Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Money Online, What Works!

Everywhere we look we see all types of ways to "Make Money" online or ways people profess to make money online. Have you ever wandered what was real and what worked and what did not? Hans Johnson CEO of Call to Freedom Intl. said something once that stood out to me and has since been a source of common sense and guidance when it comes to "learning" something new.

What Hans Johnson said was that to make a 6 figure income we should never have to figure out how that is done. Too many other people are making money online or in any business really the pattern to a 6 figure income is laid out for us all we have to do is learn the pattern and follow it. The only problem is often we can buy e-books, read newsletters or buy some type of program and never be given the full road map to duplicate.

It appears that most people learn something and they hope that by not sharing all they can that somehow they have maintained a customer or client for life. Or they are concerned that if they share everything that has worked for them they will simply increase their competition. There is one major flaw to this. At some point your clients will become disillusioned and not have success and there for not only will you lose a client but you lost a potential valuable portion of your network. Who if they are serious will become successful at one point.

Another benefit to sharing all of your road map that you can and a powerful lesson we've learned in DFI with Coastal Travel is that other people having success does not lower your chances due to some form of competition but rather; other people having success gives credibility and creates more buzz and therefore attracts more success for everyone. That is a major reason we just launched our new marketing system for Coastal Travel and DFI.

Next time someone pitches you a way to make money ask yourself this. Will this person be there for the long term or will they be jumping to the next best thing? Are they in business or are they playing on the net as a hobby just to see what happens? There are a lot of helpful people out there and there are absolutely exciting and simple ways to make money online. Look, Decide and ACT!

Good Luck and God Bless,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, July 28, 2008

DFILive System Preview and Training

The specifics of tonight's DFILive System preview and training has been announced. This is an open training for any Coastal Director or anyone interested in Coastal Travel.


Monday night we will have a MyDFILive system training. Our system expert from Cutting Edge Media, Ryan Oburcak will be doing a webinar presentation that you can both listen to over the phone and watch from your computer screen. He will be showing you how to use the features of your system. Go to to get signed up for the webinar today! The call will take place on Monday July 28th at 7pm EST. The number for the call is 212-990-8000 pin 1989#.

Invite your entire team to the call. (Even if they aren't on the system yet, this will give them a chance to see it). Invite all your Hot Prospects to the call as well. They will be able to see the power of the system they will be using in their own business! We will hear you on that call, get signed up for the webinar so you can see it! Have a blessed weekend!

MyDFILive Team

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Listen in to the Live Training on the New Marketing System for all Coastal Travel Directors

Monday night we will have a Presentation of our new system. You will be able to listen in over the phone on 212-990-8000 pin 1989# at7pm EST. You can also watch the presentation over your computer. Click here to register for the Monday night. Making money from home just got simpler.

With the simplicity of the system and all the added features, you can't help but to be more productive and make more money. Don't miss this call, you will find out why everyone is raving! The new website is wonderful, I have seen a lot of systems, this one is a winner. I am amazed on how it all fits together without putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It is all integrated were the pieces work together. ...WOW...phoneburner burns up the phone lines were you don't have to burn up time on the phone. You guys did a great job in putting it together. Keep it up-Henry Balasch

I have used many systems, this one is my favorite - Cathy Sedlacek

I love the new marketing/training system, and I can't stop working with it. The broadcast feature is so cool. I like that you can personalize it and send it to specific clients. It has so many neat features!!! -Jamie Waltisperger

Well all I can say is .... I'm amazed!!! This system is totally incredible. The boot camp is so easy to follow. I've seen and used many systems - but this just blows them ALL Away - by Far! I will use it all - I'm sure - but I Love the Audio and Video Generators -the Webinar access and... the phone burner. These things add so much to what we can do (sorry - it's too hard to keep it down to one feature). The price is awesome - and FREE after only 5 referrals - WOW! Thanks So Much -Carole Gardner

I really am excited about the new system and love the ability to send audio and video messages, plus choose the ad site you desire to promote and looking forward in hearing what other nuggets that I haven't yet discovered. -James and Kristi Buckley

I'm most impressed with the "Goal Setting" page. The audio makes it so easy to get them written and the email reminders will make it happen. This is where everything starts! -Mike Reeser

