Thursday, November 29, 2012

Business Wisdom From Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson is tackling some heavy work-related topics on her radio shows this week. On her Monday Night Strategy Call, she discussed how to master the skill of initiative. On Wednesday afternoon, she dealt with the ever-present issue of incompetence in the workplace. Fellow entrepreneurs, listen to the audio recordings of these calls on Dani’s website because they are packed with valuable tips that can be implemented immediately.

Initiative is intrinsic to many entrepreneurs. In fact, it is typically what makes people want to start their own work from home businesses. They see a need in the marketplace and take action to fulfill it. However, not all business owners are this way. The human race is filled with people who are eager to point out what needs to be done. Far fewer automatically take the next step to do it. Initiative is a simple skill so there is no reason to lack it.

On her Strategy Call, Dani reveals how entrepreneurs can gain confidence in their businesses and careers. Confidence paves the way for taking initiative. She discusses a simple way that any entrepreneur can increase his or her value, regardless of career level or industry focus. There are easy ways to become a leader and capture the attention of others. There are even simple ways to substantially increase income. Let an expert show you how by listening to what Dani has to say.

Initiative is a positive thing but incompetence is not such fun to discuss. While many business owners prefer to ignore the incompetence of their workforces, Dani turns her focus to identifying and resolving it. Incompetent employees are a drain on workplace resources. Whether they are sloppy, lack diligence, are unproductive, or fail to strive for excellence, their perspective and behavior must be addressed before they drag down the business.

Some entrepreneurs inherit incompetent workers when they take over a business. Others are guilty of hiring them, sometimes due to no fault of their own. Many people look fabulous on paper but when the rubber meets the road, they fail to deliver. Others experience a personal setback that affects their outlook on life and they are never the same. Whatever the reason for worker incompetence, their employers are left feeling frustrated and helpless.

On The Dani Johnson Radio Show on Wednesday, Dani delved into the mindset of a so-called “bad employee” and explained how to deal with these workers. By understanding how incompetent people think, it becomes easier to deal with and when necessary, get rid of, them. If left unaddressed, incompetence can spread within the workplace, bringing a business to a screeching halt. Entrepreneurs should take action to cure this epidemic before it affects their livelihoods.

The information in these radio broadcasts is applicable to entrepreneurs within any industry. Whether the business has two or two hundred employees, incompetence may be present. Initiative is a trait that helps business owners do things better, whatever they do. Learn from someone who has first-hand experience with both topics and use the information to make your career a successful one.

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