Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Successful Future Sometimes Requires Discarding the Past

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Our backgrounds help to shape who we become but this is not always a good thing. Many people find that their backgrounds dictate their current and future lives. Some challenges make us believe that our lives will never change, will never improve to the level we so desperately desire and will always be failures. We are merely stuck and to achieve success, we must overcome our past.

Every one of us has faced challenges and each of us wants to succeed. Unfortunately, some people let their challenges convince them that success is impossible. They need something to change their paths, something that opens their minds to the many amazing possibilities that life holds. For some people, this “something” may be a mentor who challenges them to think differently about their lives. This was the case for Dani Johnson and many other successful entrepreneurs we read about every day.

One of the most valuable secrets that Dani learned from her mentors was the importance of studying people. She discovered that people who learn more about others than other things go on to experience an unusual level of success. Dani studies people by traveling the world and learning why some cultures have succeeded while others have failed. She discovers what some populations have passed down for generations and how this information shapes their cultures.

By going beyond the familiar and encountering other cultures first-hand, we learn about their ways of thinking and living. This is an enriching experience that yields a more well-rounded understanding of our own lives. If finances are barriers to travel, cut back unnecessary spending and save this money for a trip. The experience is more than worth the cost because it can open the door to future success. Merely seeing how other civilizations have overcome adversity and built thriving cultures should be enough to put your personal challenges in perspective.

Our pasts should not dictate who we become. The road of life is filled with opportunities for change and we should take advantage of them. We may need someone more experienced to give us a push or challenge us to live up to our true potential. Now is the time to find that person and begin changing our lives for the better. By overcoming a past filled with failure, we begin our journey toward success.

The process starts with creating a plan and directing money in the appropriate direction. Do you want to become a business owner and work from home? Have you always aspired to be a doctor or lawyer but never pursued the required education? Would you like to devote time to helping others who are less fortunate? These are all legitimate goals that can be achieved.

Never underestimate the power of a solid plan and good, old-fashioned determination. Leave the past where it belongs and get to work building the life you have always wanted. Find resources and people to help make things easier. Above all else, maintain a focus on the horizon not what is in the rear view mirror.

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