Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Rare Skill of Problem Solving

While many people are great at creating problems, far fewer are skilled in solving them. If you have ever had problems solved in an admirable way, you probably remember it. Finding someone who listens to your needs and does everything possible to help is like discovering a four-leaf clover. To increase the odds that others will have this luck, become an expert problem solver. This skill will make you stand out from the crowd, increasing levels of personal and professional success.

A smooth-running business rarely encounters customers who are extremely upset. However, it may have its fair share of customers with problems that need solving. Business owners and their staff should enhance their listening skills and ensure that adequate resources are available to solve customer problems. Taking time to identify customer needs and meet these through product or service offerings creates a memorable experience for all involved. Customers will think of the business the next time they have relevant needs.

Problems are not limited to the workplace. Friends and family members may face issues and require a sounding board. Once they have let off steam, they want loved ones to help them resolve these problems. Being able to brainstorm potential solutions and develop action plans can put them on the right track. Some people have difficulty managing their emotions and simply diffusing these can go a long way toward a solution. These skills may seem insignificant but they are invaluable to the person requiring assistance.

The best problem-solvers avoid becoming pulled into the drama. They maintain a safe distance that allows them to remain objective. While the individual experiencing the issue tends to have a narrow viewpoint, problem solvers view the situation in a comprehensive way so no potential answers are missed. Emotions of all involved remain in check and the problem solver guides the way toward the best solution.

When trying to be a problem solver do not let stress that the other person is experiencing stress you. Instead, approach the situation with open ears and compassionate feelings. If the person lashes out, do not take offense. Simply wait for the individual to blow off steam and then get to work identifying potential solutions. By focusing on productive behaviors, you help the other person concentrate on the issue rather than the emotion tied to it.

If you are a skilled problem solver, consider turning this into a work at home business. Offer professional or life consulting services online or to the local community. Anyone who is truly good at this will develop a large client base through networking and positive word-of-mouth. Skills can be refined and expanded through ongoing training provided by Dani Johnson and other lifestyle experts.

The ability to solve problems quickly and effectively while minimizing the emotions involved is truly a gift. If you have it, use it. If you need help from someone with these skills, tap into networks to find this individual. The more problem solvers and satisfied customers there are in this world the better life will be for everyone.

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