Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a Great Day to be YOU!

The title says it all! Think about it! If you listen to the news much, which I really would not recommend it right now. Here's what you see...

-Two politicians arguing and slamming each other every day.

-Our Economy is collapsing and we are going to have to pay 700 Billion dollars to bail it out.
(Most of us have to wander how many zero's are in a billion much less 700 of them)

-People are getting raped, murdered, stole from or hurt by someone else everyday it seems.

Right now when people say your money doesn't go as far as you would like it too or it's not worth as much, you can agree with them. But wait, isn't that always the case? Let me ask you wouldn't you have enjoyed more money 2 years ago? what about 5 years ago? maybe 10? It's just suddenly now we aren't doing well and our life sucks if you watch the news or listen to the drum beat!

Stop and think for a moment about what we do have to be grateful for...

1. Do you work from home?

2. Who calls the shots in your life? Did you determine what time to set your alarm clock last night? Was that your choice?

3. Did you pray to your God?

4. Did you hug your spouse today?

5. Did you hug your kids today?

6. Could you go to the grocery store today and buy food?

7. What about McDonalds?

8. Where you able to hang out with friends this weekend?

9. Did you have the ability to decide to go to church this weekend?

10. Who controls your time?

11. When you woke up this morning where you able to take a nice long deep breath before you got started?

12. When you walked outside did you get a chance to see and hear the birds?

You see there are a lot of people that don't work from home, have control of their time or get any of the basic things listed above that we get to be grateful for. So when you hear the negative drum beat out there, it maybe important to know what's going on but don't let it control what you do or how you feel!

It's a great day to be YOU!
Stacy O'Quinn

Friday, September 26, 2008

Benji is 4, he needs your HELP!

Do you want to make money? What for? IF you don't bless others what is it all for really? Take a moment and look at this!

Benji is 4, he was born with an extremely rare brain disorder. He is mentally just fine but it's a physical problem with his brain. His parents don't have any insurance and due to his care and treatment mom and his Dad can not work.

There is a potiential surgury he can have to exend his life and quality of life to live somewhat normal doctors say for up to 5 years. Without this special procedure he may not be with us next year and he will never leave the hospital. The surgery cost 1.2 million dollars and thankful the family has gotten some government help for that.

BUT... They have to go to Washington DC for the procedure. The Dad an amazing man and overall one of the nicest people you ever met, he could not keep his job do to Benji's condition and now treatment. His mom Hannah who just has a beautiful 2 month old baby and has the heart the size of TX also can not work due to Benji's condition.

They could use your encouragement! Visit this website and encourage them.

With out a doubt Benji, Noah, Hannah and baby need your prayers. For strength, for peace and for a miracle. Visit this website and let them know you are praying.

People are amazing! Many times it is not until we see something like this that we realize how blessed we are. God accomplishes his work in one of two ways, miraculously and through man. Benjiman needs a miracle no doubt! But that miracle could come from you. You see they don't have an income. IF they did work, as Benji goes through this his parents would not be there.

Let me ask you, if you knew your time was limited with your child and every single day was a complete blessing. Would you want to leave your child in that hospital bed several states away? You see they are from Lousiana, they've left everything behind. They must pay those expenses.

Will you let God use you? As a person we naturally know right from wrong and we know what to do ACT NOW!

Will you let God use you? As a Christian we know we must pray for direction on what to do. Do you listen when he attempts to use you as a blessing? ACT NOW!

Thank from their Family,
Stacy O'Quinn

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More DFI Success Stories in Coastal!

Cutting Edge Media one of the two advertising companies that our team uses sent over two more testimonies they where emailed recently. Our team is on fire right now. The successes we are hearing from all over the place are amazing! Congrats go out to two very dynamic directors on our team both Holly Marshall and Kristi Engle for their success with Coastal Travel and our team.

”I have been using CEM leads for the last 3 years to build my 6 figure Coastal Travel business. After taking a 6 month hiatus from my business, thanks to CEM leads, I was able to generate 3200 in my first 30 days back. Thank, CEM!” Kristi Engle

Working part time from home allows me to do so many great things in my life! We just got back from a great vacation in Fl. all the while, making over $6,000 this month! ALL because of Cutting Edge Media leads, and of course the training and support of DFI! I am so blessed. THANKS. Holly Marshall

Congrats to BOTH OF YOU!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. To become part of our team Click HERE!

Updated Contest from DFI Sponsored by Cutting Edge Media

Our Team completely rocks! This is a letter that was sent out to all members of DFI today. We've also received 2 more testimonies from our team. I will share those in the next post. To continue to hear about results in DFI join the 6 Figure Income Club NOW.

