Monday, July 30, 2012

Prepare To Meet Secret Millionaire Marcus Lemonis On August 5

On August 5, Marcus Lemonis will be featured on the ABC hit television show Secret Millionaire. Lemonis is the CEO of RV-related Good Sam Enterprises and Camping World so it is appropriate that he lived in a trailer during his time on the show. However, this trailer is rundown and he must live on welfare wages, not the high income he is accustomed to receiving. Lemonis spends his time in his hometown of Miami, volunteering at charitable organizations and looking for people and groups worthy of financial donation.

Since March 2011, Lemonis has been the CEO of Good Sam Enterprises. He has served as president and CEO of Camping World, Inc. since September 2006 and of FreedomRoads Holding Company, LLC, which he co-founded, since 2003. From 2001 to 2003, Lemonis held executive positions with Holiday RV Superstores Inc. Before that, he was director of regional operations and director of megastore operations for AutoNation USA. His travel-related career began after serving as assistant general manager for Anthony Abraham Chevrolet from 1995 to 1999.

This 38-year-old earned his six figure income through hard work and dedication. He has had more than his share of bumps in the road, with Holiday RV Superstores filing for bankruptcy in 2003 and AutoNation used car megastores shut down after he served as regional manager for 65 stores in 11 states. Now, he is the CEO of Affinity Group, which owns Camping World and Good Sam.

When Lemonis was just nine months old, he was rescued from an orphanage in war-torn Beirut. A businessperson who ran the largest Chevrolet dealerships in Tampa and Miami, Florida, raised him. Lemonis found a mentor in this man and close family friend Lee Iacocca, the well-known former head of Chrysler Corporation. Lemonis graduated from the business school at Marquette University, triple majoring in political science, accounting, and economics.

This young millionaire is shrewd and has a habit of turning around organizations in decline. As a leader, he confounds many, with his moves including firing all managers at FreedomRoads. Affinity Group , which dominates the recreational vehicle industry and is considered by many as too large to fail, may have found the leader it needs. To clear its approximately $330 million in debt, the company must generate over $3 million per month.

Crain included Lemonis in its “40 under 40” Chicago list in 2005. In 2007, RV Business magazine named the now-millionaire its “Newsmaker of the Year.” Lemonis received the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” honors from Ernst & Young in 2008. This man has a large heaping of charisma and a desire to give back to communities in which he is involved.

Lemonis is up for the Affinity Group challenge just as he was up for appearing on two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice and now, Secret Millionaire. Watch him volunteer for three Miami-area charity organizations and use his leadership skills to help improve life in Miami. Lemonis said his experience on the show was life-changing and is reflective of the philosophy of Good Sam, which includes giving back wherever needed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Making Fear A Four-Letter Word

Every one of us deals with fear or self-doubt in our lifetimes. Even the most self-confident people experience these rather unpleasant emotions. Those who are able to overcome these insecurities tend to achieve the most success in life. This is because we only experience the freedom of being ourselves when we tackle fear. You must deal with your fears in order to become the best home based business owner, employee, friend, spouse, or parent.

Some people give the impression of being self-assured and self-confident. People on the other side of the fence are typically envious and want to know the secrets these other folks have learned. The reality is that none of us knows what the other is experiencing internally. We only see what another person wants us to see and we develop our impression of the individual based on that.

Self-doubt causes many people to stop themselves from pursuing greatness in their careers and personal lives. You can stay out of this category by following several tips when feelings of insecurity and fearfulness rear their ugly heads. The first is to remember that these feelings are normal and experienced by many other people. if you are undertaking a new or exciting venture, you should experience some fear.

Remaining busy is one way to put fear in its place. When we are busier, we tend to be more self-confident. People who have free time to think about themselves and explore negative feelings usually wind up doubting themselves. Fill your calendar with appointments, meetings, and social engagements to keep introspection time to a minimum.

Fear is sometimes an indication of things that should be done. Therefore, embracing it can have big benefits. One of the best ways to increase confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. For example, call on a previously unsatisfied customer, identify their issues, and address these. Even if this does not yield the expected result, you will be pleased that you tackled the situation rather than hiding from it.

People who experience the most success in life are not comfort-seekers. In fact, they are the opposite. They are willing to do things that make them the most uncomfortable in order to reach their goals. When we strive for familiarity and a comfortable feeling, we settle for less than our potential. To enrich our business and personal lives, we must go beyond our comfort zones and make the uncomfortable feel comfortable.

You do not need to be a creative or intellectual genius to be successful, you just need to make a big effort. By taking more action than the average person takes, you will come out a winner. This heightened level of activity produces results. A single action is not enough to overcome fear or create success. Determine the activity level you think is required to achieve your goals and then put forth an effort that is ten times this. Fear will become a speck in the rear-view mirror as you zoom down the road to success.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dani Johnson Discusses Colorado Tragedy

The premiere of the most recent movie in the Batman series turned tragic in a Colorado town last week. When the chemical gas cleared and the gunfire in the Aurora movie theater ceased, 58 people had been wounded and 12 more lost their lives. This senseless act of violence caused a nationwide reaction and Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire was among those who weighed in on the event. 

Many people are horrified by what happened and just as many are saddened. Almost everyone is asking how we as a nation should respond to the tragedy. On a recent segment of her national radio show, Dani provided some answers. In addition to putting the event in perspective, she offered hope to citizens facing yet another unnecessary tragedy. A recording of this segment is posted on Dani’s website so listen to it to restore your faith in our future.

The suspected shooter, James Eagan Holmes, is just 24 years old. Even when he was questioned in court, he refused to cooperate. At this point, there seems to be no rational motive for his actions. This has caused many people to question what is happening to the youth of today. While the consensus is that no one should have to go through anything so horrible, many struggle with how to prevent a similar event from happening in the future.

