Monday, December 31, 2012

The Secret To Achieving Big, Audacious Goals

Anyone who knows anything about Dani Johnson realizes that she is not shy about setting goals. This once homeless single mother is now happily married with a houseful of children. She went from being broke to making millions from several businesses she started from scratch. Dani has been interviewed on television and in magazines, hosts two weekly radio shows, and even starred in an episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television. Each of these achievements is based on a goal she established.

Not everyone wants to appear on television, radio, or in magazines. However, many people would love to earn a 6 figure income like Dani does. Some of them may be reading this and thinking, “Yes, I would but I will never be able to do it.” Stop right there! That negative thinking is the first barrier to goal achievement. Changing the perspective from negative to positive opens up a world of possibilities. Establish big hopes and dreams and set big goals that correspond with them and the sky will be the limit.

A huge goal may seem impossible to achieve even to someone with the most optimistic outlook. So, how do we attain or even exceed goals that are much bigger than us? We involve others and achieve the objectives together. This requires placing faith in other people and trusting them to do what they have committed to, turning promises into action. When everyone works together, a synergy is created that makes it possible to achieve more than each person could do alone.

Doubt may creep in at times along the path to goal achievement. This is natural considering how large the goals are but doubt is quickly overcome by determination. Dani admits that there were times when she doubted whether she would make it. Having less than three dollars in the bank was not a very encouraging sign. But, she continued to believe that she could change her life for the better and that helped her make it happen.

A belief in something bigger than we normally think we can do is the secret to success, says the millionaire. Achieving it requires working as a team focused on action rather than merely talk. When people band together to do great things with their lives, they receive more power to achieve their big, audacious goals.

Belief is a powerful tool because it can turn dreams into reality. Dani has experienced this first-hand and with the thousands of others she has helped. This entrepreneur has shown people how to get out of debt and further their careers to unimaginable levels. She believes in each and every person she helps and when those people believe in themselves and others, the results are amazing.

Take a moment to establish some big, audacious goals for 2013. Then, get to work achieving them with the help of others. When doubt creeps in, push through it, letting your belief in achievement serve as a guide. Soon, you will be in the enviable position of achieving something that you never believed you could.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Making Money In The New Year

As we turn the calendar from 2012 to 2013, many people are excited about the possibilities that a new year holds. Make no mistake about it, 2013 will be your year! This is the year that thousands of people will take the next step in their careers. They will elevate their skills and knowledge to get a big promotion or use a product or service idea to create the best home based business in years. You can be among them!

There are plenty of ways to acquire what it takes to get ahead. Go back to school by enrolling in a degree program or taking continuing education classes. Find a mentor and work together to advance your skills to the required level. Listen to radio broadcasts and participate in strategy calls offered by millionaire entrepreneurs like Dani Johnson. These are just a few avenues for gaining the experience it takes to get ahead at work.

Training programs can be invaluable for people trying to further their careers. There are programs for starting and growing a home business, improving networking skills, mastering a particular market like real estate, and nearly every career goal in between. Look for audio and video content from people who have been in your shoes and achieved an unimaginable level of success. These professionals know what it takes to be successful and they share their tips, techniques, and methods at a very reasonable cost.

Almost every job in existence makes use of sales skills in some way. Let a training program help you master the art of influencing others. This type of program uses audio and video instruction and exercises to help participants detect and identify different personality types. By identifying the personality of a prospect, it becomes easier to target the marketing message accordingly. Mastering this skill will increase your influence, helping to elevate your income in the new year.

Presentations are challenging for many workers at all career levels. If the thought of making a presentation causes sweaty palms, purchase a presentation training system and follow the methods included on the CDs. With this guidance, even the most nervous presenter will become more confident and will soon be making million dollar-level sales presentations. Managers can teach their groups to duplicate the results by incorporating the techniques.

Online business owners must acquire special skills to create wealth using the Internet. An eMarketing training program provides step-by-step instruction for earning income online. After watching the DVDs and studying the provided data, participants illustrate their acquired knowledge by completing exercises in a workbook. They should then be ready to use the provided transcripts to create online wealth.

Use some or all of these tools to make 2013 the year of an amazing career move. Whether you plan to move up the corporate ladder or become an entrepreneur, there are methods and resources to make the undertaking a successful one. There are only a few days left in 2012 so get started now to begin making your move in January.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let Nothing Prevent You From Achieving Success In 2013

On her radio show last night, Secret Millionaire star Dani Johnson interviewed six people who achieved some very lofty goals during 2012. If this radio segment achieves its desired purpose, many listeners will establish big goals for 2013. Better yet, they will actually accomplish them! Even uncontrollable external factors like a struggling economy will not be enough to prevent these people from achieving their goals.

If setting goals has always been a struggle for you, know that many people are in the same boat. It can be difficult to choose which areas of life to improve. It can be even harder to set goals that are achievable. Most people tend to scatter their focus and go either too small or too big. In all cases, the results are less than impressive and the goal-setters become discouraged. Some people give up, deciding to live below their potential for the rest of their lives.

A new year is the perfect time to change this approach to goal setting. Do not be afraid to set audacious goals because with the right tools, you can accomplish them. For example, if your goal is to earn six figures in 2013, get a Dani Johnson script book and establish a home business now. By mid-year, you may be climbing the earnings ladder at a record pace. The motivation and will to succeed were always there—the only things needed were the right tools and resources.