As a team we are fortunate to have exceptional vendors like Cutting Edge Media working with us. You may have gotten the email with the lead special that ends today. CEM is giving 50% more interviewed leads with any coastal specific lead order. Go to and select any coastal specific leads and in the cart put in promo code 09DFI to get the special. Hurry offer ends at 11:59pm EST. Make sure your team is aware of this. Cutting Edge gets calls after most specials and people say I did not get the email and I did not realize there was a special. Don't let your team be left out this is their last chance.

Another reason we are blessed is the contest that Cutting Edge Media is sponsoring for us. Who ever sets up the most DFI Marketing Systems for the month of September will get a 500 dollar gift card to either Target, Best Buy or Home Depot. So far the status of that contest is

Heather Marshall 11
Pat Smith 8
Jenny Baker 6
Jackie. O'Quinn 6
Catherine Rupp 6
Lorraine Rodman 5
Jill Albanys 5
Richard Birney-Smith 4
Carol Grubb 4
Rita Schuett 3
Jessica Wendelboe 3
Renae Heikkila 3
Helene Wolters 3
Stacy O'Quinn 3
Jolynn Skarin 2
Shawn Scheppele 2
Holly Marshall 2
Dion Danner 2
Linda Allen 2

Many many more of you have one Marketing System set up. Set up just one more and you too will be featured in our next update. Stacy was able to set up 3 systems in just 4 days so it is still any one's game. Congrats to Heather Marshall for her current lead. Pat Smith is right behind her though. We are confident that Jenny Backer, Jackie O'Quinn and Catherine Rupp are not just sitting around though. Pay attention for the next update to see your name featured in the email as well as to see who may be our new leader!

Good Luck,
MyDFILive Team

P.S. Remember for today only CEM will be giving 50% more live interviewed leads for any Coastal Movie or Premium leads order. That's TODAY ONLY use promo code "09DFI" when you place your order

Where does money come from?

Have you ever wandered where money really comes from? Does it come from banks? Does it come from gold?

Did you know all the interest in the world that is owed can never ever be paid back? It's impossible! If you understood the money system in the world and who actually controls it and where they are actually getting the money from it would help you better understand several things in life.

1. How to keep your money

2. Why being debt free is a must for survival not just a desire

3. Why people expect you to be in debt

Watch this 45 minute video and don't skip one second of it. IT starts out simple enough and before you know it BAM! Prepare to be awaken and don't blink or you could miss it.

Let's Learn Together!
Stacy O'Quinn

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Hans Johnson: This hasn't happened in 2 years!

Most of us on our team got this letter from Hans Johnson this morning! This is a big deal for anyone who owns a home business or has a desire to work from home. Dani Johnson teaching "how to prospect and close" herself personally has been one of the most impactful trainings of my business life.

That training has helped our team get to where we are today. So far this month we've made $64,315 in profit. If you work from home and don't take advantage of this you are gosh darn goofy!!!

If you are like most people in a home based business, network marketing or MLM you face daily challenges and obstacles that hinder you from building your business the way you would like. What if someone showed you step-by-step how to overcome these challenges and remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving the success you're looking for?

You have a rare opportunity this month to receive specialized coaching with Dani Johnson on her most requested business topics. For the first time in two years Dani Johnson will be conducting a LIVE 2-part Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar where she will be unleashing the strategies and tools needed to INCREASE your Prospecting and Closing ratios.

If you struggle with issues like:

-Finding and recognizing serious and qualified prospects for your business on a limited budget

-Knowing what to say to your prospects to get them to the next step.

-Overcoming your fear so that you can actually pick up the phone

-Knowing how to effectively manage your time so that you can balance work, family, and fun to get the most out of your day

-Getting your prospects to follow through with the steps that will make them successful

-Your prospects are constantly giving you excuses

-Getting prospects to show up to your presentation

-Handling objections like "I don't have enough time." or "I don't have enough money right now." or "I need to talk to my spouse."

-Knowing what questions to ask to take control of any conversation

-Having the confidence to know what to say and how to say it in any situation

-These topics and many MORE will be covered during this 2-part teleseminar where Dani will be doing LIVE role playing and Q&A to give you help and develop your skill where you need it most.

-When Dani began in business, she had no starting capital, she was living out of her car, the country was going through an economic crisis and we were at war. (sound familiar - that's exactly where we are today!)

