Thursday, November 29, 2012

Business Wisdom From Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson is tackling some heavy work-related topics on her radio shows this week. On her Monday Night Strategy Call, she discussed how to master the skill of initiative. On Wednesday afternoon, she dealt with the ever-present issue of incompetence in the workplace. Fellow entrepreneurs, listen to the audio recordings of these calls on Dani’s website because they are packed with valuable tips that can be implemented immediately.

Initiative is intrinsic to many entrepreneurs. In fact, it is typically what makes people want to start their own work from home businesses. They see a need in the marketplace and take action to fulfill it. However, not all business owners are this way. The human race is filled with people who are eager to point out what needs to be done. Far fewer automatically take the next step to do it. Initiative is a simple skill so there is no reason to lack it.

On her Strategy Call, Dani reveals how entrepreneurs can gain confidence in their businesses and careers. Confidence paves the way for taking initiative. She discusses a simple way that any entrepreneur can increase his or her value, regardless of career level or industry focus. There are easy ways to become a leader and capture the attention of others. There are even simple ways to substantially increase income. Let an expert show you how by listening to what Dani has to say.

Initiative is a positive thing but incompetence is not such fun to discuss. While many business owners prefer to ignore the incompetence of their workforces, Dani turns her focus to identifying and resolving it. Incompetent employees are a drain on workplace resources. Whether they are sloppy, lack diligence, are unproductive, or fail to strive for excellence, their perspective and behavior must be addressed before they drag down the business.

Some entrepreneurs inherit incompetent workers when they take over a business. Others are guilty of hiring them, sometimes due to no fault of their own. Many people look fabulous on paper but when the rubber meets the road, they fail to deliver. Others experience a personal setback that affects their outlook on life and they are never the same. Whatever the reason for worker incompetence, their employers are left feeling frustrated and helpless.

On The Dani Johnson Radio Show on Wednesday, Dani delved into the mindset of a so-called “bad employee” and explained how to deal with these workers. By understanding how incompetent people think, it becomes easier to deal with and when necessary, get rid of, them. If left unaddressed, incompetence can spread within the workplace, bringing a business to a screeching halt. Entrepreneurs should take action to cure this epidemic before it affects their livelihoods.

The information in these radio broadcasts is applicable to entrepreneurs within any industry. Whether the business has two or two hundred employees, incompetence may be present. Initiative is a trait that helps business owners do things better, whatever they do. Learn from someone who has first-hand experience with both topics and use the information to make your career a successful one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Overcome Naysayers With Focus And Results

We all know negative people and some of us must deal with these folks on a daily basis. Complaining, criticism, and judgment are their specialties. Picking others apart is the way these individuals operate and it often stems from jealousy. Even if negative people are family members, friends, or co-workers, we must face the fact that their words are not healthy. We also must realize that once we become successful, these folks will turn against us.

Negative people are masters at trying to cut down successful people. They get others to second-guess themselves, their goals, and their dreams. If they succeed, the person they are “working” ends up settling. In work, relationships, and life in general, this is not the ideal solution. We should always be stirring the pot. Making positive changes that lead to success is the preferred way to live. In the process, we capture the attention of others. When our negative acquaintances begin talking about us, it is because we are doing things the right way!

The truth is that some people are content with routines. They like the “same old, same old” and take joy in trying to tear down others who want more from life. They should respect us enough to be happy for us and we should let them stay in their ruts. However, we should not accept their negative talk as truth or change to accommodate their predications. We can turn their lemons into lemonade by using negative influences for positive purposes.

Negative talk tests our dedication to goals. When others are discouraging, we should remain determined. Their words should not become our excuses because an excuse is nothing more than a lie. We should look for encouragement from other sources like church and the positive people in our lives. By pushing forward, we avoid giving up our goals and dreams for the future.

We should convert negative influences from roadblocks into hurdles. We must overcome these on our way to success. Just as there are people who will be successful and happy, there are people who will have regrets. They key is to stay out of the regretful crowd. By treating negative people as examples of what we do not want to become, we establish standards and define who we want to be.

A negative thinker lacks dreams, often due to insecurity. We can let this person affect our lives or we can become a mentor. Through our words and actions, we can turn a small thinker into a dreamer. Encouragement and kindness may be all a negative person needs for a shift in thinking. While we are working toward a six figure income, we should encourage them to work with us.

