Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting To The Top Requires Some Climbing

All over the world, people are finding it difficult to be hired. It is not uncommon for a hundred people or more to apply for a single job opening. Unemployment rates are sky-high in many countries and the economy changes from one day to the next. Many professionals and jobseekers are rightfully worried about their futures. However, there are things they can do to remain ahead of the ever-changing job market and become people that every business wants to hire or promote.

While many people want only conventional jobs with daytime hours, others are willing to work alternative shifts and perform duties that are not particularly desirable. This second group will make the sacrifices required to generate income for their households. While the first group complains that there are no jobs available, members of the second group are getting hired and earning money necessary for survival.

A job, especially an entry-level position, is not always exactly what we want. It may have unconventional hours such as nights or weekends or it may be in an unglamorous environment. However, this position might offer the income we need to provide for our families. It may also serve as the first rung on a ladder that gets us to where we really want to be. The hard truth is that we must be willing to climb if we want to succeed.

Whether we want to make a mark at work, home, or with our bank accounts, we must pay some dues. Young people realize this as they embark on their careers and working professionals discover it as they attempt to move up and create six figure income. Couples understand that sacrifice is the key to making a marriage work and parents make big sacrifices to raise their children in comfortable environments. A new beginning requires an adjustment to the ego and standards.

Starting over can be particularly difficult when it comes to career. People who  were once in high positions within their companies are finding it necessary to adjust their perspectives. In their new careers, they are not qualified for jobs at the level of their other experience. There is no such thing as a position that is “beneath” them. They must start from the bottom and work their way up.

Growing the bank account or expanding the family unit requires swallowing your pride and focusing on the small things. People who are at the top must pay their dues when starting new careers. Those who are at the bottom and work hard will soon find themselves in higher positions. Each of us should approach every new venture with a willingness to do what it takes to succeed.

Whatever you are embarking on this year, realize that paying your dues will get you to the top. Begin at the bottom and keep moving forward, working toward the success that you want to achieve. If your character and intentions are pure, you will soon be climbing higher. A shift in mindset the only thing required to position ourselves for success.

*Photo Courtesy of Where There Be Dragons via Creative Commons License

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