Sunday, December 29, 2013

Start the New Year Off with a Dani Johnson Seminar

Attend Dani Johnson’s LIVE 2 Day “First Steps to Success” Seminar

Succeeding in business is something that Dani Johnson has firsthand experience in achieving. After having only two dollars to her name, Ms. Johnson went from homeless to making her first million dollars before the age of 25. Both her struggle and her triumph have moved Ms. Johnson to share her story and her system with others. Dani Johnson’s “First Steps to Success” will cover her proven methods to take control of all aspects of life. Still not sold on this fast track to success? Here is a sneak peek of what can be learned.

Choose Company Wisely

As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.” If time is spent with people holding a negative outlook on life and no motivation for success, one will find themselves feeling the same way. One of the first steps to success outlined by Dani Johnson is to surround oneself with successful, excellent people in order to become successful and excellent. Ms. Johnson’s clients are consistently being praised in all facets of their lives, including their jobs, industries and families.

Stop to the Debt Train

Many people carry some kind of debt...mortgages, student loans, and credit card bills can crush the confidence and dreams of even the most successful individual. Ms. Johnson’s seminar will provide step-by-step guidelines to earn debt-free status in 5 years or less!

Make Money Do the Work

Whether it is an hourly wage, weekly salary or commission check, everyone is thought to labor for their money. But why not let cash do the work? Ms. Johnson’s teachings can turn the tables on income, making it go to work instead of having to work for it.

Communication is Key

Successful individuals can walk the walk, but more importantly can talk the talk! Great communication with clients, co-workers and family is important in attaining business and personal goals. Dani Johnson knows how to do just that; she will provide step-by-step advice to gaining trust in no time flat and making friends everywhere.

Dani Johnson has used these methods and more in her own life to gain the success she enjoys today. Even better, she has committed her time to sharing these techniques and has helped create personal success stories all across the county. Need a New Year’s Resolution? Make Dani Johnson’s “First Steps to Success” seminar the first step in building a new life!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Home Business in 2014?

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If you have been following my blog, you know that I work from home and whether you choose the same business as I do or not, I think you should at the very least consider stepping out on your own and start your own home business. It does not have to be full time, but can be something you start on the side with a minimal investment. The important thing is to get it started.

Now, as most of you also know, I am a huge believer in the Dani Johnson model. This is not a product, but a way of doing business that myself and many others have found very easy to follow and more importantly, very successful to use. In addition to Dani's seminars and learning tools, there are few other important things to incorporate into your business plan.

1.       Set a Goal - is this always going to be a part time business or do you hope that it will be something that will eventually support the family? If the long-term goal is to make this your primary income, there will come a time when you will be faced with the decision to walk away from everything else and focus on this business. Now is the time to financially plan for this so you can take advantage of that opportunity when it does arrive.

2.       Research the Business - look deep enough into any opportunity and you will find good and bad. You need to trust yourself to see if the business is legitimate or not. I took the time to actually investigate this particular opportunity and realize there is both an opportunity and a product, the key to many successful home businesses. This presents you with two different options as a way to make money. You can develop your own team or sell the product. Either way, if you do it the right way, the profits will start to roll in.

3.       Mentor - this is something I always bring up and it is something that Dani Johnson as well as individuals like Jeff Usner have provided for me. In most cases, the wheel is not being reinvented. Instead of struggling early, why not find a mentor that is willing to share their model and bring you in on their system. Today, I do this all the time for others looking to start their own travel business. In the end, if they are successful, I will be successful, so why not share?

4.       Test Market - before setting your course of action into stone, take the time to test market your ideas with a sample audience. Gather individuals within your niche and pitch your idea or product. Work out the kinks with a small group before investing larger amounts or resources to the project. Once you have a model that is tested and works, then it is time to jump in with both feet with the public.

5.       Monitor Your Success - in the online world, we use analytics to monitor the success of a website. Use this same premise to monitor the success of your own business. Results may come slow at first, but as long as you are seeing steady progress, the dam will eventually break. Set your business goals over a period of time so you are constantly monitoring the business and trying to move it forward. After all, if you are not monitoring, you have no idea where you stand compared to your initial anticipations. Doing this will help keep you focused and make sure that when things are not working, you can spot them early enough to make a change before they devastate your business.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dani Johnson Hosts Financial Expert Kirk Elliott

Practical Financial Advice from the Experts

Money, business, and relationship expert Dani Johnson hosts a syndicated radio show called The Dani Johnson Show on Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern Time, 8 PM Central Time. More than 45 million households tune in on the radio or cable or broadcast television. The show streams live on SiriusXM channel 131 and through the app. On Sunday, December 15, Dani had the pleasure of hosting financial expert Dr. Kirk Elliott.

