Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dani Johnson Hosts Financial Expert Kirk Elliott

Practical Financial Advice from the Experts

Money, business, and relationship expert Dani Johnson hosts a syndicated radio show called The Dani Johnson Show on Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern Time, 8 PM Central Time. More than 45 million households tune in on the radio or cable or broadcast television. The show streams live on SiriusXM channel 131 and through the app. On Sunday, December 15, Dani had the pleasure of hosting financial expert Dr. Kirk Elliott.

Our Failing Economy

We do not need to search far to find news that our economy is failing. Many of us ignore this message, writing it off as media hype. Others are too worried about personal financial crises to focus on the bigger picture. They know their financial situations are unstable but they do not know how to correct this situation. Still others feel financially secure now but are worried about the future. They want to save money for a comfortable retirement but are barely making ends meet, leaving little spare cash to squirrel away.

Dr. Kirk Elliott is commonly referred to as “America’s Financial Doctor.” He has worked in the financial services industry for nearly two decades and currently serves as an investment advisor and founder of a nonprofit organization called Philanthropia, which is dedicated to caring for people in need worldwide. Dr. Elliott has served as an adjunct faculty member for several colleges and universities, providing instruction in public policy, international business, and economics. He frequently appears at relevant forums, radio talk shows, and television networks on both local and national levels.

Dr. Elliott recently released a three-part DVD entitled The Fuse is Lit, which deals with perils in Europe, the ascendance of Asian countries, and the reckoning of America. He is well-qualified to provide financial guidance to Dani Johnson listeners. During his time on The Dani Johnson Radio Show, he explained the importance of examining personal finances and positioning oneself for success.

Dani herself is no stranger to financial struggles. At the tender age of 21, she was a homeless single mother living in her car and running a business from a pay telephone. Just one year later, she earned her first million dollars and was on her way to success. A bumpy road followed, with yet another financial failure, yet she quickly recovered and is now headed straight for the top.

Advice We Can Use

Dani and Dr. Elliott provide advice that anyone can use. Even people who consider themselves savers can find ways to reduce ongoing expenses and eliminate wasteful spending. There are ways to live comfortably while saving money for the future and these experts show us how. Those who are in debt can follow proven methods to get out of it without sacrificing their comfort or security.

Dani posted the video recording of her segment with Dr. Elliott on her website. View to the entire two-hour conversation to learn how to become financially savvy for the rest of your life. Dani regularly shows her viewers how to live their lives by design, not default, and Dr. Elliott provided additional practical tips that we incorporate into our lives.

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