Monday, February 25, 2013

Break Out Of The Financial Chains For Good

Most of us struggle to pay bills at one point in our lives. Many of us are currently in uncomfortable financial situations. However, a lot of us would rather struggle to repay a large credit card balance than forego the purchases that get us into this situation. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal made this shocking revelation and noted feelings of embarrassment or shame as reasons that people succumb to overspending.

Are we really such a shallow society? Does our fear of what others will think cause us to spend money on items we cannot afford? If we prefer instant gratification at the cost of long-term debt to making wise financial decisions then we really are an egocentric society. While the pressure to spend money exists, it quickly leads to debt, which causes anxiety, stress, and financial problems. We must break this endless cycle.

From a young age, we are bombarded with the message that having the most “stuff” will make us happy. This illusion causes us to accumulate more things and try to keep up with what others have. Far from leading to true happiness, these actions sink us into financial bondage. However, we can break free by following the example set by a minority of Americans. These folks manage to succeed financially despite the pressure to spend more than they have accumulated.

According to one expert, 98 percent of the population is dead or broke by age 65. That leaves just two percent of Americans alive and doing well financially at this age. Financial independence creates a bright future and results from ignoring what society considers normal and acceptable. It requires the creation of generational wealth, something that provides benefits long after we are gone. We were not designed to sink into debt; we were designed for success and wealth. The decisions we make about what is important to us determine the outcome.

Think about it…is buying an expensive new television or sports car more important than becoming free of debt? Is passing debt down through the generations the right way to establish a legacy? Most children would rather receive financial wisdom in the present and the gift of wealth in the future. This is the type of legacy that we should be leaving to our children and theirs.

Ignoring the pressure to spend is not easy. It takes hard work and determination to avoid being trapped by debt. Some people have the hard work part down and are even earning more money. However, they have not developed the willpower to avoid the debt trap. Once they change their mindsets to one of total wealth, that willpower will follow. 

There are several ways to break free from financial chains. Many people have found success with a Dani Johnson training program designed to tackle debt while creating generational wealth. Read their testimonials on the Dani Johnson website and if their stories sound like yours, explore the available training programs because one of them may change your life.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dani Johnson Interviewed On Urban Jazz Radio

While most of us were enjoying the day off on Presidents’ Day, Dani Johnson was busy appearing on a radio talk show. Consultant, professional trainer, inspirational speaker, and certified life coach Andrea Graham asked Dani to spend 45 minutes with her on this patriotic day. Andrea has spent more than two decades developing the spiritual, personal, and professional lives of others so Dani was the perfect choice of guest for her show. Both professionals make it their life missions to help others excel and achieve their dreams.

The Andrea Graham Show is broadcast on Urban Jazz Radio every Monday from 12 to 3 PM GMT and is designed for listeners who want to make big changes in their lives. Guests encourage listeners to remain true to themselves while taking steps to better their situations. Whether listeners need help discovering what they want from life or require assistance with taking the steps to achieve it, this show provides important information.

 Dani was ready, willing, and able to convey valuable advice and guidance to listeners in all stages of this transformative process. If you did not listen to this show live, you should not have to wait long for Dani to post a link to the audio recording on her website. The message that Dani and Andrea shared is important so take time to listen.

Whether we choose to implement it or it is thrust upon us, change is inevitable. Being prepared and having the tools to make change a positive development allow us to grow. Who better to provide inspiration than Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire star and creator of several personal development businesses?  

Our world is a hectic place and there are many distractions on the road to success. If we follow these diversions, we can quickly get off track. Dani and Andrea know what it takes to follow through with making big changes despite these distractions. Every day, they show other people how to be true to themselves through life changes despite pressure. Many of us are our own worst critics and these two personal development experts teach us how to prevent that inner voice from derailing us.

Everyone could use some motivation and empowerment every now and then. Some of us are stimulated by challenges while others require direction. Whatever type of person you are, the message that Dani offers will inspire. Even more, it will instigate much-needed changes and spark innovative ideas that lead to success. Whether we want to improve our personal, professional, or spiritual lives, Dani provides valuable guidance.

Making big changes requires motivation and perseverance. The process is one of continued growth and there is no room for self-doubt. Whether you are just beginning the journey of personal transformation or are stuck in a rut along the way, Dani provides the tips and tools to get you moving. Look for the audio recording of her latest radio interview and listen to The Dani Johnson Show, broadcast on local radio stations nationwide on Sundays at 9 PM ET and Wednesdays at 12 PM ET.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

People Are The Key To Success…Treat Them Respectfully

A recently published article revealed the negative effects of Facebook on some users. This article explained that after spending time on Facebook, some people feel rejected, lonely, and even depressed. While many of us enjoy the opportunities for interaction that Facebook provides, some of us have very bad experiences with the social networking site. Though Facebook does not intend to deliver a negative experience, some people use it as an opportunity to bash others.

When we see others face-to-face, a simple observation of their body language should reveal whether they have negative feelings toward us.  Unfortunately, this assessment cannot be made when dealing with people online. Some people tend to write things that they would never say to our faces. If they write these things in a Facebook post, the message will be seen by a large group of people.

This serves as food for thought as we may be guilty of being looser with words when writing than when speaking. Do you find it easier to “slam” someone when you do not have to look that person in the eye while doing it? Some people will answer this question affirmatively and we advise them to think twice because you never know who may be observing. Expanding personal and professional influence relies on others. Many people do not wish to deal with someone who bashes others in writing.

