Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Turn Over A New Leaf: Work From Home

Work at Home in 2014

With 2013 coming to an end, many people are reevaluating their careers. This often leads to a feeling of discontentment. Whether the job is not fulfilling, the income is inadequate, or opportunities for advancement are nonexistent, a change is needed. However, the job market has been slow to recover so the number of open positions is still limited. Thinking outside the box reveals other options like becoming one’s own boss with a home based business.

Why Work at Home?

People choose to work from home for many reasons. Home based opportunities allow people to work where they feel most comfortable. They can set up an office in a spare room and outfit it with the equipment needed to get the operation running. When the lunchtime hour arrives, it is just a short walk to the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal and relax for a bit. Then, it is back to work, tucked away in a space that limits distractions.

Working at home allows people to accommodate scheduling restrictions such as caring for children or elderly parents as well as working around medical appointments or another job. One spouse can take care of children during the day while the other is at the office. When the office based spouse arrives home to take over caregiving duties, the other spouse can begin home based work, providing a second income without leaving home or incurring childcare expenses.

Home based work also offers tax benefits because a portion of the mortgage and utilities can be deducted for business purposes. If the home computer, printer, Internet, and other equipment are used for both business and personal reasons, portions of their costs can be earmarked as business expenses and depreciated over time. Even a portion of the household vehicle cost and related expenses can be deducted if the automobile is used to conduct business.

The Best Work at Home Jobs

There is no single job that is best for someone who wants to work from home. Some people produce products from home, using websites to spread the word. Others offer their services to people locally, nationally, or internationally. For example, a teacher can offer tutoring or English language instruction to students using Web-based instructional materials, videos, and Skype. Some people prefer to offer products or services of a third party, serving as affiliates who make a portion of profits from each sale.

The number and types of working at home jobs is steadily growing. Even specialty occupations such as radiologists and physicians are becoming home-based. Companies contract these professionals to review and evaluate cases of patients, paying them six figures for this work. Many telehealth jobs feature attractive wages, bonuses, and full benefits. Computer-related occupations are also suitable for home based work and some companies are completely virtual.

The ability to work from home benefits both business owners and the customers they serve. Becoming your own boss adds an element of control and flexibility while increasing income potential. Customers appreciate being able to reach a live person during atypical business hours and the ability to shop online at any time.

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