The new DFI Marketing System is 'Five Star' all the way in both content and state-of-the-art technological capabilities. Learning the system is a pleasure. Its many cutting edge features will both save us considerable time in our day-to-day activities, and propel us in developing our business in a big way. Its simplicity of use is wonderful. You feel as though you have your own personal trainer beside you as it takes you from one step to the next. This new system presents endless possibilities for developing our business. I am truly excited about it...and the price is right! It certainly is giving a new sense of pride as we introduce our new prospects to this incredible system, and to DFI. It makes a professional statement of who we are, the tools we use that help us to achieve our success, and how much we care about passing on our success to others.... -Pat Smith

Sign Up now!

You have to click the link and sign up in order to see the presentation. The dial in number for the call is 212-990-8000pin 1989# at 7pm EST to listen in.

We will hear you on the call!
Stacy O'Quinn

Get signed up for the Live Webinar NOW!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dani Johnson and her Training Creates Results in Coastal Travel

Dani Johnson and husband Hans Johnson own a company, Call to Freedom Intl. The training that Dani and Hans Johnson provide continues to rattle the business world and definitely Coastal Travel. Due to the high profit margins that Directors in Coastal Travel have enjoyed for years has created an impressive environment once you add the training from Dani Johnson.

This is most certainly the leadership in DFI a marketing and support arm of Coastal Travel exclusively recommend Dani Johnson and the training she provides. Renae Heikkila, an internationally known six figure income earner in Coastal Travel said it best. “I made a six figure income my first year but once I plugged into Dani Johnson I tripled that the next.”

“With results like that you would be crazy not to at least plug into Dani Johnson and see what the training is like”, according to DFI Leader and six figure income earner Stacy O’Quinn. Coastal Travel is experiencing growth like never before thanks to the training provided by Dani Johnson.

Several of their stories are featured as testimonies right on Dani Johnson’s website.

When I first started in business I had a lot of desire and I really wanted to be successful and I stayed at a plateau. I couldn’t get over the plateau that I was stuck on so I came to Dani Johnson and her training and it’s only been 6 months but within the first 45 days I was able to make $42,000 more than I would have" Stephanie Johnson Coastal Travel Director

Prior to going to Dani Johnson and her training, I had no desire to get started in any business. I attended purely to support my husband. After attending First Steps to Success, Dynasty and listening to Prospecting and Closing Your Way to Millions daily, I not only started my business, but made $3200 profit in my second day and $20,000 in my first two months! Jamie Scheppele Coastal Travel Director

"I was working as a registered nurse full-time, had only made a little bit of money in my business. Came out of my very first Dani Johnson training, ended up making over $10,000 that very first 30 days outside of First Steps. I put my head down, got to work in my business. A year later, I’ve been able to leave my job as a nurse, I work full time from home now, averaging about 20 hours a week. I’m already over $100,000 and it just keeps getting better and better and I’m here to stay" Jackie O’Quinn Coastal Travel Director

I highly recommend Dani Johnson and her training for anyone not just Director's in Coastal Travel. Stacy O'Quinn--888-348-0180

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top Internet Marketer Jeff Mills Endorses MyDFILive Marketing System for Coastal Tavel

Jeff Mills Internet Guru, also known as the "Minister of Marketing" just recently gave his full endorsement of the newest update to the DFI marketing system for Coastal Travel. Jeff Mills recently received an invite to the launch of this new system called

The latest upgrade show a willingness by the DFI Leadership to do what every they can to ensure that it's members have every chance to become successful in Coastal Travel. This is how Jeff Mills put it in a letter he recently sent out.

By Jeff Mills, July 23rd 2008

Something big just happened to Coastal Travel.

When I say big, I think it's bigger than when Coastal finally got a website back in 2002! (*wink)

Over these 4 years, I have used many online systems and something was just released to me today, and I have to show it to you.

When I say there is nothing like it... trust me... I know systems and there is nothing like it. This is HUGE NEWS....

Jeff Mills, than added this,...

