Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why a Career Change SO SUDDENLY!

....Didn't mean to leave you hanging with the last post. Okay well sorta. You see I heard once that when text contains more than 5 words most people start to scan. Even a five word sentence most peoples eyes are starting to scan. The first word than the last word and everything in between last.

Most of you that are hangin' did not even read the entire last post but you emailed, facebooked or IM'ed that you wanted to know the rest. SEE IT WAS TOO DANG LONG!

OK so do you really want to know why the SUDDEN CAREER CHANGE?

Because it is something I really have wanted to do for a really really long time. I know that's not a flashy statement but it's true. Have you ever wanted to do something and then told yourself that for what ever reason you can't? Maybe the timing is wrong? Maybe you can't afford it? Maybe your kids are too young? or too old? Maybe now you may think you are too old?

If you can relate to any of those questions or have been in that situation than you have also experienced FEAR CREATING AN EXCUSE for you as well!

IT all came together at once. I started using my success with DFI and Coastal as a reason why I could not do what I've always wanted. Who else would? It was safe? It was secure? DFI and Coastal was the simplest money I ever made in my life and I do have a family I have to feed.

I've heard Hans Johnson say before that when you experience FEAR you have to attack it. So I did! I said a prayer and made a decision that will CHANGE MY LIFE FOR EVER!

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Hurry do it now and I'll give you a hint about what I'm doing

Stay Tuned!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. HINT: I have one thing in common with DFI still other than my friends. I'm still helping people make money!

Monday, April 20, 2009

How Specifically Did Jackie and Renae Help Me?

Now that's a great question.

Several of you have subscribed and sent emails since my last post and you want to know what I'm doing now specifically and what has brought me this far. I'm going to get to that, but first...

I want to talk about LEADERSHIP and the two people that helped me to reach my goals.

Hans Johnson, a self made millionaire once said. "To become a Six Figure Income Earner all you have to do is find someone who is doing it and follow their path." It made since they have already found the recipe so why would we try to recreate it? Once he said that I was already at the 6 Figure mark but I was able to look back across the path I traveled and realize it was simple I had followed someone else.

One part of that recipe sticks out in my mind you see. To actually do it, two things have to take place.

First you have to have the desire to follow the steps or recipe. And you have to find someone who will show you that recipe. From day one Jackie O'Quinn took me under his wing and showed me that path he followed to get to his level of success. He plugged me into the training "Dani Johnson", he showed me how to get the advertising and he encouraged me every step of the way. Now you may say he's your brother that's what is suppose to happen.

Really? What has your brother or sister done for you lately? You see he took hours and hours out of his time to help guide me and encourage me. I watched him do the same thing over and over again with others. Maybe your brother or sister would help you the same way. Hopefully they would! What impressed me was he did not treat me any different than anyone else.

If that wasn't enough, I quickly learned that another key to Jackie's success was other people he surrounded himself with. Probably one of the reasons the DFI marketing system is so powerful today is the other people who are involved.

One person I met right away was Renae Hiekkila. Now she is not my sister :) Okay, maybe she is but we don't have the same mama or daddy. I along with so many other people can now consider her an amazing friend. She very much so like Jackie provided a path for me to follow. She just reinforced everything Jackie ever told me. She also spent hours of her time training and encouraging me. She is an incredible leader. I remember about my second year she made 350,000 dollars and worked with well over 100 of her own clients and team members.

I was neither but she still made herself and her training available to me. She was volunteering her time. I had to be willing to follow...

So yes I must say Hans Johnson was exactly right and I'll never forget that piece of advice in all my adventures of life.

Now back to Jackie and Renae.

In my last post I mentioned the debt I had acquired through real estate that went south and also mentioned investments into DFI. Now God had lead Renae, Jackie and I to a place were we felt compelled to expand that purpose those two had for developing others in Coastal Travel. Can I just say this was a Journey.

The marketing system that now exist for DFI has literally took 1,000's of man hours to get were it is at today. Guess who has put in a lot of those hours on behalf of the DFI team? Yeap, Jackie and Renae! The current marketing system that now exist for DFI has had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into it over time and fortunately through God's guidance it was possible to take something that others had created and build from there. Guess who has recently and continues to invest 10's of 1000's of there own DOLLAR's into DFI.

Yes that's correct, Jackie O'Quinn and Renae Heikkila. Now I've recently been asked if we received any revenue or profit from the DFI marketing system. The truth is yes we did.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH? (do you think I would have left if it was much?)

Here's a really good explanation. Have you ever bought a whole lot of something from someone maybe a vendor or some type of business? Maybe you bought a house from a realtor once or you did a ton of business with your banker? Did that business owner send you a gift at Christmas? You now something more than a card?

Something that made you feel like, "Oh! that's nice".

WELL... that's about how much profit we generated :)

Time is of the essence and this is getting long so I will have to cut it short if you want to learn really what allowed me to walk away from a multiple 6 Figure Income than subscribe to get the updates and it will be emailed to you as soon as I update!

There are several people who outside of DFI really helped me, two absolutely being Dani and Hans Johnson (I'll talk about them later) but also incredible people like Jeff Usner, Tom Challen, Jason Cole, Lynn Moyr, Krissy Hitz, Kelly Barrett and so many more...

Thanks to all of you and I look forward to speaking again soon!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. Next time we will get to more specifics of why a career change so suddenly. Till then...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks Jackie O'Quinn, Renae Hiekkila, Dani Johnson and DFI

Wow! It is amazing what the winds of change will blow your way sometimes.

I could be crazy, only time will tell. Many of you have wandered why my blog has not been updated or why have you not heard from me lately and truly it's because I've dreaded this moment. Not because of a level of fear but mostly because I was not sure of how to express the many thanks that so many of you deserve for the impact you've had on my life.

You can read my story on the right but let me help you with the real story. DO you want the REAL story? I'm going to share it with you in the next couple of updates.

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Now when I say the REAL story that does not mean the one on the right is incorrect it just means there is more to add between the lines than already exist.

Let's state a few facts...

Coastal Travel and the DFI team is amazing and I'm able to make the decisions I've made because of each and everyone of them. The income I've made is amazing and the life I've lived being home with my family has been awesome! I've basically become unemployable of sorts! THANKS GUYS!

One thing I always shared with people is I started $116,000 in debt only making 25,000 a year. I did make amazing income but, at one point about a year and a half ago due to investments in real estate that went south (duh), investments creating the DFI marketing system (more on this later) and remainder of previous debt I was over $300,000 in debt. Even though I was making a 6 figure income.

Now the good news...

Thanks to Coastal Travel, DFI and the training and support from Dani Johnson, Jackie O'Quinn and Renae Hiekkila I continued to be a top income earner in Coastal Travel.

To my knowledge I was the #1 income worldwide last year in all of Coastal Travel. (Dang, I could never repay you guys thanks!!!)

If you believed you earned more than I did last year in Coastal leave a comment in this post please. I'd like you to be properly recognized.

OK on second thought don't bust my bubble I'm going somewhere here.

Last year I ended the year paying off huge chunks of my debt even getting to the point to be able to sell investments I lost money on and cut my losses. You know they won't let you sell that stuff if you owe more than it's worth???? That's silly.

Long story short. We ended the year debt free except for $80,000 left on our mortgage and we had and additional $50,000 saved at the bank.

Now there is something in my mind I have always wanted to do.... Subscribe now

.....Stay tuned and I will tell you what it is and exactly HOW I got there!