Monday, August 19, 2013

The Easy Way To Strengthen Your Commitment To Goal Achievement

People are enthusiastic about a variety of things but even the most active supporters of something experience wavering levels of commitment. For example, someone who works out regularly may feel like lounging on the couch when under the weather and someone who focuses on eating healthy may indulge in sweets sometimes. Even people who are committed to financial success may let minor setbacks affect their drive to the top. Fortunately, there is an easy way to strengthen commitment.

The answer is not a secret. In fact, it is covered by Dani Johnson in her book Grooming the Next Generation for Success. Dani refers to the concept as “Expose, Involve & Upgrade” and it can be applied to personal, business, or career life. How does it work? We are exposed to a concept and if this exposure occurs regularly, we then become involved. This is when everything changes, leading us to strengthen our commitment.

Involvement does not equal commitment to purchase a product or service or become actively involved with it. It may only mean that we have begun researching it and have developed some interest in it. The process of involvement occurs naturally as we conduct research and ask questions. This involvement upgrades our commitment, leading us to take action. Involvement is a critical phase because it requires thinking and learning. Most people do not upgrade their commitment simply as a result of being exposed to something. 

By remaining involved, we strengthen our commitment to whatever we are pursuing. Therefore, if you want to enhance your family relationships, advance in your career, or have the best home based business, you must spend time engaging in, researching, and getting involved with that. Dani recommends that we focus on getting involved in things that move us toward our goals not those that keep us in holding patterns or make us go backwards in life.

Dani practices this approach regularly and says that it intensifies her passion. If you start off strong but commitment waivers, re-expose yourself to what got you started and involve yourself in all aspects, learning more each step of the way. This will take commitment to the next level, upgrading it to the point where it moves you forward toward goal achievement.

This approach is used by individuals and businesses throughout the world. People use it when they want others to take advantage of what a product, service, or opportunity has to offer. There is an art to this approach and those who do not understand and practice it will not be successful whether they are on the receiving or granting end.

When commitment wanes, continue exposing yourself to the endeavor and remain involved. Your passion for this venture will soon return and you will be more committed. Dani tells us that where commitment exists, so does ownership and these two factors lead to success. She is an excellent example of this, using her interest in nutrition to earn her first million and springboard her to even greater success.

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