is packed with information about becoming a foster or adoptive family and volunteering. It also details upcoming events including training, retreats, and work weekends at a real ranch.

Tune in to KLGO on Monday night to hear what Dani has to contribute to the conversation. She is an expert on debt management and family finances so she will probably provide helpful tips for adoptive and foster families. She may even explain how anyone can create a sound financial plan to adopt or foster a child. As a mother of five, Dani knows what it takes to raise a family so follow her advice!