Our Failing Economy

We do not need to search far to find news that our economy is failing. Many of us ignore this message, writing it off as media hype. Others are too worried about personal financial crises to focus on the bigger picture. They know their financial situations are unstable but they do not know how to correct this situation. Still others feel financially secure now but are worried about the future. They want to save money for a comfortable retirement but are barely making ends meet, leaving little spare cash to squirrel away.

Dr. Kirk Elliott is commonly referred to as “America’s Financial Doctor.” He has worked in the financial services industry for nearly two decades and currently serves as an investment advisor and founder of a nonprofit organization called Philanthropia, which is dedicated to caring for people in need worldwide. Dr. Elliott has served as an adjunct faculty member for several colleges and universities, providing instruction in public policy, international business, and economics. He frequently appears at relevant forums, radio talk shows, and television networks on both local and national levels.

Dr. Elliott recently released a three-part DVD entitled The Fuse is Lit, which deals with perils in Europe, the ascendance of Asian countries, and the reckoning of America. He is well-qualified to provide financial guidance to Dani Johnson listeners. During his time on The Dani Johnson Radio Show, he explained the importance of examining personal finances and positioning oneself for success.

Dani herself is no stranger to financial struggles. At the tender age of 21, she was a homeless single mother living in her car and running a business from a pay telephone. Just one year later, she earned her first million dollars and was on her way to success. A bumpy road followed, with yet another financial failure, yet she quickly recovered and is now headed straight for the top.

Advice We Can Use

Dani and Dr. Elliott provide advice that anyone can use. Even people who consider themselves savers can find ways to reduce ongoing expenses and eliminate wasteful spending. There are ways to live comfortably while saving money for the future and these experts show us how. Those who are in debt can follow proven methods to get out of it without sacrificing their comfort or security.

Dani posted the video recording of her segment with Dr. Elliott on her website. View to the entire two-hour conversation to learn how to become financially savvy for the rest of your life. Dani regularly shows her viewers how to live their lives by design, not default, and Dr. Elliott provided additional practical tips that we incorporate into our lives.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Turn Over A New Leaf: Work From Home

Work at Home in 2014

With 2013 coming to an end, many people are reevaluating their careers. This often leads to a feeling of discontentment. Whether the job is not fulfilling, the income is inadequate, or opportunities for advancement are nonexistent, a change is needed. However, the job market has been slow to recover so the number of open positions is still limited. Thinking outside the box reveals other options like becoming one’s own boss with a home based business.

Why Work at Home?

People choose to work from home for many reasons. Home based opportunities allow people to work where they feel most comfortable. They can set up an office in a spare room and outfit it with the equipment needed to get the operation running. When the lunchtime hour arrives, it is just a short walk to the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal and relax for a bit. Then, it is back to work, tucked away in a space that limits distractions.

Working at home allows people to accommodate scheduling restrictions such as caring for children or elderly parents as well as working around medical appointments or another job. One spouse can take care of children during the day while the other is at the office. When the office based spouse arrives home to take over caregiving duties, the other spouse can begin home based work, providing a second income without leaving home or incurring childcare expenses.

Home based work also offers tax benefits because a portion of the mortgage and utilities can be deducted for business purposes. If the home computer, printer, Internet, and other equipment are used for both business and personal reasons, portions of their costs can be earmarked as business expenses and depreciated over time. Even a portion of the household vehicle cost and related expenses can be deducted if the automobile is used to conduct business.

The Best Work at Home Jobs

There is no single job that is best for someone who wants to work from home. Some people produce products from home, using websites to spread the word. Others offer their services to people locally, nationally, or internationally. For example, a teacher can offer tutoring or English language instruction to students using Web-based instructional materials, videos, and Skype. Some people prefer to offer products or services of a third party, serving as affiliates who make a portion of profits from each sale.

The number and types of working at home jobs is steadily growing. Even specialty occupations such as radiologists and physicians are becoming home-based. Companies contract these professionals to review and evaluate cases of patients, paying them six figures for this work. Many telehealth jobs feature attractive wages, bonuses, and full benefits. Computer-related occupations are also suitable for home based work and some companies are completely virtual.

