Monday, July 29, 2013

Having a Single Plan May Not Be Sufficient

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When it comes to business, finances, or other aspects of life, having a plan is not always enough to make things run smoothly. Many people have found themselves in a situation where nothing seems to go right despite having a plan. No plan is infallible and in some cases, everything that can go wrong will. This is enough to make the average person give up but our readers are not average people. Not only do they have solid plans, they also have backup plans, and they take action.

Many people sit around and wish for success to come. We know that this is not likely to happen. Rather than wasting our lives waiting, we are the type to make our own success. Having a plan is a fundamental requirement for nearly every type of success. Unfortunately, a single plan many not be sufficient. A follow-up or backup approach may be necessary and it is better to have this in place before beginning the journey to success than to have to develop it hastily along the way.

Being overly prepared is not neurotic, it is smart. When time is of the essence, having a backup plan in place can be invaluable. This allows the process to continue uninterrupted so there are no setbacks. Observers may not even realize that our methods have changed. All they see is us making steady progress toward success, letting nothing get in our way. The smartest observers learn from this, developing backup plans for their own lives.

Success is often not the result of a single effort. It may require several people working together over time. For example, each family member may need to budget wisely and reduce spending to get a household out of debt. Someone who wants to learn how to work from home often relies on advice and assistance from experts. A couple trying to improve their relationship may read self-help books or attend counseling.

Working with what we are given is important to pulling off a plan. Instead of wishing and hoping for resources that are not available, we should use the knowledge, skills, and tools at our disposal. However, there is no harm in improving our aptitudes before embarking on goals. This can make challenges easier to deal with and prevent us from focusing on the imperfections of our plans. It allows us to move forward while learning from our mistakes.

Things may not always happen the way we plan them and our reaction to this situation is what determines the outcome. We can focus on what went wrong or we can use our talents to implement a backup plan or improvise. Thinking clearly and making sound decisions improve our problem-solving abilities.

Never let anxiety and stress get in the way of a plan even when things are not going as anticipated. Remain calm, put an alternate plan into place, and keep moving forward. Draw on the expertise of those around you, working as a team. Progress will be made and once the goal is achieved, it is time for a celebration!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Successful Future Sometimes Requires Discarding the Past

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Our backgrounds help to shape who we become but this is not always a good thing. Many people find that their backgrounds dictate their current and future lives. Some challenges make us believe that our lives will never change, will never improve to the level we so desperately desire and will always be failures. We are merely stuck and to achieve success, we must overcome our past.

Every one of us has faced challenges and each of us wants to succeed. Unfortunately, some people let their challenges convince them that success is impossible. They need something to change their paths, something that opens their minds to the many amazing possibilities that life holds. For some people, this “something” may be a mentor who challenges them to think differently about their lives. This was the case for Dani Johnson and many other successful entrepreneurs we read about every day.

One of the most valuable secrets that Dani learned from her mentors was the importance of studying people. She discovered that people who learn more about others than other things go on to experience an unusual level of success. Dani studies people by traveling the world and learning why some cultures have succeeded while others have failed. She discovers what some populations have passed down for generations and how this information shapes their cultures.

By going beyond the familiar and encountering other cultures first-hand, we learn about their ways of thinking and living. This is an enriching experience that yields a more well-rounded understanding of our own lives. If finances are barriers to travel, cut back unnecessary spending and save this money for a trip. The experience is more than worth the cost because it can open the door to future success. Merely seeing how other civilizations have overcome adversity and built thriving cultures should be enough to put your personal challenges in perspective.

Our pasts should not dictate who we become. The road of life is filled with opportunities for change and we should take advantage of them. We may need someone more experienced to give us a push or challenge us to live up to our true potential. Now is the time to find that person and begin changing our lives for the better. By overcoming a past filled with failure, we begin our journey toward success.

The process starts with creating a plan and directing money in the appropriate direction. Do you want to become a business owner and work from home? Have you always aspired to be a doctor or lawyer but never pursued the required education? Would you like to devote time to helping others who are less fortunate? These are all legitimate goals that can be achieved.