It takes time, effort, and diligence to expand professional influence. A person does not create six figure income overnight. People must work hard to build and maintain the professional relationships that enable them to be successful. Maintaining a professional demeanor is necessary when attempting to expand influence and this does not involve disrespecting other people in writing on social media sites (or in any other format, for that matter).

Other people help us create the success we strive for in life. In essence, the money we earn comes from them. If others do not trust, like, or want to work with or be around us, the road to the top will be a long one. Everything we say should draw others toward use and expand our influence, not chase them away and shrink it. This means that we should think before we type a single character and if the message will not be an attractive one, it is better left unwritten.

We all know someone who is always criticizing, correcting, complaining, and condemning others. This person is not a joy to be around. In fact, we often try to avoid such people whenever possible. We should take this to heart and make ourselves people who believe in others and build relationships with them.

Influence is not something to squander, though not everyone understands this. It should be used wisely to develop relationships, gain trust, and advocate for others. Review the Facebook messages posted by others in your network and emulate the positive ones, while identifying the authors of the negative sentiments as folks who could benefit from some positive influencing in the future.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dani Johnson Exposes Her Financial Mistakes As Life Lessons

For Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire guest appearances and entrepreneurial success came after decades of financial mistakes. Dani may now be living an ideal life but things were once very different. This self-made millionaire recently shared her financial mistakes  via her website in the hope that others would learn from her mistakes. After reading this, anyone will be amazed at what this entrepreneur has and continues to achieve.

During her first decade of business, Dani made enough money for others to call her “rich.” In just two years, she went from homelessness to being a millionaire. However, she spent the money as fast as she earned it. Her mistake was believing that the money would continue to roll in indefinitely. Unfortunately, she had not learned from the first time her savings was embezzled and it happened again. She was left with many expensive possessions but no way to pay the $50,000 monthly overhead for her business expenses and payroll.

Dani and her husband Hans picked themselves up and rebuilt. Unfortunately, this was not the last time they would need to do this. They accumulated one million dollars in debt, move to their third dream home, spent more money, and then the bottom dropped out. In a single day, Hans lost their life savings through the stock market and Dani was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition. The couple knew that something had to change and it must begin with them.

What transformed their lives from an endless cycle of get rich-accumulate debt-lose it all to a slow and steady climb to the top? A single financial law stating that if people are faithful with what they are given, they will receive more in the future. To this point, Dani had not been faithful with the money she was given. As a result, it was taken away, causing financial ruin, pain, suffering, and stress.

Dani is not the only American who has been unfaithful. Governmental debt tops 16 trillion dollars and increases every day. From the 1950s to 2012, U.S. household debt increased from almost nothing to $13 trillion. The government has not been faithful and neither have its citizens. Those who have been faithful receive what is taken from others. We must decide which group to join and those who follow Dani will be on the winning side.

It begins with being faithful with what we have. As Dani illustrates, financial responsibility can be learned even by someone whose past is filled with unemployment and debt. All it takes is following a proven method that gets us on the right track. Small successes soon lead to bigger ones and eventually, our lives are transformed.

To some people, this may sound like a bunch of hooey. Those folks should listen to stories of others who have been through the worst and managed to turn their lives around. After all, it is better to learn from their mistakes than experience these blunders ourselves. With the proper guidance, any of us can achieve success without the pain.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting The Most From An Executive Mentoring Relationship

As a small business owner, having an expert on your side can make a huge difference. Many experienced entrepreneurs serve as mentors to beginning or struggling business owners. A mentoring relationship can be extremely worthwhile. However, both parties must invest time and effort to create a positive outcome. Learn how to identify and work with the right mentor to achieve a variety of business goals.

Personal development through a mentoring relationship can increase the value of a business and the income it generates. Whether entrepreneurs operate from corporate offices or work from home, they can find effective mentors. Before identifying any candidates, determine the areas where help is needed. A clear objective is required to find the right person to fill the role. Business experts have strengths in different areas so align these with identified outcomes of the professional relationship.

Good mentors want protégées who learn quickly and want to grow. This requires continued study and effort but no excuses. Practice is the best way to learn from the guidance provided. Make effort to understand what is being taught and implement this within the business. Report back on the results and seek additional guidance to improve these. The mentor will appreciate the initiative and should be willing to continue the relationship to achieve the desired goals.

Many mentors have their own businesses to run so do not consume too much of their time. Schedule small blocks of one-on-one consultations and prepare for each meeting by creating a list of problems and issues to discuss. Use this as the meeting agenda and lead the discussion, requesting insights from the mentor. Do not expect this expert to drive the business…that is your job. Mentors should also not be expected to provide critical feedback regarding missed or captured opportunities. However, their insights should be solicited regarding related or broader implications.

A mentor is neither a friend nor a business coach. Friends tend to say what the recipient wants to hear. Business coaches help improve general skills. A mentor provides situation-specific guidance and says what must be heard, not what the protégée hopes to hear. Recognize the role of this individual and keep it in mind throughout the discussions. If the mentor seems to be of a different mindset or is unresponsive, find someone else to fill this role, being careful not to antagonize during the change.

Finding a mentor requires identifying an individual who cares about you as an entrepreneur and wants the business to be successful. This concern and emotional involvement are how the mentor adds value. Mentoring relationships should always be positive and as productive as possible given the time constraints placed upon both parties.

Some entrepreneurs believe they can only learn by making mistakes. However, research reveals that following advice provided by others who have succeeded in business is the fastest way to become successful. Find a good mentor, learn, and practice, practice, practice. Within a short time, the business should begin to improve, climbing its way to the top.