The ability to work from home benefits both business owners and the customers they serve. Becoming your own boss adds an element of control and flexibility while increasing income potential. Customers appreciate being able to reach a live person during atypical business hours and the ability to shop online at any time.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Become a Leader with a Legitimate Home Business

Successful Home Based Opportunities

Leadership is sometimes easier to define by what it is not rather than what it is. It is not related to a position within an organization and has nothing to do with a job title or personal traits. Leadership is not management though leaders do have people who follow them. Leaders empower other people by transforming a vision into reality and influencing others to achieve goals. Leadership is a process that has a social quality and maximizes what other people bring to the table. With the right opportunity, almost anyone can become a leader.

Leadership with a Home Business

Some people find it difficult to take a leadership role within an organization because their social influence is limited. By starting their own business, these individuals position themselves to influence others. Leadership is a critical component of success and business owners must constantly hone their leadership skills. This effort pays off when others come onboard and begin working toward a common goal. Teamwork and collaboration can achieve incredible things.

Starting an at home business may seem scary because it is unfamiliar. There is no need to be afraid because thousands of people have started successful businesses from their homes. Many of them have employees or independent contractors working with them to help their businesses to grow and change with the times. There are hundreds of at home business ideas to explore so carefully consider the options before making a decision.

Think about what makes you a good leader and select a business venture that brings forth those qualities. At the same time, identify the leadership skills that you need to work on and resolve to do that this upcoming year. We all have weaknesses but those of us who work on these have a better chance of being successful in life. By improving leadership skills we increase our value, helping our new businesses in the process.

Home Business Secrets

Ask successful home entrepreneurs how they got there and they will reveal several secrets. First, they never give up no matter how difficult things seem. When the journey gets rough, they look inside themselves and their teams for the strength and drive to carry on. Many of them get help from others who are in desirable positions. Called mentors, these role models provide counsel, guidance, and sometimes resources that help their protégées succeed.

These entrepreneurs also realize that learning is a lifelong process. Some of them were not natural leaders during their years in the corporate world. They had to learn how to become good leaders when they started their own businesses. As others began to take notice, these entrepreneurs expanded their influence and eventually, they built a team of individuals who shared their vision for the business.

Another year is ending and if your paycheck is less than impressive even with a holiday bonus, think about honing your leadership skills with a legitimate home business. Sure, this is a big goal but the biggest resolutions are the best ones. This venture could change your life in unimaginable ways and enable you to do the same for others.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What a Home Business Opportunity Can Do for You

Benefits of a Legitimate Home Business

work at home, legitimate home business
It is never too late to say goodbye to the corporate world and become a business owner. Unfortunately, far too many people do not realize this and spend their lives toiling away for “the man,” receiving only limited income in recognition for their hard work. The sooner you realize that you are not a prisoner to any employer, the sooner you can begin creating a fulfilling career with unlimited income potential.

The Best Home Business Opportunity for You

No single home business is ideal for all people. Skills, education, and interests are among the determining factors. Fortunately, almost everyone can learn how to become a business owner so the business focus is the biggest decision. Think outside the box, focusing on a beloved hobby that has the potential to generate income or a product or service that is not currently available in the marketplace. Talk to friends and co-workers to find out what they need and design something that meets these needs at a reasonable price.

If ongoing income is needed during the startup period, retain your current job while learning the best way to get the new business off the ground. Entrepreneur Dani Johnson an expert who makes this task easier through her proven business and career programs. These products teach even the most inexperienced professionals how to start and maintain businesses that will generate comfortable income for a lifetime.

Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon and is an essential tool for any business owner. Dani devotes an entire program to using social media to build a business empire. Her methods work on every social network and all types of connected devices including smartphones and tablet computers. Entrepreneurs can conduct their business on the go, allowing them to enjoy the flexibility that business ownership provides. Social media is a free and easy way to generate profits from across the globe so there is no excuse not to use it.

A Legitimate Home Business Lasts a Lifetime

An online search will reveal thousands of businesses devoted to the same subject, making business ownership seem like a daunting process. Realize that many online business ventures are questionable when it comes to reputability and these are not likely to endure. An online home business that is legitimate is almost guaranteed to outlast these fly-by-night ventures because it has a strong foundation.

Having a mentor can prove invaluable when times get tough. Unfortunately, many new business owners are still establishing their networks and do not know anyone who would make a good mentor. They should consider a worldwide expert like Dani as their mentor. She offers in-person workshops and seminars and broadcasts a weekly radio show that features tips for all entrepreneurs.