For some people, mental outlook serves as a barrier to goal achievement. These folks have no problem setting small, medium, and large goals but thinking they can accomplish these is another story. These individuals find every excuse to justify why they will never achieve their goals. This outlook is self-fulfilling and is then used to support the view that goal setting is pointless. Were these people to change their perspectives, the results would be much more positive.

Even Dani herself has been the victim of self-doubt. When she was homeless and struggling to earn enough money to eat, there seemed to be no point in setting goals. What Dani realized was that this was actually the perfect time for goal setting because this simple act would shift her focus from the present to the future. In a short time, she was earning more than enough money to survive and was establishing larger goals to achieve.

Dani uses her personal experiences to help others who are struggling with the goal setting process. Through her radio shows, books, training guides, and live events, she teaches people how to establish goals and achieve them. Thousands of people have benefitted from this simple act of knowledge sharing and they pass along what they have learned to others.

Make 2013 the year of goals. Set them, believe them, and take steps to achieve them. Get help from experts like Dani who recognize the importance of dreaming big. After all, without big dreams, we cannot have big achievements. Do not be the only person without success to brag about in the new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Does 2013 Hold The Key To Your Happiness?

After reflecting on the ups and downs of 2012, begin thinking about 2013 and the potential it holds. This may be the year to increase knowledge, learn a new skill, or start a legitimate home business working online. It may be time to reconnect with estranged family members or get back in touch with your faith. Whatever changes you plan for the coming year, make them good ones. We only have one shot at life and each day is a new opportunity.

Every morning that we wake up is a good day. We have one more chance to change our thinking and actions. Each day offers the potential for each person to set him or herself apart from other people in the world. Most people want to be satisfied and fulfilled and many of us strive to be happy on a regular basis. Though people search for satisfaction and happiness, few achieve these states.

The ironic thing is that we may be our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving happiness. Our failure to be grateful for what we have not only makes us unhappy but also causes stress and reduces productivity. This outlook can even overtake our emotions, affecting family, work, relationships, and finances. It leads us to indulge in excessive and even unethical behaviors and it perpetuates itself.

The reality is that we do not need “things” to be happy. Many inhabitants of third-world countries are satisfied with the bare necessities. Their houses may be made from sticks and mud and they may not have cars but they smile, laugh, and express appreciation for others. We, on the other hand, have all we could ever want and are still miserable. We focus on getting more of what we see but somehow, we still are not happy.

CBS News reports that less than half of all Americans are satisfied with their work. This affects them personally and influences the competitiveness, productivity, and innovation of this country. Many people believe that they have fewer or less-satisfactory opportunities than members of the previous generation. Looking at all the possibilities, one questions this perception. Therein lies the key: perception becomes reality even if it is far from the truth. Our focus limits us because we concentrate on the wrong things.

We are limited by what we cannot see. The new year is the time to stop complaining, being ungrateful, and feeling unsatisfied. Happiness will not come calling—we need to make it happen. When we are thankful for what we have, we open our minds to receive additional positive things. We can then shift our focus to achieve more at work and enrich our personal lives.

Begin each day by focusing on what you are grateful for and what provides satisfaction in your life. Decide which positive changes to make in 2013 and start making them now. Focus on what is going well and more things will begin moving in a positive direction. Choose to be grateful and you will achieve happiness.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Appreciating Each Other Overcomes Entitlement

Chances are, you know a few workers who think their bosses owe them something. In many cases, these are employers of your work at home business. Perhaps you are a boss who feels entitled to whatever workers deliver without expressing any gratitude. Entitlement can be a major issue in the workforce, causing frustration for all who encounter it. People with an attitude of entitlement tend to be ungrateful and those who interact with them are usually frustrated. A simple expression of appreciation can break this cycle.

When workers receive certain things, their reaction is sometimes different than expected. If they receive what they feel was owed to them, they are not likely to be grateful. Rather than viewing the situation as a blessing, they simply accept it without expressing any gratitude, thanks, or other appreciation. In some cases, they have no reaction at all, acting as if the event never happened.

This lack of appreciation can be frustrating to those doing the bestowing. It can also have a negative effect on people with the entitlement attitude. People negatively affect themselves when they do not have an appreciative mindset or emotions. Not only do they destroy their own confidence, they influence their perspective on life, which can alter their future. Sealing your fate before embarking on the journey is a very 
bad way to live.

An employee with an entitlement attitude views most things as payment for services already rendered. The truth is that someone took a great risk by hiring that worker. Even before that, the individual took a huge risk by starting the business. This entrepreneur then brought in others to help that business succeed. Each day, both the business owner and the workers face issues and challenges. When problems cannot be anticipated and solved proactively, they must be dealt with before they become major issues.

Each of these actions is an accomplishment and should be recognized with gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. There is no room for entitlement in a business environment. Employers and employees of all sizes of businesses should discard attitudes of entitlement before reaching the office. They should instead appreciate what each other contributes to the business and express this appreciation openly and honestly. This is what will set them apart from 98 percent of the workforce.

Entrepreneurs are expected to lead by example. They should appreciate what each employee brings to the table and express their gratitude with words throughout the year, not just with a bonus during the holidays. A simple “thank you,” or “great job,” is priceless to an employee who wants to create a great impression. When workers see their bosses showing gratitude, they will do the same.

If you are an entrepreneur, take a moment to thank your staff and everyone else who has helped to grow your business. If you are a worker, thank your boss for hiring and continuing to employ you. Continuing to express thanks throughout the year will transform the company culture into one that nurtures and develops everyone at all levels.