Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeff Usner Appears On The Dani Johnson Radio Show

Dani Johnson hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and recently broadcast a segment featuring Jeff Usner. Jeff is a friend and client of Dani’s who, in her words, “has blown her mind.” He recently appeared on the hit ABC television show Secret Millionaire. Jeff took time from his busy entrepreneurial schedule to share how he turned around his financial life and what he learned from the television show. The Jeff Usner Millionaire Secret is no longer well-kept, my friends!

The broadcast is live from Dallas, Texas, where Dani recently held her First Steps To Success workshop. Jeff said he was “in awe” that millions of people watched his episode of Secret Millionaire. He is also awed by everything that has happened in his life in recent years. Dani was moved to tears when speaking of her pride in Jeff. She also said that Jeff completely “floored” her in every way with what he said that the beginning of the episode.

Dani was referring to the statement Jeff made that we should not sacrifice our family, health, or relationships for money but there is a way to become a millionaire by keeping family first. Dani first met Jeff at a First Steps To Success workshop and their friendship has blossomed. Like Dani, Jeff had his share of struggles, suffering a stroke, losing a child, and being six figures in debt.

Jeff spoke about his time on the television show, beginning with the first day when he had no idea where he was headed. This millionaire was prepared to encounter some challenges but also admitted that he was frightened. Jeff did not expect to be spending time in his hometown of San Antonio but this turned out to be a blessing. He had the opportunity to work undercover for TEAMability, Habitat for Safe Seniors, and The Advocates.

This millionaire managed to turn his life around through self-dedication, patience, and a large heaping of faith. Jeff is a man of God and always focuses on giving back to those in need. Therefore, he was well matched with the organizations he worked for during his time on the show. Jeff rewarded these worthy groups with some of his fortune but says he was also rewarded by learning and receiving more from local residents and the community.

Jeff and Dani compare their experiences on the show including their time living in squalor in an impoverished area. They talk of their undercover volunteer work and how the experience touched them. Jeff found it life-changing and this is clear from listening to his emotional breakdown while talking to a mother with a special needs child.

The recorded broadcast of this very enlightening radio segment is currently posted on Dani’s website. Listen to it to learn how anyone can go from drowning in debt to being a millionaire. There is a way to end financial struggles and Jeff and Dani provide the techniques. Take action to turn your life around now before debt becomes more burdensome. You will be glad you did!

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