Then realize, the bar just got raised WAY WAY WAY beyond any system, for ANY company that has ever used an online system before.I know that's a bold statement, but you absolutely must look at this, and for $1 go try it out... seriously... if you are in my team, sign up now and plugin.And if you cannot afford $1 to try it out, then I am not sure what's going on in your life, but this is a way to change that.

What Mr. Jeff Mills said next was even more flattering coming from the "Minister of Marketing"

The support system in place is really the top coaching and support team in this industry.

This is so huge, it's hard to describe what this tool does, but even better... how simple it is for people with no computer skills to use it out of the box and get results.

Again, it's not complicated!

Seriously, I just got off their success call tonight and I had to SHOUT this from the mountain tops.......

Don't even think about it, or delete this email, go to the link and do the $1 trial. If you don't like it in 30 days, quit. And it only costs you $1.

Oh, and if you sign up now, you'll get 100 leads dumped into your system.

In His Grip, ><>
Jeff Mills

Coming from Jeff Mills this is HUGE News very few people have the experience that Jeff has when it comes to understanding systems. We are certainly grateful for his endorsement and review. He is an extremely busy man and Jeff we know your heart is to see other people succeed.

Thank You So Much,
Stacy O'Quinn

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Renae Heikkila featured in Home Business Connection from Cutting Edge Media


Renae Heikkila was tired of missing out on life to work a job she didn’t love, so she left it all behind to get rich from home with a Coastal Travel home business.

By Brian Bianca
Can you imagine starting a new career, having no experience, and making $9,600 after just one month in business? For Renae Heikkila, it was no dream. Her home-based business with Coastal Travel’s DFI team gave her a six-figure annual income and a lifestyle of total freedom after just 30 days.

“It blew my mind,” Renae says. “I quit my job after a month and I’ve been home full time for the last three and a half years.”

Life wasn’t always so charmed for the Minnesota resident. For years Renae worked as a purchasing manager at an area business, putting in long hours for a paycheck that never seemed to be worth the effort the job entailed. With five kids at home, mounting bills, and a job that kept her out of the home as many as 12 hours a day, she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep this pace up forever. Something had to give.

A Home based business wasn’t a solution Renae had even considered. In fact, she only stumbled across the industry while chasing a $50 Home Depot gift card online, because “I couldn’t pay for the paint in my daughter’s room.” Coastal Travel, a home-business opportunity that provides members with massive discounts on vacation packages, airfare, and hotel bookings, caught her eye immediately, due to their attractive product and substantial upfront commissions (ranging from $1,000 to $9705 per sale.

“The only business that interested me was Coastal, and it was really because the quality of training they had and the profit margins. That blew me away,” Renae remembers. “I couldn’t believe anyone could make that much money in one transaction. I thought, wow, if I could spend more time with my kids… At that time, everyone but me was raising them. I was gone all the time—60 hours a week—and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

She decided to continue working as a purchasing manager while testing out Coastal part time. After a pair of sales netted her over $2,000, it didn’t take long for Renae to start considering making her Coastal business her one and only career. Any remaining hesitation was removed after her $9,600 opening month and a conversation with her boss that reminded her just how restricting the corporate world can be.

“I remember asking my boss if I could go home at four one day,” Renae recalls. “I had come in at 6 a.m., and my daughter had a gymnastics program I wanted to attend at 4:30. I couldn’t go. And that was right at the time I was deciding whether to work from home full time, so that was a huge deciding point. When 10 hours is not enough, there’s something wrong. I’m not willing to sacrifice my kids for my career.”

Reane’s decision turned out to be a wise one. Within one year, she was earning a six-figure annual income with Coastal and was able to be home with her children every day. Just by plugging into the DFI training system, she was able to triple her income by the end of the following year, and Renae has watched her bank account grow ever since. So much so that her husband, an ironworker, was able to retire a year and a half ago, ensuring that the entire family is home and together whenever they wish to be.

“This is so much bigger than I can put into words,” she explains. “I don’t have to ask anyone to go see my kids at an activity. My sister had heart surgery and got a pacemaker put in. I was able to drop everything, grab my family, and go. Before, I was totally leashed to that job with a cell and pager. To be able to make my own schedule is a pleasure I can’t even describe.

