Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let Nothing Prevent You From Achieving Success In 2013

On her radio show last night, Secret Millionaire star Dani Johnson interviewed six people who achieved some very lofty goals during 2012. If this radio segment achieves its desired purpose, many listeners will establish big goals for 2013. Better yet, they will actually accomplish them! Even uncontrollable external factors like a struggling economy will not be enough to prevent these people from achieving their goals.

If setting goals has always been a struggle for you, know that many people are in the same boat. It can be difficult to choose which areas of life to improve. It can be even harder to set goals that are achievable. Most people tend to scatter their focus and go either too small or too big. In all cases, the results are less than impressive and the goal-setters become discouraged. Some people give up, deciding to live below their potential for the rest of their lives.

A new year is the perfect time to change this approach to goal setting. Do not be afraid to set audacious goals because with the right tools, you can accomplish them. For example, if your goal is to earn six figures in 2013, get a Dani Johnson script book and establish a home business now. By mid-year, you may be climbing the earnings ladder at a record pace. The motivation and will to succeed were always there—the only things needed were the right tools and resources.

For some people, mental outlook serves as a barrier to goal achievement. These folks have no problem setting small, medium, and large goals but thinking they can accomplish these is another story. These individuals find every excuse to justify why they will never achieve their goals. This outlook is self-fulfilling and is then used to support the view that goal setting is pointless. Were these people to change their perspectives, the results would be much more positive.

Even Dani herself has been the victim of self-doubt. When she was homeless and struggling to earn enough money to eat, there seemed to be no point in setting goals. What Dani realized was that this was actually the perfect time for goal setting because this simple act would shift her focus from the present to the future. In a short time, she was earning more than enough money to survive and was establishing larger goals to achieve.

Dani uses her personal experiences to help others who are struggling with the goal setting process. Through her radio shows, books, training guides, and live events, she teaches people how to establish goals and achieve them. Thousands of people have benefitted from this simple act of knowledge sharing and they pass along what they have learned to others.

Make 2013 the year of goals. Set them, believe them, and take steps to achieve them. Get help from experts like Dani who recognize the importance of dreaming big. After all, without big dreams, we cannot have big achievements. Do not be the only person without success to brag about in the new year.

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