Monday, July 29, 2013

Having a Single Plan May Not Be Sufficient

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When it comes to business, finances, or other aspects of life, having a plan is not always enough to make things run smoothly. Many people have found themselves in a situation where nothing seems to go right despite having a plan. No plan is infallible and in some cases, everything that can go wrong will. This is enough to make the average person give up but our readers are not average people. Not only do they have solid plans, they also have backup plans, and they take action.

Many people sit around and wish for success to come. We know that this is not likely to happen. Rather than wasting our lives waiting, we are the type to make our own success. Having a plan is a fundamental requirement for nearly every type of success. Unfortunately, a single plan many not be sufficient. A follow-up or backup approach may be necessary and it is better to have this in place before beginning the journey to success than to have to develop it hastily along the way.

Being overly prepared is not neurotic, it is smart. When time is of the essence, having a backup plan in place can be invaluable. This allows the process to continue uninterrupted so there are no setbacks. Observers may not even realize that our methods have changed. All they see is us making steady progress toward success, letting nothing get in our way. The smartest observers learn from this, developing backup plans for their own lives.

Success is often not the result of a single effort. It may require several people working together over time. For example, each family member may need to budget wisely and reduce spending to get a household out of debt. Someone who wants to learn how to work from home often relies on advice and assistance from experts. A couple trying to improve their relationship may read self-help books or attend counseling.

Working with what we are given is important to pulling off a plan. Instead of wishing and hoping for resources that are not available, we should use the knowledge, skills, and tools at our disposal. However, there is no harm in improving our aptitudes before embarking on goals. This can make challenges easier to deal with and prevent us from focusing on the imperfections of our plans. It allows us to move forward while learning from our mistakes.

Things may not always happen the way we plan them and our reaction to this situation is what determines the outcome. We can focus on what went wrong or we can use our talents to implement a backup plan or improvise. Thinking clearly and making sound decisions improve our problem-solving abilities.

Never let anxiety and stress get in the way of a plan even when things are not going as anticipated. Remain calm, put an alternate plan into place, and keep moving forward. Draw on the expertise of those around you, working as a team. Progress will be made and once the goal is achieved, it is time for a celebration!

*Photo Courtesy of Eric Fischer via Creative Commons License

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