Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Service Always Shines

As consumers, we pay attention to how we are treated by those providing goods and services to us. As employees and work at home business owners, we should use those experiences to improve our customer service approaches. When it comes to earning money, good service is the key to success. Consumers remember the companies and people who treat them well and they pay repeat visits and make recommendations to their friends. You want to be one of the people they are recommending to others.

Customer service is important whether you are a business owner or work for others. As an entrepreneur, you are the face of the company and as an employee, you represent the values of the organization. Keep this in mind during every encounter with customers and use it to guide words and actions. It can take a long time to recover from just one bad customer service experience so avoid making any mistakes.

Good service makes customers feel like family and makes them want to return. It involves going the extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. People who provide good service are never rude or unhelpful and they never offer excuses. They see each service encounter through to the end, doing everything possible to address a need or issue. When appropriate, people providing good service empathize with those they are serving so customers do not feel like they are alone.

These may seem like small behaviors but they make a huge difference. Think about the last time you received excellent service. Would you do business with that individual or the company again? There is a strong chance that you would. In fact, you may already have become a loyal customer and may have referred others to this business. Customer satisfaction is not easy to find so when it is experienced, everyone should know.

On other side of this lie the benefits reaped by the provider. Excellent service leads to increased visibility for the business and the individuals representing it. It builds a positive reputation and this paves the way for additional business for the company and promotions for the individuals who provide outstanding service. Promotions mean more money and an increased level of responsibility, eventually thrusting many people into leadership roles. Being a leader is an enviable position.

Making good customer service a top priority yields many benefits over the short and long-terms. Serving others should become a way of life. If it does not come naturally, get training from the experts. Find a mentor, participate in a seminar, or purchase a self-study program. Do whatever it takes to achieve the skills and attitudes required to be the best service provider.

A satisfied customer is not difficult to spot. This individual leaves a service encounter with a smile, offers thanks, and promises to return. Make this the outcome of every service experience and your professional life will be fulfilling. Get started today to make your business and yourself shine in the eyes of every customer.

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