When people criticize us, we should respond with results. Whining and complaining only make us one of them. Our focus should remain on our career, financial, and personal goals and those who encourage these. Remember, what we focus on is what we master. Become a master of success and you will live the life of your dreams!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saving Money This Season

If you have not been inundated with retailer advertisements regarding holiday sales, consider yourself lucky. The rest of us are wading through yards of paper and cluttered email boxes filled with coupons, discount codes, and limited-time offers. With all of these messages encouraging spending, it can be difficult to save. Controlling spending will not be easy to do this season but it is not impossible. Taking a hard line can prevent the financial monster called debt from appearing.

Many people spend the majority of their holiday savings on gifts for family members. Having a Pollyanna is an easy way to reduce spending in this category. Each member of the family purchases a gift for only one other person rather than everyone. With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy still impacting millions of people, family donations to a related cause are worthwhile and keep holiday spending within budget. Family members can also offer free services like babysitting as gifts to each other for the holidays.

Paying for holiday gifts with cash usually results in reduced spending. It is easy to quickly amass a huge credit card bill without realizing the financial implications. Before they go on shopping sprees, parents should think about the future for their children. A savings bond or contribution to an educational savings plan is a much smarter gift than the latest toy or game. If children will not go without a plaything, parents should look for items that are less expensive than major brands.

Leftover gift cards provide a spending allowance that does not dip into the wallet. It may seem unusual to use “found money” to pay for holiday gifts but if cash is short, unique approaches are required. An unwanted gift card can also be regifted or a retailer may permit adding money to a partially used gift card to provide a more generous holiday present.

Family photos are other holiday gifts that make use of what we already have. Print these on a high-quality printer and frame them for memorable presents. When purchasing holiday decorations for the home, make use of what other people used to have by shopping at thrift stores. A Christmas tree or tabletop decoration that may have been used only once might be steeply discounted.

Give others the gift of money by learning how to create six figure income and showing them how to do it. Family and friends will enjoy working together on a lucrative business venture. This is the gift that keeps on giving and success is dependent upon the effort each entrepreneur puts into the business. Most people welcome the opportunity to control their careers while earning lucrative incomes.

In 2011, 17 percent of holiday shoppers with incomes exceeding $75,000 exceeded their holiday spending budgets. The financial impact of exceeding budget is greater on someone who earns less money. Regardless of your financial status, keeping holiday spending in check can prevent year-end financial worries that last through 2013. For a happier new year, keep money in the wallet and an eye on the future.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Favorite Secret Millionaire Helps Us Reduce Holiday Stress

Gone is the era when holidays meant spending time quietly with family, appreciating life and love. These days, we rush around purchasing expensive gifts and stress about preparing the finest holiday meal. The excitement of the holiday season has turned into stress on our wallets and ourselves. Everything seems to demand our attention and the pressure can become too much. Our favorite Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson helps us put things in perspective so we can enjoy the holidays again.

Dani offers excellent advice for avoiding holiday pitfalls that create anxiety and can lead to financial trouble. Most people do not want to increase their stress level or accumulate debt during the holidays. To avoid these, we must stick to a plan that helps us avoid the temptations that the season brings. This approach can even help us decrease debt, achieve our goals, and help others do the same things. Wouldn’t it be nice to join the two percent of the population that is financially comfortable? Santa could not bring a better gift!

What is the secret to a successful holiday season and future? Learning what most of the population is doing and do the opposite. To start, approximately 51 percent of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday. They will use hard-earned dollars to purchase unneeded items simply because these items are on sale. Buying something at a reduced price is not saving money. We can only save money if we do not spend it. So, put down the Black Friday shopping ads and apply your money to financial and career goals.

Purchasing gifts out of obligation is a bad move unless the recipient is actually in need. Throughout the year, many people need food and clothing to survive. We should put a purpose to money we have and focus on them. Paying a utility bill, purchasing food, or buying clothing for those in need is a rewarding way to spend extra cash.

The holidays have the ability to consume us if we let them. They detract us from our goals of becoming debt-free and improving our careers. January arrives in an instant and we find ourselves having accomplished nothing since September. We must stay on track and make goal achievement top priority for the end of the year.

Parties, shopping, and personal and financial issues make the holiday season feel very busy. This leads to stress, which is not healthy. Dani tells us to take a step back and reflect. We should not forget what this season is about: being thankful for people and opportunities. This is the time to celebrate our accomplishments and establish goals for the future.