Take a moment to consider how much better your life would be as a business owner rather than a cubicle dweller. Then, get started creating the online home business of your dreams. Though this requires hard work and dedication, it also offers rewards that no employer can, including ongoing potential for income generation.

*Photo Courtesy of New Chaos via Creative Commons License

Friday, December 6, 2013

Goodbye, Grinch…Hello, Wealth!

Most people are familiar with that grouchy, green creature “The Grinch” depicted in the Dr. Seuss book and several movies. The Grinch represents the antithesis of the holiday spirit: he focuses on taking, not giving. Unfortunately, many of us are living with our own Grinch in the forms of greed and debt. There seems to be no escape from this situation, particularly during the holiday season when everything we encounter encourages us to spend more money. 

A recent issue of Time magazine revealed that more than one-third of Americans planned to shop on Thanksgiving day and one-half of us would be hitting the stores on Black Friday. If you counted yourselves among these crowds, consider what you may have sacrificed in the process. In addition to some quality time with loved ones, we are referring to hard-earned cash. 

Sure, it is nice to show others that you care during the holiday season. But, does that require spending the last dime on a gift that will sit in the back of their closets? Why not give them something from the heart instead of wasting money? Our society has become far too greedy, a nation of Grinches, and it is time to put a stop to it. By getting back to old-fashioned values this season, we can distinguish ourselves from the masses and keep money in our wallets at the same time. 

There is absolutely no justification for waiting outside of stores and trampling each other to get a holiday deal on the latest fad item. Any feeling of satisfaction quickly subsides when the register receipt is tallied and the credit card is maxed out. Spending most of the winter figuring out how to pay holiday bills is enough to put even the most spirited person in a bad mood. The Grinch strikes again…why let him win? 

Instead of following the crowds to the mall and sinking deeper into debt, give gifts that focus on creating personal wealth. Dani Johnson training programs are affordable presents that keep on giving. Dani teaches average people how to increase their incomes in their current jobs or become their own bosses by starting a business from home. Investing in yourself and generating wealth is much better than spending money on overpriced products and sinking deeper into debt. 
Once personal success is realized, the proven secrets can be shared with others, helping them to improve their lives. The Grinch would never think of doing such a thing! Get rid of him for good by bringing family and friends into the fold, teaching them how to generate their own wealth in several easy steps. Thousands of people can attest that these programs are gifts that keep on giving.

So, avoid the crowded shopping centers and give the Grinch the boot this season. Open your heart to a new way of living and sharing with others. Check out the different training programs available from Dani Johnson and purchase one for yourself and another for loved ones. Everyone in your inner circle will soon be living the lives of their dreams.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Best Work from Home Ideas for 2014

Working from home is an ideal situation for many people, but not one that most of us usually see as a reality. Whether someone is looking to make money while they stay home with their children or to add a bit on income to their full time job, there are many options available for people who want to work out of their homes. The key is just finding the one that will be the best fit.

Before looking for jobs to do from home, it is important to keep in mind that there are many scams out there disguised as legitimate employment opportunities. In fact, there may be as many as 60 fake opportunities listed for every legitimate post online.* When deciding whether to pursue an opportunity, let common sense prevail. Of course, avoid any employer who requests personal information immediately, such as banking information.

One simple way to work from home is to become a call center representative. There are many companies who hire outside employees to make courtesy and customer service calls to their clients.* This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking for a great deal of flexibility. In addition, this is a job that does not require any special credentials, such as certification or a Bachelor’s Degree, which makes it an option for almost anyone.

Another great employment opportunity for those who want to work from home is becoming a tech support specialist.* Someone with a background in technology can work for a number of different companies right from the comfort of his or her own home. With the Internet and access to a phone, it is easy to provide technical support to people all over the world without ever leaving the house.

Working in the travel industry used to require people to work from an office but, these days, it is easy to get into the travel business from home. In fact, over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in travel agents who have offices right in their own homes. However, keep in mind that there are many scams in this particular industry. Research the opportunities will to ensure they are a legitimate home business opportunity.

Someone who has a way with words can make a living as a writer or editor from their home computer. There are endless companies that hire people with this particular skill, which makes it easy to find multiple freelance opportunities. This is a great option for people who stay home with their children and do not necessarily want to work around a set schedule.

Working from home is a dream for many people but, unfortunately, it often seems unattainable. With a bit of careful research, almost anyone can find employment that gives them the flexibility and convenience for which they are looking. While some opportunities may require an investment to get started, make sure you are buying a product to sell, not just information that is readily available elsewhere.