Friday, July 20, 2012

Let Dani Johnson Show You How To Stop Fighting A Losing Battle

Most people fight for something at some point. They make a decision and fight for it no matter what comes their way. We can all relate to this feeling of determination, which is not a bad thing. However, sometimes we should focus more on whom we are fighting and why we are doing it. Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson covered this topic in one of her Spiritual Equipping Broadcasts.

Dani has a strong sense of faith and she conveys this in her Spiritual Equipping radio show. To get a sense of purpose, she often has to clear her head and open her ears to gain clarity. This is something each of us should do. By gaining a clearer picture of our future, we have a better understanding of what we are fighting for in our lives. Sometimes, we come to realize that our fight is not worthwhile because our next move is not a smart one.

Having a goal is not a bad thing but our goals should be more than just self-serving. Fighting against the will of God is a losing battle. Dani recommends surrendering to God’s will and plan because this makes life much easier. God will show us our weaknesses and guide us toward ways of strengthening them. We just need to keep an open mind and open ears. There is a plan for all of us and we must stop fighting against it.

By letting go and trusting in our faith, we open the doors to amazing possibilities. We must remove fear and doubt from our minds and realize that nothing is impossible. We can be successful in whatever we choose to do and that is where we should channel our fighting nature. Fighting to develop loving relationships, create a successful career, and live without debt…these are worthy battles and those that Dani can help us win.

We think we know ourselves so well but we forget that there is one person who knows us better. God sees our potential even when we do not see it in ourselves. If we are fighting for the wrong thing, the blockades we face are not placed there accidentally. He is putting them there for a reason, trying to tell us that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Listen to the recording of this broadcast on Dani’s website. She explores the topic in depth, using examples from her personal life to describe her transformation. Dani reveals how being in the depths of despair caused her to be self-absorbed because she was focused on solving her problems. It was her business that caused her to begin focusing on others and as a result, she forgot about her own issues.

Focusing on helping others to succeed can help you solve your own problems. Dani wrote a book called Spirit Driven Success that includes time tested secrets to success while in the service of others. Her ten-step formula will help anyone create prosperity and she reveals ways to eliminate fear, stress, and self-sabotage.  

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