Whether we want to lose weight, improve personal relationships, get out of debt, or start a work at home business to improve our careers, now is the time to set 2013 goals. While others are shopping themselves into debt and stressing about impressing their families, we will be avoiding the pressures of the financial season and give back to others. It is time to become part of the two percent!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dani Johnson Helps You Keep Cash In Your Wallet This Black Friday

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the official start of the holiday shopping season and it seems to become a bigger event each year. Retailers are already releasing their sale advertisements and many will open on Thursday night so consumers can shop off their turkey comas. Though there are great deals to be found on Black Friday it is easy to overspend. Who better to lead us through this consumer maze than personal financial expert Dani Johnson?
The economy has not yet recovered from recession, yet the National Retail Federation is predicting a 4.1 percent increase in holiday sales. Retailers have hired hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers to assist customers this year. On the Sunday night broadcast of The Dani Johnson Show, Dani discussed the many temptations that this mega shopping event brings and how to avoid them. By being smart shoppers, we can minimize our stress and anxiety this holiday season.

Though the economic boost that Black Friday can bring is positive, many consumers are in post-recessionary financial crisis. Unfortunately, events like superstorm Sandy and reduced governmental spending are placing more pressure on consumers to help the economy this season. In the aftermath of Sandy, October retail sales declined by the steepest figure since last June.

Many people will cut their Thanksgiving meals short to head to the mall. Others may forgo the holiday celebration in favor of a pre-shopping nap. Dani began her broadcast by expressing disgust for this behavior. After all, Thanksgiving is time to count our blessings, not the number of gifts in our shopping carts. Greed is an ugly monster, and it takes center stage on Black Friday. We choose whether to acknowledge it and if we do, the results can be even uglier.

The holiday season is a major debt trap for many Americans. Holiday prices are difficult to resist and before they know it, people are up to their ears in credit card bills. What do they have to show for it? Unnecessary gifts that will soon be discarded. The true meaning of the holidays is sharing, caring, and giving, not getting the latest fashion and gadgets. We would be wise to keep this in mind, says Dani, before getting up from the Thanksgiving table to head to the mall.

Overspending forces us to live on less or face a new year filled with debt. Many people will be unable to repay holiday bills in January so they will begin 2013 in debt. They will spend the rest of the year paying off their Black Friday shopping spree. By the time the bills are paid, the gifts will be forgotten and maybe even donated or resold. Is it really worth it?

Black Friday is an opportunity to exercise self-control. Listen to the recording of Dani’s broadcast on her website to learn how. Changing your approach to Black Friday can literally change your life. By keeping more money in our pockets, we can improve our personal financial situations, which will boost the economy in a different way.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Four-Year Plan From Dani Johnson

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for another four years in office, Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire is releasing her own four-year plan. This details the personal approach she will take over the next four years. For the past eight years, Dani has achieved much success with this plan so she figures there is no reason to change it. The best part is, the plan is generic enough for any of us to use.

Step 1 involves prayer, but a unique kind of prayer. Most people consider prayer a crutch. Some do not have faith and others do not take action. Real prayer involves commitment and delivers results. Dani believes that people must be “all in” when praying and this requires backing prayers with action and faith. If people are not all in, there is no reason for God to be. Back prayer for a debt-free life with action by taking steps to live on less money each week.

Dani practices what she preaches (pardon the pun) by teaching people how to succeed. She shows them how to achieve success in business, finances, and their personal lives. She even shows those raising children how to groom this future generation for success. Dani takes the Biblical statement that laziness is wickedness very seriously. You will never catch her being lazy, nor will you see her practicing other wicked ways.

The second step in this millionaire’s plan involves working her post and her position. Dani plans to continue working diligently and with excellence. She has a goal of advancing her skills over the next four years. Most importantly, she plans to exhibit morality, wisdom, truth, and true knowledge. Many people are positioned to shape those around them in a positive way. Unfortunately, they may not realize this and spend their time wishing for a better life. Instead, they should be building that life. 

This is heavy stuff, friends, and it does not get lighter with Step 3, which involves advancing through the nine stages of faith. Dani, you, and I are currently in one of these stages and some of us have been stuck in the same one for years. Stages range from whiny newborn, to gullible student, to having solid, mature faith. As we activate our faith and take action, we move through the nine stages.

Giving to others in need is the final step in the four-year plan that Dani has established. Dani and her husband already volunteer to raise money for the elderly, sick, orphans, and widows. She plans to continue making money for these groups and others who cannot care for themselves. Many people have faith and some are true believers but very few are giving.

What would happen if each of us followed this four-year plan? If we took action on what we prayed for, if we worked our position in life, if we moved through the stages of faith, and if we gave to those in need, the world sure would be a different place! Dani has laid out the plan…all we need to do is follow it.