Dani has written a book about preparing the youngest generations for success and it contains some answers. Called Grooming the Next Generation for Success, the book focuses on nine strategies that are essential for grooming children and teenagers for success and helping them to achieve their maximum potential. Success does not come accidentally and Dani helps all generations realize it so they make themselves and others proud.

Parents, grandparents, youth leaders, coaches, teachers, and others who influence youth should read this book. It will help them guide children and teens in the right direction. Modern society is complex and filled with temptation to do the wrong things. By teaching children right from wrong, adults help prevent youths from going down the wrong road. As the Aurora tragedy illustrates, even the smartest young adults can go astray.

Dani said that there is hope, peace, and comfort even in the aftermath of this tragedy. Focusing on that allows the healing to begin. She broadcast clips of President Barack Obama speaking about the event, highlighting his role as a father and husband. The President took a personal approach, visiting with the affected families and reminiscing about the victims and their potential that would never be realized.

While it may be a year before this case goes to trial, change can come immediately. By teaching youths to focus on success, temptations can be avoided. Dani describes one of these temptations, violence, as “infecting” (not affecting) our world. The best way to cure this disease is to spread the word that violence is never the answer. The tips in Dani’s book reveal how to do this and get children on the right track.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeff Usner Appears On The Dani Johnson Radio Show

Dani Johnson hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and recently broadcast a segment featuring Jeff Usner. Jeff is a friend and client of Dani’s who, in her words, “has blown her mind.” He recently appeared on the hit ABC television show Secret Millionaire. Jeff took time from his busy entrepreneurial schedule to share how he turned around his financial life and what he learned from the television show. The Jeff Usner Millionaire Secret is no longer well-kept, my friends!

The broadcast is live from Dallas, Texas, where Dani recently held her First Steps To Success workshop. Jeff said he was “in awe” that millions of people watched his episode of Secret Millionaire. He is also awed by everything that has happened in his life in recent years. Dani was moved to tears when speaking of her pride in Jeff. She also said that Jeff completely “floored” her in every way with what he said that the beginning of the episode.

Dani was referring to the statement Jeff made that we should not sacrifice our family, health, or relationships for money but there is a way to become a millionaire by keeping family first. Dani first met Jeff at a First Steps To Success workshop and their friendship has blossomed. Like Dani, Jeff had his share of struggles, suffering a stroke, losing a child, and being six figures in debt.

Jeff spoke about his time on the television show, beginning with the first day when he had no idea where he was headed. This millionaire was prepared to encounter some challenges but also admitted that he was frightened. Jeff did not expect to be spending time in his hometown of San Antonio but this turned out to be a blessing. He had the opportunity to work undercover for TEAMability, Habitat for Safe Seniors, and The Advocates.

This millionaire managed to turn his life around through self-dedication, patience, and a large heaping of faith. Jeff is a man of God and always focuses on giving back to those in need. Therefore, he was well matched with the organizations he worked for during his time on the show. Jeff rewarded these worthy groups with some of his fortune but says he was also rewarded by learning and receiving more from local residents and the community.

Jeff and Dani compare their experiences on the show including their time living in squalor in an impoverished area. They talk of their undercover volunteer work and how the experience touched them. Jeff found it life-changing and this is clear from listening to his emotional breakdown while talking to a mother with a special needs child.

The recorded broadcast of this very enlightening radio segment is currently posted on Dani’s website. Listen to it to learn how anyone can go from drowning in debt to being a millionaire. There is a way to end financial struggles and Jeff and Dani provide the techniques. Take action to turn your life around now before debt becomes more burdensome. You will be glad you did!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Let Dani Johnson Show You How To Stop Fighting A Losing Battle

Most people fight for something at some point. They make a decision and fight for it no matter what comes their way. We can all relate to this feeling of determination, which is not a bad thing. However, sometimes we should focus more on whom we are fighting and why we are doing it. Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson covered this topic in one of her Spiritual Equipping Broadcasts.

Dani has a strong sense of faith and she conveys this in her Spiritual Equipping radio show. To get a sense of purpose, she often has to clear her head and open her ears to gain clarity. This is something each of us should do. By gaining a clearer picture of our future, we have a better understanding of what we are fighting for in our lives. Sometimes, we come to realize that our fight is not worthwhile because our next move is not a smart one.

Having a goal is not a bad thing but our goals should be more than just self-serving. Fighting against the will of God is a losing battle. Dani recommends surrendering to God’s will and plan because this makes life much easier. God will show us our weaknesses and guide us toward ways of strengthening them. We just need to keep an open mind and open ears. There is a plan for all of us and we must stop fighting against it.

By letting go and trusting in our faith, we open the doors to amazing possibilities. We must remove fear and doubt from our minds and realize that nothing is impossible. We can be successful in whatever we choose to do and that is where we should channel our fighting nature. Fighting to develop loving relationships, create a successful career, and live without debt…these are worthy battles and those that Dani can help us win.

We think we know ourselves so well but we forget that there is one person who knows us better. God sees our potential even when we do not see it in ourselves. If we are fighting for the wrong thing, the blockades we face are not placed there accidentally. He is putting them there for a reason, trying to tell us that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Listen to the recording of this broadcast on Dani’s website. She explores the topic in depth, using examples from her personal life to describe her transformation. Dani reveals how being in the depths of despair caused her to be self-absorbed because she was focused on solving her problems. It was her business that caused her to begin focusing on others and as a result, she forgot about her own issues.

Focusing on helping others to succeed can help you solve your own problems. Dani wrote a book called Spirit Driven Success that includes time tested secrets to success while in the service of others. Her ten-step formula will help anyone create prosperity and she reveals ways to eliminate fear, stress, and self-sabotage.