Never underestimate the power of a solid plan and good, old-fashioned determination. Leave the past where it belongs and get to work building the life you have always wanted. Find resources and people to help make things easier. Above all else, maintain a focus on the horizon not what is in the rear view mirror.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Advice from Dani Johnson Regarding Stealing Time

Between her Monday night strategy calls, radio show broadcasts, training program development, book signings, and live seminars, our favorite multimillionaire Dani Johnson has not stopped running all year. Even Dani is surprised by how quickly time is passing. Her five children are all grown up and she will become a grandmother for the fifth time in November. Dani recently commented about how quickly these things happen and provided advice about catching up with time.

Many of us feel like time controls us. Whether it is work, school, or home, we are expected to be somewhere during every moment. Time quickly becomes our master and we lose control of our lives. This is a frustrating feeling but it can be stopped. Dani explains that to dominate time, we must steal it.

Dani and her husband Hans learned this from a former martial arts teacher named Damien who became a mentor to Hans in Hawaii. Damien explained to the two that time sometimes runs faster than we can keep up, causing life to run away with us. To combat this, we must steal time back from life. What does this mean? It means that when we have meetings, appointments, and other obligations but when our children or spouses want family time, we should make it.

Everyone is busy and we all have some type of work to do, whether within a corporate office, at school, or as part of a legitimate home business. However, we must devote time to the people in our lives whenever we can. Spending precious moments with loved ones is just as important because it helps us to enjoy life. Quality time with family and friends cannot be replaced and is essential to a fulfilling life.

Children remember the quality moments their parents spend with them. When they grow up, they take the same approach with their children. Making a point to steal time from life teaches children that work and academic achievement are not the only important things. Interpersonal relationships make us well-rounded and our personal support systems help us through difficult times. If we have the right people around us, there is almost nothing we cannot do. Dani and Hans have achieved their dreams with help from mentors who were much more than business associates…they were friends.

Dani encourages us to steal time from life whenever we can. She knows first-hand how this leads to a happier life. When their next grandchild arrives, we bet that Dani and Hans will be stealing time to spend with the bundle of joy. These moments are precious and they do not repeat themselves. We must recognize opportunities to steal time and take advantage of them.

Taking a more efficient approach to professional achievement can make it easier to steal time from life. Dani offers several training programs for people who want to be more successful in their careers or start their own businesses. These incorporate her approach to work-life balance, allowing trainees to steal precious time without sacrificing other aspects of life.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dani Johnson Creates a Culture of Growth

Clients of Dani Johnson are unlike many other people. They grow their incomes even when the economy is floundering and they want to keep growing it forever. Some have already doubled their annual earnings but are not content with this. They want to multiply wealth even more. Dani leads by example and teaches others the techniques she uses to continue growing her income. Everyone should consider joining this culture of growth.

Many people wish that their biggest issue was learning how to multiply their income. They are struggling just to make ends meet and every month, debt seems to grow while savings disappears. These are the people who benefit from Dani’s First Steps To Success and Creating A Dynasty programs. By following the proven methods, thousands of them turn their lives around. They learn how to tap into their potential and many begin working for themselves, escaping the 9-to-5 lifestyle forever.

Dani helps these folks tap into their potential and she can do the same for you. She transforms them into individuals who are constantly striving for greatness. Dani creates the mentality of multiplying wealth and those who adopt it take this to the next level in their own lives. When many begin to experience financial stability, they want more of it. Dani cautions that slow and steady wins this race. There is no need to rush to multiply wealth because a hasty approach can make security a short-lived experience.

Once we experience success, it is easy to forget where we once were. Taking time to recognize and appreciate what we have done provides a sense of fulfillment. Without this, the success is meaningless and the lack of reward can make us feel empty. After some reflection, we can again turn our attention to the road ahead and begin working toward additional achievements.

The idea is to stay on the correct path and keep moving forward. When we achieve an objective, we should savor this accomplishment. Where we have succeeded, many others fail and even more never get started. Being part of a culture of growth does not mean we should forget our previous struggles because these are what drive us to greater success. The minute we lose sight of this and get used to achievement, we begin feeling empty.

Becoming comfortable with success can also make us lazy. Forgetting about the struggles and hard work required to increase our wealth can make us take this for granted. If we stop putting in the effort, the success will fade away, never to return. By focusing on recent success and what was required to achieve it, we feel satisfaction. That serves as determination to move forward carefully and deliberately.