If this sounds like you then Dani knows exactly how to get you from where you are today to attracting quality prospects and making money in the next 30 days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put yourself in a position to capitalize on the current market conditions and be ready for all of the people who are currently looking for a home based business to supplement their income.

Click here to register for Dani's LIVE Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Now!

Also, if you hurry, you'll get a special BONUS. The MP3 recording of both sessions and an invitation to view the LIVE Webcast totally FREE!

Hans Johnson, CEO

Respond to this POST let us know if you are Registered! Also take note that the link above IS NOT a Referral link. It is the link straight out of his email. I do not make money from Dani or Hans except benefiting from the training. So why would I post this publicly on my blog and to my competition possibly?

It's because I believe we should all have the chance to succeed. If you become a story with Dani and Hans and reply here one day or send it to them and they post it on their website it still helps my business. Plus the home business industry is my career and we should flourish together as an industry!!!

God Bless!
Stacy O'Quinn

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dani Johnson style results continue in DFI

If you have never heard of Dani Johnson or experienced Dani Johnson training in person at a First Steps to Success, then you may not understand why a team like DFI that is based around her training could have the success that they have experienced so far.

DFI continues to be the fastest growing group and most successful support and training network in the home business industry. Without a doubt they have created more success faster in one place than anyone ever has in the 14 year old travel company Coastal Travel. The results come from duplication, which is what happens when everyone builds their business with the same process just like Dani Johnson teaches. Leaders in DFI like Catherine Rupp, Jackie O’Quinn and Renae Heikkila build their Coastal Travel business just like the brand new person and how Dani Johnson recommends.” Some of the recent success the DFI Training and Support team has seen by modeling Dani Johnson and her training can be seen in the post below.

Right after I posted that yesterday we received another story from Cutting Edge Media sharing success of one of our amazing Canadian members. Her name is Helene Wolters, she was a lawyer and currently works from home. She is an active member of DFI and if you happen to ever connect with her you definitely want to pick her brain. Here is the most recent testimony she shared with Cutting Edge Media.

I have just resumed working my Coastal Travel business after taking some quality time off to spend with my family. I am now in my second week of being back in business and I have already profited $10,705 thanks to the high quality CEM premium leads. I highly recommend CEM to anyone who is serious and motivated to build a 6-figure income!
Helene Wolters

Congrats Helene! You deserve everything you get from your hard work!

I would also like to welcome Danny Jimenez from Nevada who also joined our team yesterday evening after the previous post. I will be working with him directly, he has the drive and the desire and we are stoked to be working with you Danny.

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O'Quinn
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DFI continues to see results thanks to Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson is the only outside trainer DFI recommends on our team. We have multiple 6 figure income earners that do trainings several times a week. But our goals is to always share how are leaders got to where they are. The reality is Dani Johnson and her training has had more to do with our success as a team than any other factor.

DFI, would recommend Dani Johnson and her training for anyone looking to succeed in a home business. Our entire culture in DFI comes from First Steps to Success and Dani Johnson and apparently it works. We are the fastest growing group by far in Coastal Travel.

If you don't believe it call Cutting Edge Media they are the primary advertising company in the home business industry and they have been watching the growth of Coastal Travel for years. You can reach them at 1.866.303.7207

Since documentation beats conversation here are some recent results from our team!

Lorraine Rodman from VA made $1,000 in the past couple of weeks

Kristi Engle from CA made $3,200 recently

Holly Marshall from TX made $6,200 in the past 30 days

Pat Smith from RI made $3,200 recently

Debbie from CA made $3,200 last week

Jackie O'Quinn from MI made $1,000 today

Terri from CA made $3,200 two weeks ago

Stephanie Johnson from GA made over $7,000 this week

Congrats to each and everyone of you for your success! You deserve it and it is a pleasure being in business with you. Your made headlines and were recently featured in a press release here. If you are working with either one of these leaders you are without a doubt blessed and should follow their every move! We are grateful for each of you!

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. Dani Johnson did a training call for just DFI if you missed it and you have a pen and paper to take notes. Remember Dani's training cost 1,000 dollars for an hour so take good notes you don't want to miss anything

Thursday, September 11, 2008

OK it's ON!

OK well now the plans are laid, after you've been a victim of your circumstances at some point you have to take control of your circumstances. Have you ever been a little stressed because of maybe a lack of time or money? Or maybe you have just been in a position that was not your natural environment you were not comfortable and that created a little natural stress? No matter where we are or what we do. We determine if our circumstances will be what controls us or will we take control of our circumstances.