“My kids were used to me being gone and not as engaged, so they were able to get away with a lot more,” she adds with a laugh. “They love it now, and they totally see the benefits. They like being able to go somewhere for a long weekend and it not be a problem because I can do this business from anywhere.”

And she does. Renae just got back from a trip to Bora Bora, and she has many other trips planned through Coastal Travel that she’ll be able to take for pennies on the dollar.

Renae knows that none of her success would be possible without the training and compensation plan that the DFI Coastal team provides. Veteran business trainer Dani Johnson designed programs and tutorials specifically for Coastal members, making learning the business as simple as following a step-by-step process.

“The compensation plan is fantastic, but even with the best compensation plan, if you don’t have the training and support, forget it,” Renae says. “With the DFI team and Dani Johnson’s training system, the only way you can fail is if you choose to. You can do the same amount of work for $10 a sale somewhere else as you can for $1,000 here. Why not opt for the business that pays you better?”

For more information about starting a Coastal Travel home business, call (888) 729-1057 or visit WEBSITE today!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reflections on a Saturday!

Sitting in my office this morning smiling as I hear the babies in the tub in the bathroom next to my office. Edgar's talking pretty good he's a strong personality and Alexis is the little mom. She's gotta make sure everyone is taken care of. She is 3 and a half and he is 2.

I woke up this morning to Alexis saying in a low voice mommy we gotta fix daddy's coffee. In my restful slumber I went back to sleep...

Next thing I knew there was a little whisper, "Daddy we fixed your coffee". As my eyes started to crack open I could see Alexis standing next to my bed. About that moment I heard in the best some what broken english of a driven enthusiastic two year old, "DADDY UP!!! DADDY UP!!! DADDY UP!!!". At the same time Edgar was pounding the bed next to where I had been sleeping just moments ago.

I can only smile how many other dad's can say they get alarm clocks like that 7 days a week! I am absolutely grateful and blessed! Today is an awesome day, it's sunny out and we are certainly alive and kicking!!!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O'Quinn

Thursday, July 17, 2008

DFI's Step by Step Support and Dani Johnson's Training Creates Another Stay at Home Dad!

Do you want to be successful working from home? or in your Coastal Travel home based business? Do you know there is a one on one mentoring approach that we all use?

When I first joined Coastal Vacations/Coastal Travel and I read the success stories in the Home Business Connection magazine I just knew one day I would be there. Well Jason Kraft, consultant for the Home Business Connection magazine contacted DFI a couple of months ago and let us know that I had been selected to be in the magazine along with Jackie O'Quinn and Renae Heikkila!

Brian Bianca called me and going through that interview I was nervous he would not know what to write every day I'm excited about my opportunity with DFI. Thanks to the profits we make in Coastal Travel and the training that Dani Johnson provides we have certainly been blessed and almost entirely debt free!

By Brian Bianca
At first, the car ride was no different than any of the others Stacy O’Quinn had taken in his lifetime. Just him and the road, stretched out in front of the windshield for hundreds of miles. On a drive like this however, the mind inevitably wanders to subjects other than speed limits and stop lights, and Stacy’s was no exception.

At some point, he began wondering what he wanted out of life. Was it wealth? Happiness? A good job? After a while, Stacy settled on a more basic goal—he wanted to be a great dad to his children and a great husband to his wife. He seemed to be on the right track—at 25, he had served his country in the Air Force for seven years, making an honest living and trying to be there for his family as much as he could.

“I loved the military,” Stacy said. “I was one of those kids who grew up with a sense of service. I felt like I needed to do my part. I didn’t go to college originally, so it was a way to have a career and a real purpose. I felt that I would retire as a serviceman, not with a lot of money, but that my kids would be proud of what I had done.

“But military was no different than any other job,” he continues, “meaning that there was a cap of where my career could go.”

His career may have been satisfying, but was tight—he only earned $25,000 a year—and his constant travel demands made it harder and harder for him to be with his family. He realized that his dreams of being a solid family man were all but impossible if he stayed on his current path. So when his brother, Jackie, told him about a home-business opportunity called DFI Coastal Travel that would allow him to work from home and earn the money and time freedom he always wanted, Stacy listened…albeit skeptically.