We must balance our achievements with what we have yet to achieve. This is the only way to benefit from a culture of growth. If you feel yourself slipping away from this, listen to the Dani Johnson Radio Show, purchase a Dani Johnson training program, or attend one of her live events to get back on the right track.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dealing With Mean People Who Threaten Your Success

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While traveling the road to success, we come across many types of people. Some of them are supportive and nice, others help us get where we want to go. Unfortunately, there are also people who are none of the above. These folks are just downright mean. They are negative, spiteful, and even rude.
Each of us has encountered someone mean on certain days.

Crossing paths with just one of these people can put a damper on the day or start the week off on a bad note. Effects can be just as detrimental when the person is a stranger and sometimes these meanies seem to be everywhere we turn. We often wonder why these people say what they think and behave the way they do.

 If these individuals are within our personal or professional circles, we may try to counsel them. While many people realize that good interpersonal skills are the common thread in successful careers and relationships, most of them believe that their people skills are excellent when this is not the case. However, no matter what we say or do we cannot change someone else. We cannot make a mean person be nice.

Though we are unable to control others, we can control our thoughts and behavior. When it comes to mean people, we should exercise that form of control by refusing to accept their actions. When people act mean, they do not usually have personal intentions toward us. They are merely expressing their issues in an unproductive (and unwelcome) way. Maybe they have a quick temper or maybe they were disciplined for something they did at work…this behavior has many triggers but we are not usually the cause.

How should we deal with people who are mean? By not dealing with them! We should choose not to receive and take offense at their words or actions. Even if the person is trying to offend, attack, or anger us, we are not required to deal with it and we most certainly do not need to accept their offense. By taking offense, we open ourselves to stress, frustration, and other things that hurt our lives. Not to mention it will do nothing good for our productivity or relationships.

People are people and each one of them deserves our respect. Mean people usually talk a good game but are not really that bad. By refusing to take offense to them, we let the wind out of their sails. In the scheme of life, encounters with these individuals are insignificant. We make them more important when we react in negative ways.

Whether we are trying to improve our family or professional relationships, advance our careers, or create six figure income with our own businesses, we may encounter mean people. We will be much better off if we do not deal with them. Instead, we should respect their right to behave as they do, hope that they will change, and refuse to take offense at their actions while we work toward our potential.

*Photo Courtesy of John Fischer via Creative Commons License

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tired of Interviewing? Become Your Own Boss!

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Job interviews can be intimidating, scary, and even overwhelming. Many people feel uncomfortable even thinking about the prospect of interviewing. If you are one of the millions of people out of work in this country, interviewing has become a way of life but that does not make it more pleasant. Anyone who has had it with suits, resumes, and trying to prove him or herself to an interviewer should consider taking control by starting a business.

After telling countless interviewers what you can do, it is time to prove it. Explore work from home opportunities and select some that align with your skills, experience, and interests. Review each opportunity carefully to ensure that it is legitimate. Though we are warned not to pay to work at home the truth is that every home-based business opportunity requires some money out of pocket. Explore the three options for working from home and decide which is most appealing.

Working at home for an established company is the least expensive of the three choices. Few companies allow employees to work at home because it requires an increased level of oversight in terms of productivity checks. Some companies allow telecommuting for certain positions but may decrease pay or benefits or increase workload in exchange. The employee may be required to provide the computer equipment, Internet connection, and telephone service needed to perform the job. This arrangement is often unsuccessful when an individual is trying to increase the level of freedom and earn more money.

Becoming an independent contractor or a distributor is an alternative. Real estate or insurance agents, some outside sales representatives, and network marketing consultants fall into these categories. Freedom is an inherent benefit of these careers but the work usually requires traveling to appointments and fees for professional licenses or registrations.

These individuals are typically expected to meet sales or productivity quotas and compensation may be tied to this. Being an independent contractor has many tax implications and eliminates perks such as paid time off, employer-provided health insurance, and other paid benefits. In essence, this individual pays a company a fee for the ability to work at home but is still subject to oversight that may affect income.

The final alternative is to become self-employed and this is the most attractive option. By selling a desirable product or service, income potential is almost unlimited and so is the level of freedom. While there are costs involved with product development or becoming a product wholesaler these are mainly incurred up front. The ability to promote offerings online keeps advertising expenses in check and training is also affordable.

Self-employed individuals receive payment directly from their customers or clients, allowing them to retain more profit. They have the freedom to create their own schedules so work can be scheduled around family commitments, vacations, and other obligations without any penalty. If the venture is successful, the individual can bring on others who value freedom and want to increase their earning potential, creating a business of like-minded individuals ready to succeed.

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