Monday, February 25, 2013

Break Out Of The Financial Chains For Good

Most of us struggle to pay bills at one point in our lives. Many of us are currently in uncomfortable financial situations. However, a lot of us would rather struggle to repay a large credit card balance than forego the purchases that get us into this situation. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal made this shocking revelation and noted feelings of embarrassment or shame as reasons that people succumb to overspending.

Are we really such a shallow society? Does our fear of what others will think cause us to spend money on items we cannot afford? If we prefer instant gratification at the cost of long-term debt to making wise financial decisions then we really are an egocentric society. While the pressure to spend money exists, it quickly leads to debt, which causes anxiety, stress, and financial problems. We must break this endless cycle.

From a young age, we are bombarded with the message that having the most “stuff” will make us happy. This illusion causes us to accumulate more things and try to keep up with what others have. Far from leading to true happiness, these actions sink us into financial bondage. However, we can break free by following the example set by a minority of Americans. These folks manage to succeed financially despite the pressure to spend more than they have accumulated.

According to one expert, 98 percent of the population is dead or broke by age 65. That leaves just two percent of Americans alive and doing well financially at this age. Financial independence creates a bright future and results from ignoring what society considers normal and acceptable. It requires the creation of generational wealth, something that provides benefits long after we are gone. We were not designed to sink into debt; we were designed for success and wealth. The decisions we make about what is important to us determine the outcome.

Think about it…is buying an expensive new television or sports car more important than becoming free of debt? Is passing debt down through the generations the right way to establish a legacy? Most children would rather receive financial wisdom in the present and the gift of wealth in the future. This is the type of legacy that we should be leaving to our children and theirs.

Ignoring the pressure to spend is not easy. It takes hard work and determination to avoid being trapped by debt. Some people have the hard work part down and are even earning more money. However, they have not developed the willpower to avoid the debt trap. Once they change their mindsets to one of total wealth, that willpower will follow. 

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