“When I looked at this initially, I thought it was crap,” he says with a laugh. “But when Jackie walked away from his nursing career—a career he loved—to do Coastal full time, I took another look at it.”

The more research he did into the company, the more he liked what he saw. Coastal Travel has been around for 14 years, paying out the highest commissions, anywhere from $1,000 to $9,705 per sale, during that time. Its support is world-class, with famed business trainer Dani Johnson’s influence has helped design and operate all of the DFI team’s training.

“When I got on a training call with DFI, I realized that there were real people volunteering their time on calls to help people succeed,” Stacy remembers. “Because they knew that when others succeed, everyone succeeds. That was something I had never seen, and it felt good.”

He knew this could be the career he was looking for. So in late July, 2005, Stacy decided to see if Coastal Travel could give him a way to live his dream of being a dedicated father and partner. By the following summer, the former military man earning $25,000 a year had created an income of over $100,000, a number he’s increased to $253,000 in the in just over 48 months and working 20 hours a week since. All told, $72,500 worth of debt has been wiped out through his home business

“We have zero financial stress. When you don’t have any debt and you’re making a six-figure lifestyle, you can do whatever you want,” Stacy says. “You can go wherever you want. When someone in the family invites you to go do something, it’s about do you want to go, not, are you working?”

Family finally does come first for Stacy. Every morning, he’s woken not by an alarm clock, but by his children, three-year-old Alexis and two-year-old Edgar, jumping on the bed. He’ll take them fishing in the afternoons, or go play outside when the weather cooperates. “It’s amazing to be working at my desk, and when I’m not on the phone they can run in and play with me,” Stacy says. How many other dads get to spend as much time with their children? Most are lucky to make it to the Little League game by the fifth inning.

Although Stacy and his family are no longer forced to travel to different countries on a moment’s notice, that doesn’t mean they’re tied down to one location. Far from it, actually. The O’Quinns have moved three times since Stacy started his business. Their method of seeking out a new destination is interesting in its own right—his wife grabs an atlas, finds somewhere she likes, and they start looking at homes.

Stacy stresses that he doesn’t have a monopoly on this type of lifestyle. One of his favorite aspects of Coastal Travel is that anyone can join and discover the same type of success that he’s earned. In fact, he sees it happen every day.

“I have stay-at-home moms and people with corporate incomes on my team, and they’re all successful,” Stacy says. “It’s because of the step-by-step training, and the fact that there is always someone you can call to answer any questions you may have. Every single one of us reads the exact same script word for word, we take people to the same website, and we follow up the same way. The only difference is, the people who make the six-figure incomes have taken more clients through the system. Anyone who is willing to be trained and follow advice can be successful here.”

For more information about starting a Coastal Travel home business, call 888-561-5231 or visit

Thanks Brian for a Job well done!
Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Review of the 6 Figure Call in DFI

In DFI we have several support and training calls for all members of Coastal Travel. From Live Business Overviews, Live Dials/On the Job Training Calls, Open Forum calls and Product Training Calls. We also have a much more advanced training call called the 6 Figure Call. Gavin Berkey from MI sent us this email with his feedback from the call.

Let no one forget the power that we were blessed with tonight on this call!

An absolutely powerful call with many profound concepts that should be internalized when considering how to work your business with a spirit of excellence as a soldier in God's army.

Thank you Stacy O'Quinn and Shawn Scheppele for your leadership on this call. Tonight's topic was so timely, that I know that I know it was a gift from God Himself, as getting on the phone over the past couple of weeks has been a major struggle for me. He absolutely has a plan for my life, and I am glad to be able to share the content of this call with everyone who participated, as well as those who may have missed it.

Bless you guys for all that you do in support of this team!

Platinum Director

Gavin, is an amazingly talented guy coming from a corporate background to now a full time stay at home Dad and Husband! Congrats to you GAVIN! Anyone working with you is Blessed.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DFI Event and First Steps to Success

This past weekend the DFI Training for all members of Coastal Travel and the training provided by Dani Johnson at First Steps to Success was amazing. In DFI we had about 60 people in Pittsburgh PA for that training through out the weekend. Already based off of one thing that I picked up this weekend I've made $1,000.

