Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dani Johnson Discusses Colorado Tragedy

The premiere of the most recent movie in the Batman series turned tragic in a Colorado town last week. When the chemical gas cleared and the gunfire in the Aurora movie theater ceased, 58 people had been wounded and 12 more lost their lives. This senseless act of violence caused a nationwide reaction and Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire was among those who weighed in on the event. 

Many people are horrified by what happened and just as many are saddened. Almost everyone is asking how we as a nation should respond to the tragedy. On a recent segment of her national radio show, Dani provided some answers. In addition to putting the event in perspective, she offered hope to citizens facing yet another unnecessary tragedy. A recording of this segment is posted on Dani’s website so listen to it to restore your faith in our future.

The suspected shooter, James Eagan Holmes, is just 24 years old. Even when he was questioned in court, he refused to cooperate. At this point, there seems to be no rational motive for his actions. This has caused many people to question what is happening to the youth of today. While the consensus is that no one should have to go through anything so horrible, many struggle with how to prevent a similar event from happening in the future.

Dani has written a book about preparing the youngest generations for success and it contains some answers. Called Grooming the Next Generation for Success, the book focuses on nine strategies that are essential for grooming children and teenagers for success and helping them to achieve their maximum potential. Success does not come accidentally and Dani helps all generations realize it so they make themselves and others proud.

Parents, grandparents, youth leaders, coaches, teachers, and others who influence youth should read this book. It will help them guide children and teens in the right direction. Modern society is complex and filled with temptation to do the wrong things. By teaching children right from wrong, adults help prevent youths from going down the wrong road. As the Aurora tragedy illustrates, even the smartest young adults can go astray.

Dani said that there is hope, peace, and comfort even in the aftermath of this tragedy. Focusing on that allows the healing to begin. She broadcast clips of President Barack Obama speaking about the event, highlighting his role as a father and husband. The President took a personal approach, visiting with the affected families and reminiscing about the victims and their potential that would never be realized.

While it may be a year before this case goes to trial, change can come immediately. By teaching youths to focus on success, temptations can be avoided. Dani describes one of these temptations, violence, as “infecting” (not affecting) our world. The best way to cure this disease is to spread the word that violence is never the answer. The tips in Dani’s book reveal how to do this and get children on the right track.

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