Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Overcome Naysayers With Focus And Results

We all know negative people and some of us must deal with these folks on a daily basis. Complaining, criticism, and judgment are their specialties. Picking others apart is the way these individuals operate and it often stems from jealousy. Even if negative people are family members, friends, or co-workers, we must face the fact that their words are not healthy. We also must realize that once we become successful, these folks will turn against us.

Negative people are masters at trying to cut down successful people. They get others to second-guess themselves, their goals, and their dreams. If they succeed, the person they are “working” ends up settling. In work, relationships, and life in general, this is not the ideal solution. We should always be stirring the pot. Making positive changes that lead to success is the preferred way to live. In the process, we capture the attention of others. When our negative acquaintances begin talking about us, it is because we are doing things the right way!

The truth is that some people are content with routines. They like the “same old, same old” and take joy in trying to tear down others who want more from life. They should respect us enough to be happy for us and we should let them stay in their ruts. However, we should not accept their negative talk as truth or change to accommodate their predications. We can turn their lemons into lemonade by using negative influences for positive purposes.

Negative talk tests our dedication to goals. When others are discouraging, we should remain determined. Their words should not become our excuses because an excuse is nothing more than a lie. We should look for encouragement from other sources like church and the positive people in our lives. By pushing forward, we avoid giving up our goals and dreams for the future.

We should convert negative influences from roadblocks into hurdles. We must overcome these on our way to success. Just as there are people who will be successful and happy, there are people who will have regrets. They key is to stay out of the regretful crowd. By treating negative people as examples of what we do not want to become, we establish standards and define who we want to be.

A negative thinker lacks dreams, often due to insecurity. We can let this person affect our lives or we can become a mentor. Through our words and actions, we can turn a small thinker into a dreamer. Encouragement and kindness may be all a negative person needs for a shift in thinking. While we are working toward a six figure income, we should encourage them to work with us.

When people criticize us, we should respond with results. Whining and complaining only make us one of them. Our focus should remain on our career, financial, and personal goals and those who encourage these. Remember, what we focus on is what we master. Become a master of success and you will live the life of your dreams!

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