Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fast Tracking It To Success

It is not unusual for someone to spend years in a job, hoping for a promotion but never receiving it. Many people work in jobs that do not require advanced skills and they do not move up the corporate ladder. Some of us may find ourselves in these situations during our careers. We may wonder why we are unable to advance and may even blame our employers or the economy. The difficult reality is that we may be to blame because our interpersonal skills may prevent us from advancing.

We have all encountered rude customer service representatives. In general, people in positions with lower pay tend to have bad attitudes. They may seem unhappy and this leads customers to be rude to them. Many of these workers do not want to be doing those jobs. Unfortunately, their poor attitudes will not help them advance so they are stuck and the cycle continues. These experiences lead us to conclude that we receive the level of service we pay for in life.

Nonverbal communication used by these service workers conveys strong messages. More than 90 percent of communication is non-verbal and when we encounter an employee who has an unhappy appearance, we know that what follows may not be pleasant. These folks may not even realize that they look unpleasant and they might not understand that their poor people skills are keeping them at the bottom of the career ladder.

No one likes poor service or rude people. As a worker, how can you prevent this? Simple…provide excellent service to every customer. Each encounter will be as pleasant as possible and you will have a greater chance of moving into a higher paying job. Customers will return over the years because they appreciate the treatment they receive. Everyone walks away satisfied with the interactions and the business benefits.

The easiest way to break out of the bad attitude cycle is to act as if you are working in the finest establishment in the world. Do not act like other workers in your pay grade. Treat customers like royalty by smiling, communicating clearly, verifying that you have met their needs, and remembering them when they return. Customers will begin to think differently about the company and you. Supervisors and managers will also take note and will consider you when a promotional opportunity arises.

Treat the work environment, co-workers, and customers with respect, exhibit excellent people skills, and provide the highest levels of service and you will be on the fast track to 6 figure income. This holds true no matter where you work even if it is from home. Customer service extends to email and telephone encounters so refine verbal and written interpersonal skills.

To help friends and co-workers get on the same fast track to success, share this information with them. If all co-workers change their attitudes for the better and improve their interpersonal skills, the business should elevate itself to new levels. As your team moves up in the ranks, new workers can enter and start on their own paths to success.

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