Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sirius Picks Up The Dani Johnson Radio Show

Dani Johnson launched her syndicated radio show less than one year ago and it has already been picked up by stations across the country. The show will reach an even bigger milestone this weekend when it begins airing live on Sirius satellite radio. Listeners who could not hear the show on their local radio stations will no longer need to listen via computer. They can tune in to SiriusXM channel 131 and listen live from anywhere in the country.

Since this syndicated radio show launched, nearly 100 stations have picked it up. With its inclusion on satellite radio, the potential North American listening audience expands to 28 million people. As more people tune in, the show positions itself for increased growth, providing listeners with more opportunities to improve their lives. Dani and her guests offer practical advice that people can use to get out of debt, start their own businesses, earn six figure income, and achieve other goals.

Finances, career, education, personal relationships, and giving to others are several topics discussed on this show. Dani combines lessons learned from personal experience with messages from guest experts to make every broadcast a powerful one. Listeners receive information and tips that they understand and can implement in their daily lives.

People who have not heard Dani speak live should tune in to see what the buzz is about because they will quickly become fans. Dani is extremely personable and uses real-life examples to clarify her points. Her early life was filled with lessons about how not to live and she is not shy about sharing the mistakes she made before achieving success.

Dani knows what it takes to be a trailblazer and she uses her radio show to help others follow her example, veering off when they are ready to create their own road to success. The journey can be long and difficult but through her proven techniques, Dani makes things easier. Simple changes in how we view the world and ourselves are all it takes to get started.

The Dani Johnson Show will begin airing live on SiriusXM channel 131 on Sunday, March 3, at 9 PM Eastern Time. Whether you will be listening for the first time or are a loyal fan, you will learn ways to achieve more in life. This show is on a mission and Dani makes the adventure an exciting one so listeners never know what they may discover about themselves and their potential.  

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