Monday, August 5, 2013

Teach Your Children To Work for Their Wants

working children
From clothing, to video games, to expensive electronics, children seem to want it all. Their desires change as quickly as their ages do and many parents feel more like ATM machines than caregivers. To avoid fights and tantrums many parents give in to requests of their children. This is not the way to raise an industrious, responsible generation. Learn how to teach children the value of working and the importance of financial responsibility.

Dani Johnson helps people of all ages, including children, to live responsible lives. Children learn many things in school but life skills are typically not among them. Grooming the Next Generation for Success is a Dani Johnson training series for parents who want to raise children to be responsible and productive adults. Included are sections on work ethic, goals, discipline, and accountability. Parents can begin incorporating the lessons when children are young, instilling these thoughts and behaviors by the adult years.

Most children automatically assume that their parents will provide whatever the youngsters desire. They do not think of working to earn the money needed to buy what they want. Responsible children do not expect their parents to buy everything for them. They realize that making money is the way to get what they want. These children find a need in the world and they fill it, receiving money in exchange. This involves taking initiative and solving problems, things that position them for future success.

As adults, we realize the benefits of having a positive attitude, working hard, and making money. Many of us wish we had learned these lessons at a young age because it would have made our lives much easier. Children who exhibit these behaviors go on to become very successful adults. Teach your children, model the desired mentality and behaviors, and the youngsters will follow your example.

Children pay close attention to adults and they mimic what adults do. Focus on how your family spends money and views work. Do not let children believe that hard work is something to avoid. Instead, show them how this effort can help them earn what they want. Save money for emergencies and the future and teach children to be savers from a young age. Open savings accounts for them and teach them to deposit portions of their allowance and other earnings.

Parents have both a moral responsibility and an obligation to groom their children for success. No parent wants to be viewed as an ATM machine. The goal is to provide the tools and skills needed for children to be successful so they can leave home and make their own marks as adults. A 30-year-old child living at home and asking parents for cash does not meet these criteria.

Children need to learn the value of working hard and earning money. Fulfilling this need provides the funds required to satisfy their wants. Set a good example for children and use proven techniques to transform them into responsible young people with good values and strong ethics. Other parents will notice the positive difference and follow your lead.  

*Photo Courtesy of Vinoth Chandar via Creative Commons License

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