We meet some amazing team members this weekend. Kim is a woman who has just about lost everything financially and emotionally. Now she is on a path that she may not be prepared for. Based off of previous results we've seen. Jeff from OR, came out of that training event a couple of months back and had this to say.

and that's not unusual, LOL. Congrats Kim! This weekend at the DFI Event we heard from Cutting Edge Media as they showcased the advertising they have for Coastal Directors at I have brought more people into my Coastal Travel Business with Cutting Edge Media and their Coastal Travel or Coastal Vacations specific campaigns vs anything else I've ever used.

DFI, it was announced will be launching a brand new marketing system for Coastal Travel on the 23rd of July. Some of the things that Cutting Edge Media announced were how integrated everything would be. Your toll free number and unlimited minutes will be included in your marketing system. Once you have 5 referrals your website will become FREE. Also we will get 100 FREE leads from Cutting Edge Media each month. Get instant notification when your prospect is on our upgraded marketing sites and the list goes on and on. You can see a portion of the new marketing site at If you want to be on the launch call of the upgraded system just call our toll free number and let us know 888-561-5253

Dani Johnson was also on fire this weekend! Their entire staff is so amazing. The feedback we got from our DFI team after Dani Johnson finished was the reality of the specific meat and potatoes she provides every time she is on stage. Once you've been through Dani Johnson's workshops and you've seen her training all the way through you then are able to see why so many people succeed. I had made no money just like many on our team until I plugged into that training. After my first month I made 13,000 dollars. All of DFI and Coastal Travel are eternally grateful for all the specific training provided by Dani and Hans Johnson their staff and Tom Challan.

We will see you at the next event in LA!
Stacy O'Quinn

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DFI Event and Training just before First Steps to Success

In DFI our goal is always to provide the best possible training and support for all members no one should feel orphaned or left alone. That is why at the Dani Johnson First Steps to Success event in Pittsburgh PA we will be doing a special training for all members of DFI. Our goal is to provide training that people require to succeed but make it as convenient as possible. Dani Johnson and her training is some of the best in the industry since most of our 6 Figure Income earners have come from that training in DFI. Then to have the chance as a team to meet each other and take some of that training and make it even more specific is the best part of the DFI Event.

Below are the Details


Friday, July 11, 2008.
Embassy Suites Hotel-Pittsburgh International Airport
Registration begins at 7:30am outside of the event room.
shuttle service to FSTS over the weekend.
Hotel Phone 412-269-9070
550 Cherrington Parkway, Coraopolis, PA 15108

8:00-8:30am Introduction and Recognition

8:30-9:30am Coastal Travel Training--learn how to use your travel package and how to get the most out of it.

9:30-10:30am Discovering Your Success--learn what is your success really?

10:30-11:30am Cutting Edge Media/Special Announcement--learn about something that can totally reshape how you do business

11:30am-1pm Lunch Break--Provided by the HOTEL

1:00-1:30pm Recognition and Awards

1:30-3:00pm Prospecting Efficiently--Learn how to connect with your clients and get more people to through the 4 step process and increase your results.

3:00-4:30pm Closing the Deal Faster--Increase your closing ratio by 100% and do it faster!

4:30-4:45pm Break

4:45-5:30pm Leadership Round Table--Hear Directly from our Leadership!

5:30-6:30pm Dinner Break

6:30-8:00pm Discover Your Big Y (special session, Prize drawing for participants during this session)
This weekend promises to be powerful and amazing! We will be having two portions of the event open to those at home via conference call!
See you there!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence DAY!

We are all blessed today as we celebrate natural freedoms that we enjoy just for being in America. We may not be the only country to have freedoms but today is certainly our day. Share with us what your plans are.

Alexis and Edgar will likely get in a waterballoon fight with their cousin Landon. They are fun to watch little kids are something else. Alexis is the oldest she's almost 4. We will be cooking ribs on the grill and probably eating watermelon, traditional 4th of July fair!

I guess I should go buy some waterballoons for the kids, from my family to yours have a very happy July 4th weekend!

If you need me call me

Talk Soon,
Stacy O'Quinn