Hurricane Gustav did incredible damage in our area and while our home was spared we still have serious damage to our utilities. Being in NC has been and is a blast. But I'm not able to be freely available for my team. After we've determined where we finally want to move to once we move here you start to run out of things to do. So now it's time to take control of our circumstances.

I've already had some things picked up from my home and I'm about to set up my mobile office in Biloxi MS next week. It is absolute an amazing time to be part of DFI and Coastal. With the results people are having right now and the crazy success going on. I'm feeling almost home sick :) I'm ready to be back in the game full time. This has already been an unexpected 2 week vacation and now it's time to rock and roll. Several of you on my team have been rocking and rolling with out me. Congrats to both Lorraine from VA and Jill from MI both of you deserve every bit of the success you have had.

Stay tuned and in the next post I will give you the most recent results and money made from our team in DFI and Coastal Travel that I know about. People just like you and I working from home and spending time with their family. To make sure you get the latest update join the 6 Figure Income Club.

To your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

Monday, September 8, 2008

Having a Home Business Makes Running from Hurricanes Easier

But it is certainly frustrating, thankfully I don't have to worry about losing my job or paying my bills. But now that I'm visiting family in NC I've realized something. (Might as well do something good versus stay in some hotel.) How is it that people survive with out Internet these days? I didn't even know it was possible.

I don't get a good cell signal here in some places but thank the good Lord for what I do get. I'm looking forward to meeting Ellen a new member of DFI that is joining at the Platinum level thanks to Jill Albanys. So yes, I'm still working just limited greatly due to lack o Internet. What I know about Ellen so far is she has 2 small boys and she has drive and determination. Heck I haven't even met her yet and I'm stoked out of my mind for her. Often times I wander will this feeling ever get old. That excited enthusiastic feeling you feel every time you see someone who joins the team and they have that natural drive.

You just know so many things that we've gained through this business is about to be theirs. As long as they follow the training and act. What we do in Coastal is so dang simple. Having a home business with DFI is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to our family. Think about it. How many parents have the choice to be at home with their toddlers? How many parents face a natural disaster and can have a certain level of peace because we are not stressed about a job? How many parents are able to have a good income and think about using income and time to create memories with each other and their kids? Home many husbands and wives actually get the time to love and cherish one another?

Thank you God and Thank you DFI for the opportunity to own my own home business and so much more.

To Your Success,
Stacy O'Quinn

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

6 Figure Income Club presents Dani Johnson and her training for DFI

Did you hear what Dani Johnson did? Did you know she did a training call for all DFI members specifically? She covered specific strategies that applied to being successful in a home business. Do you own a home business? Have you ever thought about owning a home business? Dani Johnson and her training is a definite reason for the success and continuing explosive growth with in DFI.

Do you want to hear what Dani Johnson taught us? Do you want to see what type of strategy Dani shared with us. She also explained why a Coastal business was a powerful business for anyone who needs to make money NOW?

Get your pen and paper handy this call was over an hour and it normally cost 1,000 dollars for and hour of Dani's time. Dani Johnson fit DFI in her schedule and supports us as our trainer. So make sure you are in a quite spot and listen very closely. You don't want to miss one single minute.

Turn up your speakers and LISTEN NOW!

Let's Roll! See Ya at the top!
Stacy O'Quinn

P.S. To be part of DFI and continue to plug into Dani's training join DFI Here!

Hurricane Hit and We Live

Internet access is a premium here after the hurricane. Not because it hit here in NC where we evacuated too but because I have family that lives so far away from a grocery store it feels like a day trip to go to "town". Even if it's only for milk. So using a computer with Internet access is just as long of a trip :)

Currently sitting in the public library in "Mt Olive" the home of the pickles you see in your grocery store nationwide with the same brand name. Now they may send pickles world wide but that does not mean this is a very big town. Cause that's far from it. The small library is about 20x20 and that's research books, computers and librarian.

But with minor inconveniences we are blessed to be happy and healthy. It appears from the initial reports from Plaquemine LA that we suffered minor damage to our home during Gustav. That is a blessing. So we are visiting family and even house hunting--closer to town of course :). I've been on some of our calls and dang people are rocking and rolling right now and every thing inside of me wants to work. But I'm also visiting family I have not seen in years.

We will stay here until we get power back which should be within a month. No reason to go to my 2,000 sqft brick house with toddlers to simply camp out. Thanks for the many emails and well wishes we have received. No I'm not working much but yes I hear you on the calls and you guys are rocking and rolling. We miss you and look forward to being on the calls soon!

God Bless,
Stacy O'Quinn

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