Friday, December 6, 2013

Goodbye, Grinch…Hello, Wealth!

Most people are familiar with that grouchy, green creature “The Grinch” depicted in the Dr. Seuss book and several movies. The Grinch represents the antithesis of the holiday spirit: he focuses on taking, not giving. Unfortunately, many of us are living with our own Grinch in the forms of greed and debt. There seems to be no escape from this situation, particularly during the holiday season when everything we encounter encourages us to spend more money. 

A recent issue of Time magazine revealed that more than one-third of Americans planned to shop on Thanksgiving day and one-half of us would be hitting the stores on Black Friday. If you counted yourselves among these crowds, consider what you may have sacrificed in the process. In addition to some quality time with loved ones, we are referring to hard-earned cash. 

Sure, it is nice to show others that you care during the holiday season. But, does that require spending the last dime on a gift that will sit in the back of their closets? Why not give them something from the heart instead of wasting money? Our society has become far too greedy, a nation of Grinches, and it is time to put a stop to it. By getting back to old-fashioned values this season, we can distinguish ourselves from the masses and keep money in our wallets at the same time. 

There is absolutely no justification for waiting outside of stores and trampling each other to get a holiday deal on the latest fad item. Any feeling of satisfaction quickly subsides when the register receipt is tallied and the credit card is maxed out. Spending most of the winter figuring out how to pay holiday bills is enough to put even the most spirited person in a bad mood. The Grinch strikes again…why let him win? 

Instead of following the crowds to the mall and sinking deeper into debt, give gifts that focus on creating personal wealth. Dani Johnson training programs are affordable presents that keep on giving. Dani teaches average people how to increase their incomes in their current jobs or become their own bosses by starting a business from home. Investing in yourself and generating wealth is much better than spending money on overpriced products and sinking deeper into debt. 
Once personal success is realized, the proven secrets can be shared with others, helping them to improve their lives. The Grinch would never think of doing such a thing! Get rid of him for good by bringing family and friends into the fold, teaching them how to generate their own wealth in several easy steps. Thousands of people can attest that these programs are gifts that keep on giving.

So, avoid the crowded shopping centers and give the Grinch the boot this season. Open your heart to a new way of living and sharing with others. Check out the different training programs available from Dani Johnson and purchase one for yourself and another for loved ones. Everyone in your inner circle will soon be living the lives of their dreams.

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